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9 Best AI Prompt Engines

AI Prompt Engines

Using AI to achieve desired results can be tricky and time-consuming. AI prompt engines understand specific needs and generate prompts that help AI tools like ChatGPT, Dall-E, etc., create accurate outcomes.

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

May 30, 2024

AI tools can sometimes be extremely challenging, especially when you want something specific but get unfruitful responses. Navigating and correcting the tool can, in fact, become an endless process, costing crucial time and money.

As a result, it becomes essential to create prompts that clearly outline the requirements, the extent of details that need to be covered, and even the tone of the output. However, engineering prompts can be tricky if you are short on time, have varying needs, and are unsure where to start.

But fret not; you are not alone if these struggles sound familiar. There are plenty of prompt engineering tools that simplify creating relevant and relevant libraries that cater to a diverse range of business needs.

If your business has had enough of the scuffle and is looking for a way out, here are the top prompt engines to try!

But first, let’s start with the basics.

What are AI Prompt Generators?

AI prompt generators are tools powered by natural language processing and machine learning methodologies that create prompts that help businesses generate more content pieces at a faster rate from AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and more.

A prompt is the starting point of any project that helps the AI tool find its way to generating content.

AI prompt generators are capable of creating intuitive prompts that instruct large language models to generate anything, from ad copies to images and even codes.

For instance, if your business deals in creating highly engaging and captivating marketing campaigns, an AI prompt directing the tool to create fresh ideas and corresponding details will ensure you have a library of content pieces that can attract your target audience while driving conversions.

5 Benefits of Using AI Prompt Generators For Business Writing

1. Larger creativity spectrum to explore

AI prompt generators can engineer prompts for various genres, topics, situations, and even keywords. Prompt engines can scan and scrape the internet for information, ideas, and trends to generate unique, future-ready, and actionable content ideas. This is especially beneficial for businesses looking to create fresh content to entice, engage, and entertain their target audience.

2. Enhances productivity

Instead of constantly rolling in the iterative process stages, businesses can use prompt generators to save hours of manual work testing prompts for accuracy and move on to producing content pieces straightaway. The overall time saved can be used to plan and execute other business operations, including crafting growth-oriented strategies. 

3. Enhanced accuracy and lower error rates

Suitable prompts will generate accurate content that is aligned with business needs. Subsequently, your business will spend less time editing and fact-checking and more time publishing and advertising the content. Tailored prompts also ensure customized content pieces follow the tone and style unique to your business. In a fast-paced world where your competitors are constantly trying to turn the tables in their direction, having the opportunity to stay ahead while producing unique content pieces can be incredibly rewarding. 

4. Better quality content pieces get published

Every business wants to publish high-quality content consistently, which can be challenging to achieve with human writers. AI tools are capable of bridging this gap by producing content that strictly adheres to business guidelines. Moreover, if your business is looking to combine the best of both worlds, viz, combining the natural talents of human writers and artificial intelligence, these tools can adapt and create content pieces that perfectly align with the expectations. 

5. Add a unique touch of creativity

Writer’s block can dampen even the most strategic approaches and result in content pieces that do not resonate accurately with the brand’s personality. However, using AI tools can ensure your writers have a framework to get started with. Aside from that, AI prompt generators also create unique, actionable ideas and reduce the burden of thinking about kickstarting the content pieces. 

The touch of creativity benefits when creating ad copies for marketing purposes. The same is true for designers experiencing saturation and are unable to find inspiration for upcoming projects. AI prompt engines can also work on creating highly detailed image prompts that help generate engaging designs.

9 Best AI Prompt Engines

AI prompt engines are phenomenal in ensuring your business creates engaging content and designs that strike the right chord with the target audience. However, with a wide range of options to choose from, it can become confusing to find a tool that aligns with your business needs and budget. To cut to the chase, we have listed 9 best AI prompt engines to consider. Let’s take a look:


AIPRM is popular among users because of the host of features it offers. The tool can create prompts for SEO, marketing, copywriting, and even for building a keyword strategy. AIPRM generates highly actionable prompts for ChatGPT, ensuring your business gets the best outcomes in a minimal number of attempts. The tool is easy to use and accurately understands your needs.

  • Meticulously created a library of prompts that enables businesses to think outside the box and create refreshing content pieces.
  • A host of public and private libraries that cater to the needs of every business potential needs with a pragmatic prompt.
  • The frameworks are relevant to today’s content trends, enabling businesses to capitalize on gaining an edge over their competitors.


  • The prompts are only specific for ChatGPT and no other AI tools.


  • There are no free plans available. The paid plans start from $10 per month and go up to $999 per month. Annual subscriptions cost significantly less, starting at $100 for the Plus plan and going up to $9990 for the Titan plan.

2. POE

POE has a chat-like layout that enables users to experience the best of ChatGPT, GPT-4, Claude 2, DALLE 3, and millions of other AI tools under one roof. The tool is available for download on iOS, Android, and Windows systems, making it easier to access and use.

  • The chat-like interface makes the tool unique and fun to use. It allows users to converse with the tool instead of merely sharing needs.
  • The tool hosts a plethora of other tools, eliminating the need to switch between different AI tools.
  • Have access to bots created by the POE community, enabling faster and more accurate responses.


  • The tool may struggle with complex or niche-specific responses.


  • The free version offers basic features with limitations. The monthly plan starts at $19.99 per month. If billed annually, the paid plan costs $199.99. The tool comes with a 14-day trial.

3. Prompt Base

Prompt Base AI is renowned for offering prompts for DALL·E, Midjourney, ChatGPT, Stable Diffusion & GPT. While, as a user, you will have access to an ocean of AI prompts, the tool also allows you to earn by selling your own unique prompts on its platform. The community-like foundation ensures there’s always something growth-specific happening.

  • The chatbot interactions are powered by AI, ensuring prompt responses.
  • The tool can create ASCII art within seconds of receiving a prompt.
  • The tool can help with SEO optimization of content, enabling a website to rank higher on search engines.


  • There’s a limitation in the diversity of Anime pictures the tool is able to generate.


  • The pricing depends on the prompt you are opting to purchase. The lower range usually starts from $1.99 per prompt.

4. Prompt Perfect

If your business has been wanting to leverage the benefits of GPT-4, Claude, and Midjourney, then PromptPerfect is the tool you will need. The tool offers different types of features, ranging from chat, optimizing prompts for individual AI models, comparing multiple models, and even deploying prompts as an integration.

  • The tool’s extensive coverage is ideal for businesses that are looking for a one-stop solution for all their prompt creation needs.
  • The tool can assist in marketing, development, and content-related tasks with utmost perfection.
  • The campaign optimization feature enables businesses to create strategic plans that are sure to draw attention and conversions.


  • The tool can initially be challenging to use.


  • A free plan with a limited range of features is available. Paid plans start from $19.99 per month and go up to $99.99 per month. Businesses can save 17% with an annual subscription.

5. Replicate

Replicate helps in running AI as an API with its range of user-friendly prompts. The tool has a plethora of prompt libraries that can be used on an extensive range of AI models. The prompt engine is highly useful for business planning to leverage the benefits of multiple tools at once.

  • The tool’s easy-to-use interface makes it effortless to automate projects, freeing time and space to achieve other tasks.
  • The range of pre-built models is extensive and can be used for a variety of functions.
  • Pay-by-the-second pricing is a cost-effective solution for users who only want to pay for the prompts they will use.


  • The tool can initially be challenging to go around. Credit card details will be required during signing up for the free trial.


  • A free trial with limited access is available. The pay-by-the-second option starts at $0.36 per hour and goes up to $20.88 per hour, depending on the hardware you choose.

6. PromptHero

PromptHero is a versatile tool that can be used to generate prompts for DALL·E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and OpenJourney and is ideal for prompt engineering. The tool is extensively used for AI image generation, allowing users to experiment with their ideas and find inspiration for their work. The tool is easy to use and can generate image prompts within minutes. The prompt engine also allows users to share their unique prompts.

  • The tool offers a wide range of prompts to test, allowing people to unleash their creativity.
  • The tool allows users to build a prompt library of their own, allowing them to keep useful prompts handy at all times.
  • The simple and user-friendly interface makes it possible for first-time users to navigate through the app comfortably.


  • The image generator can sometimes create explicit outputs.


  • A free plan with limited features is available. Paid plans start from $9 per month.

7. Krea AI

Krea AI is capable of generating high-quality images intuitively in real time. The outputs are incredibly fast, and the tool easily adapts to the way your ideas flow. The tool processes changes in prompts super quickly and generates AI images that are unbelievably realistic. Aside from this, an extensive range of background image options are available, giving creators the leisure to experiment instead of starting from scratch every single time.

  • The generated images are realistic and can be edited in real-time, allowing creators to explore new ideas.
  • The interface is highly intuitive and can process prompts within seconds of being implemented.
  • They have a dedicated Discord channel where users of other tools share their experiences, tips, and other information that can help other users.


  • The images can be unrealistic sometimes. Spot editing can be challenging.


  • A free plan with limited features is available. The paid plans start from $8 per month and go up to $60/month. Annual subscriptions cost 20% less.

8. Public Prompts

Prompt engineering has become a recent trend, and Public Prompts is a platform that makes AI prompts accessible and available to all. The tool is more like a community where AI tool users share what they have learned and what works best for them. As a result, the platform is an excellent place to get started during the ideation process. If you have been experiencing creativity blocks, then Public Prompts is the place for you.

  • The tool has an extensive library of prompts that can simply be copy-pasted for use. There are plenty of examples available to simplify the design process.
  • An extensive range of prompts to choose from makes it possible to get started with any project right away.
  • Public Prompts also shares the CFD scale and sampler DDIM to ease the design and development process.


  • To access the tool and use the prompts, you need a highly stable internet connection. Device limitations may also exist.


  • The tool is entirely free to use.

9. Dalle List

If you have been struggling to make the most out of Dall-E 2, then Dalle List could be your ultimate respite. The tool can generate a wide range of prompts that can be used to generate unique and creative images using Dall-E 2. It’s an easy-to-use tool that engineers useful prompts in no time!

  • The prompts can be used to generate digital art, oil painting, comic strips, and other types of art pieces.
  • The tool offers insights into the creative process and simplifies the brainstorming process.
  • The Chrome extension offers a library of prompt keyword ideas, lowering the time spent creating images.


  • A strong internet connection and a device that supports create-react-app is required.


  • The tool is absolutely free to use.

3 Mistakes to avoid when using prompt engines

1. Not having your needs outlined

AI prompt engines aim to simplify how your business makes the best use of AI tools. However, without a clear understanding of what your expectations are, you will be spending countless hours modifying outputs. Not only is this process time-consuming, but it also hampers the rate at which your business is delivering results.

2. Not adding enough details

AI tools are designed to offer quick and easy solutions. If you are looking for a detailed response, you must give highly detailed input. These details can range from the format, how detailed the output should be, and the objective you are looking to fulfill. Without adequate details, the AI tool will only generate generic and monotonous outputs. To prevent this, make sure you add specific details without additional information pieces (for example, why you want the output a certain way, etc).

3. Making the prompt excessively long

While writing extensively long prompts highlighting every minute detail may seem beneficial, it may not necessarily benefit the outcome you will get. AI tools find it difficult to decipher long prompts as there is an overload of information about what needs to be done, how it should be done, and what not to do. Instead, focus on organizing details and requirements systematically, allowing the AI tools to understand the expectations and deliver clearly.


AI has taken the world by storm for all the right reasons. It has made it easier to create a wide range of content pieces, ranging from keyword strategy, a complete code, and even marketing ad copies to attract more customers. Amidst the rise, one aspect that often takes a backseat is the fact that your AI tool will generate content as good as your input.

As a result, many businesses spend countless hours trying to get one prompt right. It is a tedious, time-consuming process that might not always promise good results. However, with the use of prompt engines, businesses can generate prompts that instruct desired AI tools on the nature of the output expected. If your business has been struggling to find a way around, these prompt engines are a must-try!

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