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10 Best AI Tools for Email Marketing to Try in 2024

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to convert leads into paying customers. Here are the top ten tools that have helped marketers generate email copies for tremendous business growth.

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

April 11, 2024


Did you know that around 33.2 million emails are sent every day, most of which are sent by businesses as part of their marketing campaign? Email marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy that helps generate leads and convert them into paying customers.

Moreover, with the advent of artificial intelligence, email marketing has become even more effective. Artificial intelligence plays an important role in your email marketing strategy. AI email marketing tools help you save time, optimize your existing marketing strategy, and meet your business goals. Let us learn about it in detail in the article below.

What is AI in Email Marketing?

AI in email marketing refers to the use of artificial intelligence tools to optimize various aspects of your email marketing campaign. The tools in AI email marketing help you personalize the email content, segment the email list, predict optimal sending times, automate responses, and offer predictive analytics that forecast the future of your email marketing campaigns.

In simple words, these tools help marketers reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Here are some of the features of AI in email marketing:

AI content ideation: Sometimes, it is very difficult to come up with the right content for your email campaigns. In such situations, AI tools for email marketing come in handy. Many tools feature natural language processing and machine learning that help you create unique content; you only need to use the right prompts.

AI email list: Creating an effective email list is an area where AI tools can help you. Firstly, AI analyzes the low-quality or invalid email addresses in your list and refines them. Secondly, it tracks responses and ranks email IDs based on the most valuable ones.

AI sending frequency: AI does the maths for you and analyzes the ideal sending frequency of your emails. If you send emails too frequently, there is a chance of your customers unsubscribing, and if you send them rarely, you might lose out on opportunities. AI determines the ideal frequency and optimizes your efforts.

AI campaign insights: AI gives you insights into your customer behavior, including which content works the best, which products your customers are most interested in, and which emails are getting the most responses.

AI email personalization: You may have heard that personalizing your email campaigns is the ultimate way to success. However, manually personalizing each and every email is very time-consuming. This is where AI shines through. All you need to do is feed AI personal information about your target audience and leave the rest to the tool.

AI email automation: AI singlehandedly takes on the entire responsibility of creating emails and sending them to your email list, helping you save time and money. AI can also send different emails to your email list for different purposes. This way, it assists in broadening the chances of a successful email campaign.

Benefits of AI in Email Marketing

Helps Understand What Your Audience Wants

Leveraging AI in email marketing helps you run A/B testing on various email samples. Moreover, many advanced AI tools also allow you to run multivariate tests to find out what your audience wants.

For instance, you are running a new marketing campaign for a product that you have just launched and want your audience to get excited about it. You can try a combination of various subject lines and the main component of the email and run them on an AI marketing tool to find out which works best for you.

Helps Create Catchy Subject Lines

You may have noticed that when the subject line of an email speaks your language, you are more inclined to open it and probably convert yourself into a paying customer. Your subject line plays an important role in the success of your email marketing campaign.

Writing email subject lines is the main essence of increased email open rate. AI tools use natural language processing that helps you create subject lines that resonate with your audience the most.

Helps You Send Email at the Perfect Time

Have you ever received an email while you were stuck in the traffic on the way to work? Do you think it is a coincidence? This is actually AI sending you emails by predicting when you are most likely to use your phone.

Most brands use artificial intelligence for predictive analytics to determine the best time to email their audience to receive the maximum open rate.

Helps You Learn About Your Customer’s Behavior

One of the most important features of AI is its ability to provide insights into customer behavior. AI informs you about where your customers are spending most of their time, which products they are interested in, and which are the ones they are most likely to buy.

These details help you streamline the customer journey and improve the sales funnel.

Helps Determine What Your Audience Would Like to Read and Buy

Have you ever noticed your online shopping recommendation list? It is so accurate that it feels like the app is reading your mind. Actually, it is artificial intelligence that does all the reading and brings accurate recommendations for you. In the same way, AI in email marketing also helps marketers understand what your target audience wants to read or buy and personalizes your emails accordingly. AI is more than just a tool that helps you create compelling emails. It can read your customer’s mind and determine what they are looking for.

10 Best AI Email Marketing Tools

The right email marketing tool helps amplify your marketing campaign, increase mail open rate, and ultimately lead to increased sales. The following are the top ten best AI email marketing tools that will help you refine your emails, get detailed reports on campaign performance, and optimize the overall impact:

1. Reply

Reply is one of the best email marketing tools that help build personalized multichannel sequences for your business. It helps you tailor initial outreach emails to follow-ups and mix and match different touch points.

Moreover, its advanced analytic features help improve your email deliverability. It can be easily integrated into Google Postmaster to increase the chances of reply and open rates by closely monitoring the performance of the sent emails and managing spam complaints.

The tool offers a free trial, and starter plans start from $49/ month.

2. Instantly

This is a generative AI email marketing tool that helps polish your outreach strategies and scale up your email marketing. With the tool, you can clean and verify your lead list to ensure your cold emails reach the correct domain. Another feature of the tool is that it helps automate and personalize your email marketing campaigns. It also has a smart scheduling feature that maximizes response rate and deliverability.

The tool has a free trial option and paid plans that start from $30/ month.

3. Autopilot

Autopilot comes with a set of tools and features that automate your email marketing campaign. With the tool, you can control your email marketing campaigns from the initial outreach to follow-ups and, ultimately, lead generation. It also gives you valuable insights into the emails that are generating the most leads and helps customize your plan based on the information. The best part about the app is that it can be integrated with 800+ tools, helping you streamline your marketing campaigns.

There is no free trial for the app, and the paid version starts from $49/ month.

4. Smartwriter AI

Smartwriter AI creates personalized cold emails or messages to convert readers into paying customers. It assists you in your initial copywriting process and helps you create emails that convert in just one click.

Powered by generative AI, the tool also has the capability to use your prospect’s online data to create attractive emails that strike the right cords.

The tool has a 7-day free trial, after which you can opt for a monthly plan that starts at $49/ month.

5. Outplay

Outplay helps you optimize your multichannel outreach efforts through well-crafted and personalized emails. Moreover, the advanced reporting on marketing insights and bi-directional integration with various CRM software help you understand your customer’s pain points and optimize future email campaigns that convert and retain.

6. WordHero

WordHero helps you save hours spent on copywriting and does the research for you to tailor an email that sells. Moreover, along with saving time, it also helps you save money you would otherwise have spent on hiring copywriters.

It helps you generate content through three dynamic modes: generator mode, which gives you content based on your business goals and audience; editor mode, which makes long-form content creation and editing easy; and WorHero chat mode, which allows you to give instructions and leave the rest to AI.

The tool’s monthly plan starts at just $39/ month.

7. Lavender

Lavender provides constant feedback on what works in your favor and what is not essential to crafting an email marketing campaign that works best for your business and builds brand loyalty. Lavender gives you objective feedback on how your email marketing campaign is performing and what you can do to improve it. The tools grade your emails and provide you with tips for improvement. Moreover, the personalized assistant helps you craft emails based on the prospect’s data, thus increasing your chances of getting a reply.

The real-time feedback offered by the tool evolves as per your email behavior, making crafting emails for different audiences easy.

The basic version of the app is free, and paid plans start from $25/ month.

8. Postaga

This AI-powered sales and link-building tool makes sending cold emails straightforward. Cold emails may feel spammy if not crafted the right way. Postage helps you add a personal touch to your emails without making them feel too promotional or spammy, thus helping to gain the trust of your prospective clients. This tool also helps create automated outreach campaigns and helps target your potential clients better. Moreover, it also finds the right prospect that has the highest likelihood of converting and provides you with details such as their Twitter handle, email address, and LinkedIn profile to make your job easy.

The tool has a 14-day free trial; paid plans start from $84 monthly.

9. HoppyCopy

HoppyCopy saves your time and crafts compelling email marketing copies in a few seconds. It has 50+ templates of email copies that help you understand how to write emails that sell. The advanced editor that is present in the tool generates unique email marketing ideas, comes up with witty taglines, and writes persuasive copies. It also creates bold CTAs that sell your products and services. Moreover, the tool helps create AI-powered newsletters, monitor competitors, check spam, and much more.

The basic plan starts at $23, allowing you to generate 20,000 monthly words.

10. PolitePost’s

The tool refines your email copies and provides real-time suggestions based on your rough content piece. The tool is very straightforward to use and can be used to polish your emails.

The tool is free of cost.

Best Practices for AI Email Marketing

Creating Engaging AI-Driven Content

Many tools powered by generative AI have natural language processing integration, which allows you to create personalized emails at scale and provides a human-like touch while saving time and resources.

Moreover, the AI algorithms help create content that most likely resonates with each recipient, increasing engagement and click-through rate. Additionally, it helps create visually appealing emails that look less spammy and stick with your audience’s preference. Remember that the less cluttered your email is, the more chances it has of gaining optimal engagement. Hence, an AI tool can suggest you stick with two fonts or typefaces in your email to avoid visual clutter. These suggestions are very valuable when creating engaging email copies.

Optimizing Personalization with AI

The first step towards creating personalized content is to add a greeting to the starting line of the email, which starts with the receiver’s name. If your email starts with dear member/customer/subscriber, you must change it to dear followed by their first name. This instantly grabs the attention of your audience and compels them to read the email. Many AI email marketing tools help you gather information about your mailing list, such as their Twitter handles, to create a personalized greeting. Moreover, when you are powered by data and insights into your contact’s online behavior, you also enable yourself to create more personalized content that seems less promotional and spammy.

Segmenting Audiences Effectively

The first sign of a successful email marketing campaign is a healthy open rate. Therefore, effectively cleaning your email list and segmenting your audiences is very important. According to studies, low open rates are one of the major struggles email marketers face. Emailing as many prospects as possible may seem tempting, but it is not the best idea for your email marketing campaign’s health. Therefore, it is important that you review your email list, analyze your subscribers’ behavior with an AI email marketing tool, and segment your audience strategically to improve the open rate.

Testing and Iterating with AI Tools

Even after leveraging the best AI email marketing tool for your campaign, if you cannot improve your open rate or sales, there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. The problem may be that you are not emailing the right audience or the content of your email is very weak.

This is why testing and iterating with AI tools is important. It is important to test out different versions of the same email with a few tweaks and use the analytics feature of your tool to understand which one works best for you.

A/B testing and multivariate testing are common tactics used by marketers to improve their content and understand how they can write copies that sell.


AI for email marketing can truly broaden your reach and automate your email marketing process, no matter the size of the business or the niche. AI helps with the initial content ideation to creation and automates the entire process, which helps reduce your burden. However, just like with any tool, close human supervision is necessary if you want to succeed in your campaign. Remember, AI in email marketing is just a tool, and the decision on how you want to move forward with your email marketing campaign is up to you.

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