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5 Best AI Add-ons for Google Sheets in 2024

Best AI Add-ons for Google Sheets

5 Best AI Add-ons for Google Sheets in 2024: GPT for Sheets, Numerous.ai, Gemini™ AI, AI Data Validator, and MonkeyLearn. Improve productivity, automate tasks, and gain insights with these powerful tools.

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

May 25, 2024

Efficiency and intelligent automation are more than operational objectives; they are lifestyle goals. They’re vital to being agile and competitive. Once just a simple Google app, Google Sheets add-ons now help users with advanced data manipulation features and seamless collaboration capabilities.

AI tools have now been created to integrate advanced artificial intelligence directly into Google Sheets. These features allow users to quickly eliminate dull average spreadsheet tasks, process vast amounts of information efficiently, and boost workflow efficiency with little hands-on work.

Overview of Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a web-based spreadsheet program within the Google Workspace suite. It allows you to create, edit, format, and share spreadsheets instantly as you collaborate seamlessly with your global team.

With features ranging from straightforward organization to advanced Google Sheets formula workarounds, Google Sheets can be used to manage and analyze data efficiently—be it finance predictions or project timelines.

You can work on various projects seamlessly since it integrates smoothly with Google Drive, Docs, and Slides. This means you have a single path to handle multiple files effortlessly. The ability to work alongside different third-party programs implies this system is favored by firms or individuals wanting streamlined yet practical ways to handle their data.

The Importance of AI Tools in Google Sheets

Artificial intelligence tools within free Google Sheets add intelligence & automation to the information management businesses that must deal with digital transformation and big data. These Google Sheets add-ons are supposed to simplify operations, aid decision-making, and offer new data analysis possibilities.

Using Google Sheets add-ons simplifies managing larger sets of data. You’ll be able to perform advanced computations more quickly while reducing common manual mistakes. AI tools can automatically perform data entry, sorting, and predictive analysis, freeing up time for Google Sheets users to work on strategic activities instead of daily information control.

They maintain a higher level of consistency in the information by reducing typical human blunders. Their strength is their fast responses to shifting information. You’ll also receive dynamic updates and insightful feedback straight from current events. Keeping up with those shifts is incredibly beneficial for areas like marketing and finance that change on a dime.

Task Automation by AI

Google Sheets add-ons could automate data analysis, reporting, and content creation. Machine learning, which learns from user activity and data trends, makes this type of automation possible.

For instance, AI could classify expenses, forecast budgets, and evaluate market trends directly in Sheets. You get quicker task performance in data processing and consistent results reliability.

Workflow Automation Benefits

Workflow automation with other spreadsheet data in Google Sheets has numerous benefits:

  • Greater Productivity: Automated repetitive tasks save manual data entry and manipulation time.
  • Accuracy Enhanced: AI Google Sheet tools reduce human errors in calculations and data handling to provide better reports and analyses.
  • Scalability: With automation, bigger datasets can be handled without increasing resources, and businesses can easily scale operations.
  • Insightful Analytics: AI-driven tools can spot trends and patterns that are not apparent with manual methods and help analyze business operations more deeply.

Automation in Google Sheets

Automation within Google Sheets necessitates choosing and configuring the AI plugin to work for you. Most Google Sheets add-ons offer accessible interfaces and step-by-step manuals to help owners set up and personalize their automation processes. Users may set triggers, conditions, and actions to automate different things in Google Sheets workflows.

The setup of AI automation in Google Sheets frequently entails a few fundamental steps:

  • Find the Right Google Sheets Add-on: Pick an AI add on from the Google Workspace Marketplace that fits your requirements.
  • Install the Add-on: Follow the setup directions to integrate the AI program into your Google Sheets through the Marketplace.
  • Configure the Add-on: Configure the AI add-on according to your data requirements & workflows.
  • Authorize Access: Allow the add-on to access your Google Sheets information since it must do its work.
  • Start Automating: Use the AI tool to automate things in your sheets, typically with simple commands or an interface.

5 Best Google Sheets Add-ons

Below are five AI Google Sheets add-ons available on the Google Workspace marketplace. These add-ons can help users automate tasks, improve data processing, and obtain insights.

1. GPT for Sheets

Use ChatGPT and other generative AI models in Google Sheets. The Sheets add-on is particularly ideal for large-scale use of ChatGPT (for rewriting, categorizing, and clustering).

GPT for Sheets may be ideal for writers, summarizers, translators, cleaners, extractors, and editors who outline and explain text-based tasks using generative AI models.

Key Features:

  • No API keys are needed: Install the AI add-on for Google Sheets and go back to functioning.
  • Simple to use: Use it in any cell that supports the accessible “GPT” functions.
  • Support Included: Choose between online or priority support.
  • Support for multiple users: The add-on is built for several users within an organization.
  • Area-based: Meets local regulations and standards.
  • Fast and cheap: Designed for affordability and speed.
  • Built for Organizations: Designed for enterprise needs.

2. Numerous.ai

Numerous.ai enables users to perform repetitive tasks and use spreadsheets like professionals. It’s AI-powered software that can work with Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Numerous.ai is a content creator / digital marketer/student/researcher/product engineer/manager tool.

Key Features:

  • Generate Google Sheets formulas: Make formulas in simple English, like VLOOKUP, QUERY, and REGEX.
  • Classify items: Organize data along with items.
  • Format cells: Provide cells with the desired formatting.
  • Filter rows: Filter rows using specified criteria.
  • Pull-in information: Integrate external data seamlessly.
  • Train AI: Make AI do specific jobs.
  • Send customer replies: Create unique replies to customer comments.
  • Explain formulas: Understand complicated formulas quickly.
  • Extract text: Extract relevant text from complex data sets.
  • Sentiment analysis: Analyze the sentiment of messages and products.
  • Write the text: Make product descriptions, blogs, and marketing materials.
  • Answer customer questions: Batch responds to customer questions.
  • Translate & rewrite content: Change e-commerce content for different audiences.
  • Make personalized content: Pass content to particular audience segments.

3. Gemini AI for Sheets

Available on the Google Workspace marketplace, AI Assist for Gemini in Sheets, Docs, and Forms is an AI add-on for Google Sheets for document processing. Add your Gemini AI API Key to utilize Google’s Gemini as an AI assistant.

Key Features

  • Data enrichment: Include more details about your data.
  • Refining: Increase data quality & relevance.
  • Categorization: Sort data into meaningful categories.
  • Retrieval: Easily retrieve particular data points.
  • Translation: Translate text into more languages.
  • Editing: Make corrections to your content.
  • Summarization: Generate a summary of lengthy documents.
  • Creation of content: Create high-quality information in Google Sheets.

4. AI Data Validator

AI Data Validator for Google Sheets is a Finance Operating System that helps you handle your Data quickly. Finance teams, data analysts, and anyone handling large datasets can easily clean, verify, and organize their information with this tool.

Key Features:

  • Remove Duplicate Rows: Identify and remove duplicate entries quickly.
  • Combine Duplicate Rows: Merge data from several entries with the same identifier.
  • Compare Two Tables: Compare tables in sheets and discover discrepancies.

5. Text Analysis by MonkeyLearn

MonkeyLearn is an AI platform that lets companies analyze text with machine learning. Customers like Clearbit, Drift, and Segment utilize MonkeyLearn to turn documents, customer feedback, support tickets, and emails into actionable data.

MonkeyLearn automates the analysis of text information to obtain insight and reduces the time spent on manual data collection.

Key Features:

  • Classify texts by topic, sentiment, and intent: Learn about the characteristics of your text data.
  • Extract specific data: Locate companies, names, and keywords in your text.
  • Automate your business processes: Automate text data analysis and make Google Sheets workflows simpler.
  • Get insights: Get insights from your text data.
  • Save time: Reduce the hours spent on manual text data processing.

Picking the Right AI Add-on for Google Sheets

Selecting the best Google Sheets add-ons can influence how you handle and evaluate your information. With many choices available, you have to consider various factors to ensure that the tool you select matches your requirements and your Google Sheets workflow. 

Identify Your Use Case

Step one in selecting the right AI tool is delineating your use case. What manual tasks need to be automated or improved? For instance, if you mainly wish to process vast amounts of text data, you would want an Google Sheets add on like GPT for Sheets or MonkeyLearn. These tools do text processing, categorization, and sentiment analysis well.

However, if your focus is on data validation and cleaning, AI data validator is more robust at removing duplicates and comparing datasets.

Assess Ease of Use

An important element when integrating AI tools into your workflow is their usability. Look for an AI add-on for Google Sheets with simple interfaces and plain command syntax. GPT for Sheets & Numerous.ai, for example, is simple to use and provides simple functions that enable users to do complicated tasks. This can save time and minimize the learning curve so you can be up and running immediately without intensive technical training.

Look at Scalability

Your AI tool should scale with you. If you work in a big organization or team, pick an Google Sheets add on that supports multiple users and handles large datasets. GPT for Sheets and Gemini AI for Sheets are designed for organizations and offer high performance and reliability even during heavy usage.

Assess Cost-effectiveness

Budget restrictions are always a consideration. Analyze the price models of various AI tools and determine how much they cost compared to their functions. Cost control becomes simpler with services like GPT for Sheets that bill based on actual usage instead of a flat rate. Boosting how much you can accomplish with average spreadsheet tasks will help this tool pay for itself quickly.

Check Reliability and Support

Any software tool needs dependable support and frequent updates. Select an AI add-on for Google Sheets from respected suppliers with excellent customer service and regular updates to resolve problems and keep the tool functioning properly.

For example, GPT for Sheets & Numerous.ai provides extensive support and high reliability for a seamless user experience.

Trial and Feedback

Give the tools a spin with free trials or demo versions. Using the tool firsthand may reveal how seamlessly it blends into your usual tasks and whether it aligns with your requirements. In addition, ask colleagues or even industry peers who have used the tools to comment on their effectiveness and possible challenges.

Closing Thoughts

Google Sheets add-ons make information more efficient and intelligent. Automating mundane jobs while uncovering key patterns with top-notch text analysis helps people maximize what they achieve with their spreadsheets. By weaving AI into Google Sheets, users can expect quicker operations paired with precise outcomes, making every choice backed by solid data more reliable. Whether you’re a content creator, student, digital marketer, researcher, or salesperson, there’s an AI add-on for Google Sheets for you.

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