10 Blogger Outreach Tools You Should Use Today


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Think again if you believe that bloggers won’t be interested in your products. There is a wide range of bloggers; they don’t simply write about food, fashion, and travel. There are also different types of bloggers, including those that write about movies, technology, and money. Regardless of your niche, someone out there enjoys blogging about it.

You can invite bloggers to write about your product or service and include a link back to your website if you have something they’ll enjoy. This could be a useful component of your link-building plan if you pick bloggers that have a sizable audience and are knowledgeable in your field.

There are several high-quality and efficient tools available for helping you with blogger outreach and building links for your business. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

In this article, we will first discuss in more detail the meaning of Blogger Outreach and see why link buildings is crucial for a website. Thereafter, we will take a look at the top 10 blogger outreach tools that you should use today! So, let’s get started. 

What is Blogger Outreach?

What is Blogger Outreach? It is a strategic approach involving the development of relationships and effective engagement with publishers and industry influencers to accomplish specific goals, such as:

  • Influencer marketing: Creating worthwhile alliances with important industry influencers.
  • SEO and content marketing: Securing opportunities for guest posting, promoting fresh content, and acquiring new backlinks.
  • Creating partnerships to reach a wide audience and promote your goods and services.
  • PR: Creating more exposure for a brand and raising brand recognition.

To get people with sizable targeted audiences to talk about you and connect to your website, the main goal of blogger outreach is to persuade them to do so.

When companies and bloggers collaborate to produce killer promotional content, that is when it happens. The business usually offers free product samples in exchange for reviews or as raffle prizes, occasionally both.

Inbound link building and online success are directly related to contemporary digital marketing.

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks to your website from other websites. It’s an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO) because it’s an authority signal. High-quality backlinks from a variety of sources will help you outrank the competition in search engine results when used as part of an off-page SEO plan. As a result, they maximize incoming traffic by enhancing your trust and visibility.

Outbound links, also known as authority links, are equally as crucial to take into account as backlinks. Readers will find your information more valuable if you include connections to trustworthy websites and sources. By doing this, you may improve user experience and increase your subject matter expertise.

Link building is very helpful for your website’s success and your expansion ambitions. Here are some crucial justifications for including it in your digital marketing plan.

Boost Rankings

Search engines like Google provide a ranking to your website pages once they have been indexed. Since most Google users never look past the first page, it stands to reason that your website will be more widely visible to users if you rank higher.

The authority and credibility of your domain in a market or niche are also shown by higher rankings. Websites with more high-quality backlinks from reliable sources are often more likely to rank higher. A broad and varied selection of links demonstrates reliability.

Establish Industry Relations

Establish ties with other websites, companies, and influencers in the same sector or niche. Another link-building strategy that can benefit your website is this one. These good connections lead to a profitable exchange of clients and guests.

Within the confines of a particular industry, creating connections and cultivating relationships are complementary tasks. When used in concert, they are effective.

Promote Traffic and Referrals

Crawlers are web tools used by search engines to find links on websites. They find and extract content for inclusion in ranking indices in this way.

So, having high-quality links from trustworthy websites is a terrific approach to stand out on search engine result pages. They, therefore, increase traffic and referrals to your website. It’s a continuous process where each stage leads to advancements in the following. Your domain score keeps rising as a result of everything.

There are various methods and philosophies for obtaining backlinks. They all adhere to similar concepts, such as the use of relevant content and organic link-inclusion techniques.

Increase brand recognition

Your web presence will determine how well your company does and how effective your marketing plan is. Your visibility will increase with your website’s traffic and ranking.

To stand out from the competition, brand recognition and media attention are essential. Arouse the interest, trust, and attention of customers. Furthermore, your company will develop authority and credibility.

Expand Your Reach

As a part of your long-term SEO plan, achieve, maintain, and expand the reach of your website. You’ll observe a general boost in the performance of your website by skillfully constructing links across several websites with distinct metrics. 

Additionally, you’ll cast a larger net and choose the proper viewers. Links in external material efficiently draw additional visitors to your website. This will improve your lead generation and traffic if done gradually.

Top 10 Blogger Outreach Tools To Use

Do you find outreach programs boring and repetitive?  Tools for blogger outreach may be exactly what you need to make this work more efficient.

There is bound to be at least one tool on this list that will alter the way you approach this area of marketing, from ones that assist you in locating influencers and well-read blogs to ones that assist you in creating and managing outreach programs.

1. Buzzsumo

An effective marketing tool for locating influencers and hot topics across many niches is BuzzSumo.  Leading publishers like HubSpot and BuzzFeed frequently use it.


Based on their interaction, identify the top social media influencers in your field across a variety of channels.

Content discovery

Get inspiration for your guest articles by researching the best-performing material based on keywords or themes.

Content research

Investigate the social media data of your rivals to learn what subjects are effective for them and which ones are not. Furthermore, you can examine their backlink information and locate your link-building prospects.


To keep up with hot subjects and events, set up notifications for keyword mentions, brand mentions, influencer activity, and more.


With all plans, you may take advantage of a 7-day free trial. The monthly price for BuzzSumo’s premium subscription is $99. With this package, you get 5,000 mentions and up to five notifications per month. Up to five users, five projects, and fifty exports are permitted, and the data has a maximum retention period of one year.

In addition to more premium tools and features, premium subscriptions offer greater bandwidth. 

2. Hunter

Hunter is a tool for outreach that focuses on discovering emails in various methods. It keeps introducing new features that are crucial for successful outreach campaigns. Approximately two million clients use Hunter, including giants like Google and Microsoft.

It offers the following major features: 

Email Finder

By providing their name and company name or domain, you may look up anyone’s email address.

Domain Search

Find emails in any field by searching Hunter’s database.

Email Verification

Check several email addresses for accuracy and look for a variety of problems, such as a high hard bounce rate, poor email formatting, and incorrect domain information.

Chrome add-on

The Chrome addon Hunter makes it possible to find email addresses for any domain.

Personalization of email

To simplify your outreach approach, create email templates. If necessary, you can also make each email in your outreach effort unique.

Email Scheduling and Tracking

Users of Gmail can link their accounts with Hunter to keep track of when their emails are opened and replied to. Additionally, schedule emails for simple sending and follow-up.


The monthly request limit for Hunter’s unlimited free plan is 50. One domain search, one email search, or one email verification are referred to collectively as “requests” in Hunter. Up to 1,000 requests are included in premium plans starting at $50.40 per month. All annual plans come with a 30% discount.

3. Buzzstream

With Buzzstream’s all-inclusive outreach tool, you can carry out a variety of outreach tasks, from identifying influencers to overseeing your outreach initiatives. Reputable companies like Airbnb, Shopify, etc. are on its roster of clients.

It offers the following major features: 

Lead collection

With the help of Buzzstream’s browser extension, you can quickly gather social media accounts and email addresses. Using your niche’s target keywords or URLs, you may quickly find influencers and bloggers with the help of this function.


Buzzstream allows you to connect your email program and access a variety of email templates. Send emails immediately or schedule them for later delivery by using one of these templates or by creating one from scratch.


Filter your internet leads using several criteria, including domain authority, follower count, outreach success, and more.


Review thorough reports analyzing each of your efforts so that you can periodically gauge their success.


Mark emails with labels at various stages to keep track of them, from those that haven’t been opened to those that need a response. Setting notifications to remind you to send emails on time is simple.


For each Buzzstream plan, a free trial of 14 days is offered. Buzzstream has a starting monthly fee of $24 for a single user with up to 1000 contacts. Up to three users and 30,000 contacts are supported under the more expensive subscriptions.

4. Semrush

There are several helpful SEO and marketing tools available from SEMrush. Utilizing SEMrush’s link-building tool, you can manage outreach programmes, prioritize potential leads, send emails, and track feedback.

Link building tool

With the help of this application, you may locate prospects, send and follow-up emails for your outreach initiatives, and keep track of the results.

Domain Overview

To assess the worth of any website for link-building prospects, analyze traffic and keyword data for any domain.

Backlink data

To narrow down your prospects for link building, get backlink information for any site or URL.

Topic research

Create a variety of content concepts for guest articles.

Brand monitoring

Easily keep track of brand references for your website and those of your rivals on different online platforms.

Tracking keyword rankings

Keep tabs on the positions of your desired keywords.

Analysis of backlink gaps

Examine gaps in your backlinks by contrasting them with those of your rivals.


SEMrush subscriptions are priced starting at $119.9 a month. This entry-level package gives you up to 50 social media profiles to monitor and restricted access to SEMrush features. The annual plans for SEMrush are discounted by 16%. All options include a 7-day free trial.

5. Snov.io

Snov.io is a powerful blogger outreach platform that aids in email discovery, validation, and outreach campaign creation. Lenovo, Ubisoft, Uber, and other organizations are among its clientele.

It offers the following major features: 

Verification Through Email

The programme assists in the verification of every email address on your list and the detection of duplicate and temporary email addresses.

An Email Finder

Search for emails using various criteria, including domain, business, or name. Additionally, you can generate leads by using job titles, location, and abilities.

Email Drip Campaigns

Adapt your emailing strategy to leads based on a schedule. Additionally, you can plan for follow-ups.

Integration between Chrome and Gmail

The tool makes it simple to integrate with Gmail so you can track all of your emails. On-the-go email discovery is made possible by the Chrome addon.


A forever-free plan with up to 200 contacts and 50 credits per month is available on Snov.io. You can use credits to look up and validate email addresses. The first 1,000 credits and up to 5,000 contacts are included in the premium plan, which costs $39 per month.

6. Mailshake

A strong tool for link-building initiatives is Mailshake. You can trace who has opened, clicked, or responded to your emails and automate the development of cold email messages.

Mail merge

Create personalized emails and send them all at once to a list of recipients. To accomplish this, create a template on the platform and fill in the necessary information using the tool’s built-in parameters.

Schedule drip campaigns and emails

Plan when to send emails and when to follow up. Additionally, drip campaigns can be used to automate the sending of emails in response to events or triggers.


Based on how they react to your outreach emails, categorize and simply label your prospects by assigning them labels.


One plan from MailShake is for email marketing, and the other is for sales engagement. Compared to the sales engagement plan, which offers you access to all capabilities for $99 per month per user, the email outreach plan costs $59 per month per user.

7. Traackr

For all of your outreach efforts to bloggers, Traackr is a helpful tracking tool. With the aid of this tool, you may establish fruitful interactions with influencers and assess their influence over your company.

Broad influencer coverage

The most comprehensive global influencer data is available to you through Traackr, allowing you to forge effective business connections.

Deeper insights

Gain a thorough understanding of your influencer marketing campaign and plan the best course of action at every stage.

Influencer evaluation

Consider influencers depending on their audience, effectiveness, and value.

Budget optimization

By better analyzing your investments, you can regulate your influencer budget with Traackr.


Users of Traackr have the option to subscribe annually. You must speak directly with Traackr if you want further information about the costs.

8. Tomoson

You can link your brands with influencers with Tomoson, a fantastic content marketing platform. Your influencer marketing initiatives can be readily managed using it, and it will help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Content inbox

Your content immediately enters your inbox using Tomoson’s daily content crawler. Users can access blogs, news websites, #hashtags, and other content in one location. Additionally, any post can be scheduled and filtered.

Verified influencer data

APIs are employed to validate that the stated individual genuinely owns the social media accounts. The number of followers and average engagement of the person will be visible to you.

Click post to all social sites

You only need to produce a single social update that will be pushed to all of your social media accounts with a single click, regardless of whether you are sharing curated material or generating your own.


A 21-day trial period is available without charge. The basic subscription at Tomoson is $49 per month, and there are other pricing tiers as well. The beginner plan is $99 per month, followed by the business plan ($199), the agency plan ($399), and the scale plan ($599).

9. Klear

Several brands regard Klear to be one of the top influencer marketing tools and an absolute need. This is how social media managers target users who can raise the profile of their brand on social media.

TikTok integration

You can effortlessly manage your TikTok campaigns using Klear. You can use the platform to look up and evaluate influencers. To make collaboration simple and assess the success of your TikTok campaign, Klear also provides data-driven KPIs.

Explicit keyword list

If the influencer has previously used malicious keywords, Klear will be able to notify that fact. By doing so, you can make sure that the people you work with share your company’s values.

Monitor conversions

With Klear, you can keep track of your marketing conversions. It gives you the means to evaluate the influencer campaign’s effectiveness. This entails tracking reach, interactions, revenue, and ROI.


Depending on how many features you select, Klear’s price will change. You can discover more about Klear and how it may support you in achieving your goals by scheduling a custom demo for your brand.

10. Pitchbox

Marketing teams, consultants, and agencies frequently use the tool Pitchbox. Therefore, this tool is ideal for you if you wish to work on an outreach program.


You may view all the crucial stats, like the age and past of your events and links, in this section. To gauge your effectiveness, you can also look at earlier marketing months or other campaigns. It demonstrates whether or not your campaign is succeeding.

Link monitoring

You can view all statistics, such as the status of the links, links gained from each email, lost links, etc., in one place on the link monitoring dashboard.


You may find a list of all currently running campaigns as well as their key performance indicators in this part of the Pitchbox application. You can filter the list to find the campaign you wish to see if there are too many to see all of them.


Pitchbox is a complete tool for reaching out to influencers and constructing links. For a personalized price for the tool, you must get in touch with the team.


Now you can choose from these tools to begin your blogger outreach endeavors or strengthen the pre-existing ones.


With blogger outreach, you can connect with other bloggers or influencers in your niche to promote your content or products. Here are some simple steps to do blogger outreach:

  • Find Bloggers: Identify bloggers in your niche.
  • Research: Learn about their blog and interests.
  • Contact Them: Reach out politely via email or social media.
  • Personalize: Customize your message for each blogger.
  • Offer Value: Explain how you can benefit them.
  • Follow-up: Be patient and follow up if needed.
  • Build Relationships: Nurture connections over time.
  • Measure Results: Track your outreach’s impact.
  • Stay Patient: Success takes time; don’t rush it.

Building a strong relationship in your niche can help your blog or business grow over time.

Yes, blogger outreach does work. You connect with bloggers online who can help promote your business to their followers. That will boost your credibility, get more exposure, and improve your website’s search ranking. But it’s not a guarantee; it depends on finding the right bloggers and having a good product.

To do outreach effectively, you’ll need some helpful tools. Here are the main ones:

  • Buzzsumo: Helps you find influencers and manage your outreach campaigns.
  • Hunter: Perfect for finding email addresses.
  • BuzzStream: Helps you find influencers and manage your outreach campaigns.
  • SEMrush: Handy for researching blogs and websites to find the right bloggers to contact.
  • Mailshake: This helps you send personalized emails to bloggers more efficiently.
  • Traackr: Helpful for managing influencer relationships and tracking their impact on your outreach campaigns.
  • Tomoson: Helps you find influencers and bloggers in your niche, making it easier to connect with them.
  • Klear: Provides insights into influencer profiles and helps you find the right influencers to collaborate with.
  • Pitchbox: Streamlines your outreach process, simplifying sending emails and tracking your blogger outreach efforts.