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10 Best AI Image Generator Tools

AI image generators are quite popular among designers, creators, entrepreneurs and those who love to be creative. Here are the 10 best tools that can create stunning images based on the given prompt.

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

April 7, 2024

AI has been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and the recent addition to the conversation is AI image generators. Even though professional artists have been using these tools to take inspiration for their art for a long time, AI image generators have been newly launched with better functionality and features. From designers to budding entrepreneurs, anyone can use them to explore a good dose of creativity. Let’s discuss the ten best AI image generator tools and their features.


Sometimes, you may not find the perfect image you are looking for to include in a project, even on Google. Or maybe you don’t have enough time or skills to design an image on your own. In such situations, AI image generators can be a big help. These tools use artificial intelligence to create images from scratch based on your queries.

However, with the increasing popularity and accessibility of AI image generators, many tools have been developed in recent years. This makes it a bit difficult to find the right tool for your specific requirements. We’ve curated a list of some of the most popular and best tools available. But before that, we’ll discuss some important factors to understand how AI image generators work and their importance. Let’s start!

Definition of AI Image Generation

AI Image generators translate your wildest ideas into vivid pictures. These tools are computer programs powered by artificial intelligence that can create entirely new images based on your text descriptions. They analyze massive databases of images and text to recognize patterns and similarities in style and content.

Let’s say you feed the AI a text prompt, like “a cat wearing a spacesuit walking on Mars.” The AI then searches through its knowledge base to understand what a cat, a spacesuit, Mars, and walking look like. Using this knowledge, it then generates a new image that matches your prompt.

But how does it know what kind of “cat” you have in mind? As you haven’t mentioned it in your prompt. AI image generators work by using complex algorithms called neural networks, which are inspired by the human brain. These networks are trained with large amounts of data to learn the complex connections between words and their visual representations. So, when you tell the AI about a “fluffy Persian cat,” it can create the right fluffy texture, facial features, and overall cuteness based on what it has learned about cats from those images.

Importance of AI Image Generators

AI image generators have many benefits, especially for creators and business owners.

  • Boost Your Creativity: AI image generators give you new ideas or inspiration by generating unique images that designers may not even think of. If you are stuck on a design for your website banner, you can feed the AI some keywords and see what unique images it can generate.
  • Save Time and Money: Hiring a professional photographer or illustrator may not always be possible. Also, creating an image from scratch can be time-consuming. AI image generators save you money by reducing the need for a human professional and save you time by generating images within minutes. This is especially perfect for startups, bloggers, and anyone who needs to create images on a budget.
  • Increase Accessibility: Even if you don’t have design skills, you can easily generate high-quality images from AI image generators. These user-friendly tools allow anyone to create professional images and use them confidently for their needs.
  • Customize Your Design: With AI, you can customize your images based on your specific brand or target audience. Businesses or creators can generate social media posts with unique images that perfectly capture their messages.

Evolution of AI in Image Generation

Believe it or not, the journey of AI started way back in the 1970s. However, the results consisted of blurry, abstract pictures because of limited computing power and heavy algorithms that couldn’t handle the complexities of realistic images.

The turning point came in the 2010s with the rise of deep learning and convolutional neural networks (CNNs). CNNs are inspired by the human brain’s image-processing systems, and they can analyze large amounts of image data to understand the nuances of shapes, colors, and textures and how they are connected to each other.

A major breakthrough came in 2014 with Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). This has two neural networks: one creates images (the generator), and the other (the discriminator) tries to tell if they’re real or fake. Through this constant feedback process, the generator gets better at creating hyper-realistic images.

Fast forward to today, tools like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. They can generate photo-realistic images and stunning landscapes, translate text descriptions, and even edit existing photos with mind-blowing accuracy. The progress rate is continuously improving. Users can now generate and customize images generated by AI.

10 Best AI Image Generation Tools

1. Clipdrop

Clipdrop is a full-fledged AI tool designed for all your image generation and editing needs. This user-friendly platform has a clean interface and intuitive features, which are great for beginners or those who need to generate images quickly.

With just a few clicks, you can change your existing images, generate high-resolution images from scratch, or remove backgrounds to create clean designs.

Clipdrop Features:

  • Stable diffusion for text-to-image conversion and realistic image creation.
  • Remove unwanted blemishes on old photos, adjust lighting for a more polished look, and improve the overall image quality.
  • Upscale your photos and make them sharper and clearer without sacrificing details.
  • Isolate your subject with impressive accuracy and replace the background with anything you can imagine.

2. Openart AI

If you are a creative professional looking for an AI image-generation tool for brainstorming and experimentation, then OpenArt AI might be your perfect solution. This platform offers a variety of features specifically designed for creative workflow.

You can generate unlimited images for free on their basic models. You can get an idea of this platform and explore your creative potential with the free version. Test your wildest prompts and see what kind of images it generates.

OpenArt AI Features:

  • Add new features to existing images with OpenArt AI’s inpainting tool.
  • Use ControlNet to manipulate specific areas of your generated image and add a whole new level of creativity.
  • For creators working in specific niches, OpenArt AI allows generation with appropriate safeguards. But responsible use is important.
  • It also has a community where users can collaborate on creating custom AI models. You can explore a variety of artistic styles and use them in your projects.

3. Neural.love

Neural.love is the perfect AI image generation tool for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their photos, videos, and even audio files. If you want to explore AI tools for image generation but don’t want to spend upfront costs, this platform is just for you. It allows you to discover your creativity and see what AI has to offer. Affordable paid plans are also available for those who need more advanced features.

Neural.Love Features:

  • Create realistic images by feeding the platform a simple prompt.
  • Choose from different genres, like fantasy, sci-fi or abstract. You can also customize the shape and size of the generated image.
  • Use HD mode for quality and private results for privacy.
  • Improve the quality and resolution of any video or image by choosing different filters like facial restoration, colorization, and more.
  • It uses neural networks to upscale, stabilize, and restore your images or videos.
  • Improve the quality and sample rate of any audio file up to 48 kHz.

4. Civitai

Civitai uses Stable Diffusion, which helps you create images and any form of art in different styles and formats. It has its own search engine that allows you to browse existing images. You can create, edit, and even share your images on other platforms.

If you are tech-savvy and love a good online community, Civitai is a great platform for you. Even though it’s a free tool, you’ll need a proper internet connection to run the platform. And it’s also open source, so you can contribute to its development and create custom AI models.

Civitai Features:

  • Upload and share different custom models to create stunning images.
  • Access to free guides and tutorials to easily learn and master the platform usage.
  • Access a library of pre-trained models and easy-to-use interfaces for generating and editing images.
  • Civitai has an online community where users can share tips, troubleshoot issues, and collaborate on creative projects. It’s a great opportunity to learn from others and grow your AI art skills.
  • The open-source nature of Civitai allows it to constantly evolve. The community regularly adds new features and functionalities.

5. Iamfy

If you want to add a unique face for a character, illustration, or even a marketing campaign, Fy! Studio offers a twist on AI image generation. It specializes in creating realistic or artistic portraits based on your prompts or text descriptions.

You’ll get a variety of inspirational designs and images to rethink and brainstorm your creative ideas. Apart from just image generation, it also creates high-resolution painting and realistic interior decoration ideas.

Iamfy Features:

  • Unlike other AI tools that generate all kinds of images, Iamfy is specially designed to create realistic and human faces.
  • You just have to provide a text prompt describing the desired features, age, ethnicity, and artistic style. It’ll then create different unique faces to match your idea.
  • You can also upload your own selfie to start. The AI will then use your photo to generate variations by adding a fun twist to self-portraits.
  • It offers a free plan to experiment with face generation. If you need high-resolution images or more customization options, you’ll have to get the paid plan.

6. Lexica Art

Lexica Art allows you to generate stunning and unique image pieces with just a simple prompt. Sharif Shameem created this software to make stable diffusion more accessible and easy to use.

This platform acts as a search engine for AI art that has already been created. Instead of creating images from scratch, you can explore a vast library of AI-generated images based on keywords and search terms.

Lexica Art’s Features:

  • Browse AI-generated images created by others to get new ideas and refine your own artistic vision.
  • See the results of other users’ prompts. This lets you see what wording works and helps you refine your own prompts for better results.
  • It has basic editing tools to improve your existing AI-generated images to suit your needs better.
  • The platform often features integrations and connections with other AI image-generation tools. So, when searching for inspiration, you might end up finding new tools for creating unique images.
  • Its user-friendly interface makes it a great tool for beginners who want to explore AI art generation or for professionals looking for inspiration and a helping hand in their prompts.

7. Artbreeder

Artbreeder allows you to combine images, text, and patterns to create visual content for your projects. Businesses can use this tool to create characters or artwork. It offers a fun and collaborative space to explore the potential of AI art.

You can use this tool to create stunning visual content while interacting with other artists who share your passion for creativity. Artbreeder has a unique approach; it allows you to generate images through a process of breeding and merging existing images.

Artbreeder Features:

  • Artbreeder’s core feature is its Mixer tool. Upload existing images or choose from the community library and then blend them together to create entirely new and unique images.
  • Take any AI-generated image and use Artbreeder’s editing tool to refine it and make it perfect. You get the exact look and feel you want.
  • It also offers features like Genetics that allow you to fine-tune the details of your generated images.
  • Artbreeder has a community of artists where users can remix each other’s creations.
  • You can follow your favorite artists and discover new styles through user-generated collections.
  • Browse creations, participate in contests, and get feedback on your work.

8. Mage Space

Mage Space is a free AI image generation tool using Stable Diffusion to create beautiful, stunning images. It offers unlimited creation to explore and improve your creativity without spending much money.

You can re-run and remix photos for new artwork or remove a particular object from an image. This model can transform your most unique and wild ideas into attractive images. This tool can be perfect for those who want to create and explore image creation with the help of AI.

Mage Space Features:

  • Choose from over 60 unique AI models, including text-to-image and text-to-GIF generators. Experiment with different styles and bring your creative ideas to life.
  • The tool automatically upgrades your generated images to 2048X2048 resolution and makes every detail clear and sharp.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to generate images. Just type in your prompts, and the AI will automatically show the results within minutes.
  • With its negative prompt feature, you can tell the AI what to avoid, and it will do the same while generating your images.
  • Generate images that are only visible to you with its privacy option.
  • The image-to-image feature allows you to improve the quality of your existing image.

9. Aragon AI

Aragon AI’s main focus is creating high-quality images. Whether you are looking for professional headshots to polish your online presence or want to create artistic characters to express your style, Aragon offers a user-friendly platform powered by AI.

This tool helps you generate the most realistic and diverse images using your own selfie. You can use these images for your social media profiles, resume, or other professional purposes.

Aragon AI’s Features:

  • Generate professional headshots from just a few images of yourself. Upload your photos, and choose your preferred style (formal, casual, etc.). Then, the AI will generate a range of high-resolution images.
  • It offers AI avatar-generating capabilities. Describe the style you want to generate (for example, cartoon, anime, or something else), and it will use its deep learning capabilities to create a number of personalized avatars.
  • You’ll have complete control over the image once you find the perfect headshot or avatar. You can use it freely on different platforms. You can even edit or sell it.
  • It has a user-friendly interface. You just have to upload your images and select the style, and the AI will do the rest.

10. Diffusionbee

Diffusionbee uses natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to help you generate images. It specializes in tools that use Stable Diffusion models. This type of AI works by gradually adding noise to an image until it becomes unrecognizable and then de-noising it back into a clear image based on your text prompt.

Diffusionbee’s Features:

  • You can edit existing images using AI, change the color of an image, or add a new element.
  • It also has a library of diffusion models created by its community where you can explore different styles and customize your own image generation process.
  • Its user-friendly interface is compatible with any device.
  • It’s completely free to use, offers unlimited uses, and runs offline.


AI image generators have become a popular resource for artists, creators, and those who enjoy creativity. Even businesses have started using these tools to create stunning images for their social media graphics or characters for different projects. The AI tools we have mentioned are all user-friendly and budget-friendly. These tools will help you get inspiration, visualize your concept, and create professional-looking images.

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