7 Conferences in Asia And Australia You Must Attend Before 2018 Ends!

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As an online marketer, the digital landscape can be difficult to conquer without networking. Online marketing isn’t just about SEO or content creation or social promotions, it is more about finding the right networking opportunities. And sometimes, the most useful opportunities are discovered offline when similar minds meet to discuss old and new ideas, challenges or just have general chit chats on the current state of the industry.

Here we have compiled a list of 7 such conferences in Asia and Australia which will give you your fill. Attend these before 2018 ends!

1. Marketing Analytics Summit

This is a gathering of digital marketers who care about the numbers and results. In this analytics event, you can hear people chatting about the maths and science behind the online marketing. We recommend you to join this meet to unlock valuable opportunities.

Marketing-Analytics-Summit | DWS Blog

  • Where: Holiday Inn Delhi International Airport, Delhi
  • When: Dec 20-21
  • Book your tickets here.

2. Digital Marketing Asia 2018

In this two-day conference, you can expect discussions on myriad topics ranging from blockchain marketing to Artificial Intelligence. If you want to future-proof your business with the latest digital strategies, this is the place to be.


  • Where: Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
  • When: Oct 23-24
  • Book your tickets here.

3. Digital Marketing & Strategy Innovation Summit

With one of the best speaker lineup, this innovation summit is going to cover some very crucial areas of digital marketing including – mobile, content, social media and influencers.

Here is a past presentation from Director of E-commerce and customer leadership, Coca-Cola on “How To Remodel A Legacy Brand To Thrive”.



So, don’t wait and…

  • Book your tickets here.
  • Where: Park Royal, Singapore
  • When: Oct 10-11

4. Search Marketing Summit

Search Marketing Summit is an event where you can get the right training in the fundamentals of search engine marketing. So we expect this to be packed with a lot of SEO knowledge. Get ready to prepare an exhaustive search marketing checklist for 2018!


  • Book your tickets here.
  • Where: Cliftons, Sydney
  • When: Nov 29

5. Distilled SearchLove

This is the perfect place for sharing your search engine love over a cup of coffee. Or tea. Or beer.

Distilled-Search-Love Rand Fishkin


We are in love with this event’s name. But that’s not all. If you are really looking forward to some great speeches, London is where you should be..

  • On: Oct 15-16
  • Book your tickets here.

6. Click Engage Convert

While the conference name gives you some details about the event, there are many more things in store. From social advertising, email marketing to video marketing, this event encompasses all major digital marketing spheres.


  • When: Oct 12
  • Where: nab, Melbourne
  • Book your tickets here.

7. Digital Velocity

This year’s conference is focused on transforming your business by using data to fuel more customer-centric experiences. Catch some highlights from the last year’s event here:


We checked their registration form and they ask for dietary requests. Yes, we are not kidding.

  • Where: Maritime Museum, Sydney
  • When: Nov 1
  • Book your tickets here.

It’s ALMOST time to bid goodbye to 2018. So before the year ends, let’s take a dive into the best online practices and gear up for the coming year.