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Best Local Rank Tracking Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of online visibility, understanding your website’s keyword ranking is paramount. Discover the essence of rank tracking, its pivotal role in SEO success, and the essential features to consider in a tracking tool. Propel your website to new heights with these 7 best local rank tracking tools. Let’s dive in!
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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

January 26, 2023


The famous saying goes- “If you can’t assess it, you simply can not manage it”. A wide range of quantifiable factors is available today with search engine optimization. Two of the most fundamental are goal keyword rank and website traffic from organic search. However, before moving on to the specifics it is important to understand the basics like what is rank tracking and what features should one look for in a rank tracking tool.

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What is Rank Tracking?

Checking a website’s ranking for particular keywords on search engine result pages is known as rank tracking (SERPs). The following categories of keywords are among them:

  • Search terms that are utilized on the website.
  • Inevitably, you don’t optimize for a lot of other terms.
  • keywords that your rival is ranked for.

The follow-up question you might have is whether or not rank tracking is important. The solution to this query is as straightforward. Rank tracking is a crucial step in the SEO workflow. It informs you of the website’s competitive position in the market. Additionally, keyword rankings continue to be one of the most crucial KPIs in Search. Tracking and assessing the organic positioning of keywords over time is what rank tracking entails. It is based on past and present rankings so you can assess the growth and its effect on organic search traffic. You shouldn’t, however, concentrate only on the positions. You won’t be able to appreciate how the development of the keyword placements affects the website’s total potential for organic traffic if you are hooked on rank tracking. The following variables affect the keyword rankings:

  • Customized outcomes
  • Place/IP address
  • The apparatus
  • Synchronization of Google’s data centers
  • Time
  • Setup for searches
  • Other components

Recent studies show that the top five organic search results on Google SERPs receive 67.6% of all clicks (search engine results pages). You can see why it’s important for you to achieve good ranks for the crucial keywords in your sector if your company depends on organic traffic and search engine rankings to bring in leads and sales. To alter your SEO optimization efforts appropriately, you must also determine what is and is not working. For that, you need a trustworthy and accurate tool to track your website’s page ranks for various target keywords.

Today, new rank tracking systems are constantly being developed. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive study before selecting a local rank tracking tool. Some rank tracking solutions will merely track rankings, while others that are more pricey will do a lot more and may even take the place of some of your other Search engine optimization services.

Some tools may include APIs that allow you to link the data with tools with your personalized tools

Some solutions may be international or targeted at a particular country where rank tracking on other search engines is necessary, Consider all of this during your rank tracking tool selection process

When selecting the top rank tracking system, it is important to take into account the following factors:

  • The number of times per week or day that keyword rankings are updated.
  • The total number of search terms a particular program may keep track of.
  • The variety of web pages, search engines, and tracking tools you can use.
  • If the rank monitoring tool has the necessary functionality for data organization.
  • The kinds of SEO metrics you can produce to communicate ranking improvement.
  • The kinds of SEO metrics you can produce to communicate ranking improvement.
  • Software preference such as a desktop version, an internet browser extension, or a Cloud application.
  • If the program is an exclusive rank tracking tool or a more all-encompassing SEO program
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7 Best Local Rank Tracker Tools

1. RankWatch

RankWatch is an all-in-one digital marketing tool with SEO monitoring as one of its major aspects. It helps you get real-time insights on your local and international ranking, data on competitors, recent referring websites, and much more. With this tool, you can easily discover the pain points in your competitors’ strategies and incorporate the solutions into your project.

Some of its main features include:

  • Overall SEO Monitoring: RankWatch’s patented SEO IQ scores your website based on several on-page SEO factors. It also helps you understand the on-page factors that your website is currently lacking and suggestions to improve them.
  • Detailed Link Analysis: With their Link Center, you can easily analyze your website’s link profile and dissect it based on domain authority, TLDs, and countries from which the links are coming.
  • Unlimited Competitor Analysis: This tool gives you an entire table of competitors, their ranking pages, keywords, and changes in position that you can further export for future analysis.
  • In-depth Rank Tracking: With their rank tracking feature, you can conduct ranking analysis of your pages based on keywords, timeline, SOV, tags, and SERP snippets and even compare them with your competitors.
  • Overcoming Limitations of Google Console:The RankWatch Console is much more powerful than Google Console. It has one-click integration, GA4 features, and no search query limitations like that of GSC.
  • Discovering Relevant Keywords: The keyword research feature of RankWatch is an AI-based tool that provides tons of relevant keywords, their CPC, and difficulty. You will also get top keyword-based question terms that you can use as headings or FAQs.

Pricing: Coming to the pricing, RankWatch comes up with some amazing affordable plans, the lowest being $29 per month, that cover all basic features like daily rank refresh, local rank tracking, daily reports, backlink monitoring, white label reporting, multiple logins, and more. They also provide customizable plans that you can avail of if the current plans do not cover all your requirements.

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an affordable all-in-one SEO software that includes a reliable rank visualization tool. SE Ranking is one of the most cost-effective bundles of SEO and rank tracking tools. Impressive possibilities for arranging and evaluating keyword positions are also provided by this rank tracker. The key features of this tool are:

  • Tracking keyword rankings: SE Ranking helps you monitor the search engine results on your desktop or mobile device. Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Google Maps are a few examples of such search engines.
  • Tracking competitor rankings: This tool also helps you check the keyword rankings and organic search result forecasts side-by-side with your competitors.
  • Organizing keywords: Excellent keyword filtering, tagging, and folder features are provided by SE Ranking.
  • Metrics for keywords: This tool also helps you to evaluate SEO effectiveness, identify distinctive SERP elements and search visibility KPIs.
  • Additionally, it helps to increase traffic and gain additional insight into keywords. Thus, for SE Ranking, integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Pricing: SE Ranking offers you a range of subscription plans. It gives you access to most tools for as low as $23.52/month. It also offers custom plans and a 14-day free trial option.

3. AccuRanker

Since Accuranker provides local ranking features, it is undoubtedly one of the best rank trackers for local search engine optimization operations. Accuranker is capable of tracking rivals, SERP characteristics, and a tonne of other helpful SEO tasks.

AccuRanker thus is a business rank tracking solution with cutting-edge features ideal for agencies, such as on-demand ranking updates. The key elements are as follows:

  • Rank Monitoring: Accuranker helps you track search terms throughout a wide range of search tools.
  • Quick Updates: Receive daily and requested rank updates for an unlimited number of guest users and domains.
  • Ranking Analysis: Monitor all featured components displayed on the SERPs to see the extent of the market you handle based on the position of your keyword.
  • Flexible Reporting: AccuRanker offers a variety of flexible reporting options, including interfaces with Google Metrics and Acrobat Analytics.
  • It also enables you to view the historical search volume of a keyword and pages that can be divided based on a variety of filters.

Pricing: As per the number of keywords to track, AccuRanker provides monthly and yearly rates. Annual plans are comparatively less expensive. AccuRanker Plan prices start at $109 per month.Large businesses or SEO companies who need quick rank tracking for analyzing numerous websites and several multitudes of keywords in a regional, nationwide, or global arena might use AccuRanker’s keyword rank tracking platform. Moreover, a 14-day free trial is also available.

4. Whitespark

One of the best internet marketing tools for tracking and localizing your Google and Bing ranking data is Whitespark. The local rank tracker tool allows you to keep an eye on various local formats, such as maps, snack pack advertisements, local references, and the local pack, and it provides insightful information on your specific local search performance around the web. Additionally, you may determine how users can find your website, whatever your rivals are doing well, and modify it to fit your company’s needs.

With the aid of Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder, you can accelerate the citing system and enhance that your company is listed where it should be. This application allows you to keep an eye on online mentions of your clients and discover new locations to list them. It’s a cheap tool that aids in improving local search rankings. Additionally, other key features of white spark include:

  • Whitespark helps you keep a close check on how your top competitors are doing for the same target keywords. It also enables you to conduct comparative studies to better understand your position.
  • With the help of the reputation builder, you may gather additional client feedback.
  • Another fantastic tool that can assist you in managing your reviews and identifying your strengths and areas for improvement is the Review Checker.

Pricing:  Depending on how many key terms you wish to track, Whitespark offers a variety of premium plans commencing at $25/month. A 14-day free trial is also guaranteed before you go in to purchase a premium plan.

5. Semrush

Semrush is an all-encompassing platform that offers services for SEO strategy, branding, publishing, and social media marketing rather than just being a local SEO tool. Semrush is essentially a beneficial solution that enables you to subcontract your entire marketing dept.

You may monitor your daily Google search engine rankings with SEO technology. Furthermore, you may conduct site audits, market research, comparative network evaluation, and white-label report generation. Some of the important features are:

  • Rank Monitoring: You can track Google or Baidu search queries using the placement tracking tool, and all plans come with daily updates.
  • Tracking local rankings: Monitor keywords across various platforms, translations, and/or locations. Additionally, you can view the local pack of search results for your company.
  • Tracking competitor rankings: Find the most popular websites using the terms you want to target. Rank yourself against these opponents.
  • Compare the changes in position for rival websites: This can aid in your comprehension of the ranking environment and the discovery of fresh targeting possibilities.
  • Metrics for keywords: With the rank tracking tool, it’s simple to see crucial keyword information at a glance. It helps you view search location, algorithm updates, local search performance, and SERP features like snippets and videos.
  • All the options you may need to label, categorize, and refine keyword ranks are available in Semrush. Additionally, reports for tracking SEO rank can be created and scheduled.

Semrush is a well-known, comprehensive marketing platform that can handle everything you pitch at it. Although it costs a little more, it’s a wonderful alternative for big businesses and corporations.

Semrush offers three major programs and opportunities to save close to 17% on an annual basis. These plans are- The pro package is $119.95 per month, the Business plan at $449.95/month, and the Guru plan at $229.95/month.

6. BrightLocal

BrightLocal has been around for a while, much like WhiteSpark, and it has been utilized a lot over the years. BrightLocal’s slogan, “Local Marketing Made Simple,” defines it as a user-friendly management system that enables businesses to serve clientele more effectively, even if they aren’t SEO specialists.

BrightLocal provides a citation-building service in addition to software tools for managing and keeping track of GMB profiles. In essence, they offer three different services: citation generating solutions, aggregated contributions, and SEO Services techniques. Brightlocal may be the ideal platform for you if you need to improve local search engine optimization, online exposure, build referrals, or promote your online reputation.

  • A dependable source for local rank tracking: It is not difficult to determine exactly where your local business stands online. BrightLocal helps you Provide accurate real-time searching, mapping, genuine, and smart results to cover all the bases.
  • Make wiser decisions more quickly: It enables you to spot opportunities to gain more local web traffic, and seize them. It also enables you to get the information you require to rank the important keywords and support the appropriate improvements.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: Because local search engine is so crowded, it is important to thoroughly understand your rivals. BrightLocal helps you examine your ranking performance to determine where you can pass them and gain the upper hand.

Pricing: BrightLocal provides four different package options that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of various business profiles, and thus has earned the trust of numerous companies all around the world. It enables you to pick from solutions for agencies, enterprises, multi-location businesses, and small businesses, for instance. A single Business package is best suited for small businesses and companies managing up to three locations, at $29 per month and the SEO Pro packages are a full plan for organizations and firms managing up to 100 locations, at $79 per month.

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7. Nightwatch

The ability to track keywords down to specific zip codes across the main search engines is provided by Nightwatch, which specializes in delivering accurate daily rank tracking. Depending on the package, the Search – engine-related capabilities of the keyword rank tracking software also include periodic leaderboard statistics, white-label findings, technical site inspections, and connections for Search Engines and Webmaster Tools. This is a strong competitor for the finest rank tracker tool for companies who need localized rankings as they have the most precise local knowledge. However, the advantages go further than that.

Nightwatch allows you to see all of the “abandoned content”, as well as the possibilities that are best for you to take advantage of. For instance, they advise you to move into a market if a rival is becoming less strong there. The results are also segmented, making it simple to analyze your strengths and flaws. Some of the key features are listed below:

  • The ability to track daily rankings on MSN & other Search engine engines like Twitter, Google Street View, and Yahoo is a unique feature that Nightwatch offers that few rank trackers don’t.
  • With pinpoint accuracy, Nightwatch allows you to track keyword locations by nation, town, or postcode to understand location-specific and local scoring variations.
  • The tool also comes with the option to view several parameters, such as Mapping and SERP rankings, and configure various algorithms. It automates the entire process for you and identifies emerging trends in your niche market as well as the social habits of your clientele.
  • The ability to track keywords across up to 50 different websites with Nightwatch also makes it possible for you to easily keep tabs on various rival firms. Furthermore, you can create unique keyword segments and assess them in a convenient structured way.

Pricing: Nightwatch offers three different plans. There are discounts available of up to 20% for annual billing. The subscription plans include starter at $39/month, optimizer at $99/month, and agency at $369/month plans

For customers who purchase in massive amounts, Nightwatch also provides tailored Corporate packages.

For pricing, Nightwatch is an effective keyword ranking analysis tool for keeping track of search query ranks across multiple locations, search engines, and/or locations. One of the most comprehensive rank monitoring plans is the Starter package, which allows you to monitor 50 sites and 500 daily terms on Search, Google, and Yahoo.


Tracking keyword rankings and their effects on organic search results is the main objective of rank tracking.
There are many different ranking tools available, and there is a vast range in both functionality and pricing, as can be seen after looking at some of the competitors for the best rank tracker tool in this article. The aforementioned high-quality options for accurately tracking keyword positions on the main search engines at scale are the best rank-tracking tools for SEO. As a website owner, you now have a boatload of excellent options to consider in practice. Further, it implies that nearly anyone may compete fairly in the large SEM and SEO domains.

JAN 26, 2023


Rank-tracking tools are software or online platforms that help track a website's visibility, performance, and position in SERPs.

Crucial features:

  • Keyword tracking: Help monitor the position of your website or any other page for a targeted keyword
  • Competitor analysis: Help in competitor analysis and compare their ranking to specific keywords
  • Track search volume and difficulty of a keyword: Provides information about how many people are searching for a specific keyword and how difficult it is to rank it in SERPs.
  • Performance metrics: Show KPIs such as organic traffic, click-through rates, ranking history, and conversion data.

You can use a rank-tracker tool to check your website’s ranking in Google. These tools are specifically designed to track the ranking of your website or any other website on Google. You can start tracking with these simple steps:

Step 1: Provide the website URL you want to track in the given space (you can easily navigate it in the tracking tool).

Step 2: Choose Google as the search engine

Step 3: Enter the targeted keywords and start tracking

  1. Keyword ranking: Track the position of your targeted  keyword in SERPs
  2. Organic traffic: High organic traffic indicates SEO efforts are attracting visitors
  3. Customer lifetime value: CLV is the earnings each customer brings to the business
  4. Click-through rates: High CTR means your meta description and title captured readers' attention.
  5. Conversion rate: Measures the rate of organic visitors who complete desired actions
  6. Bounce rate: Tracks the number of visitors navigating away from your page after viewing one page

Backlinks and referring domains: High-quality backlinks help improve your site’s authority and search engine ranking

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