10 Best SEO Chrome Extensions to Master SEO

Search engine optimization has become a crucial part of every business’ growth strategy. However, opening an SEO tool can be tiring, especially if you are in a hurry and are looking for a quick fix or solution. This is where SEO Chrome extensions can be a time savior. These extensions can magnify the quality of your browsing experience, and they can effortlessly present crucial data in front of you within a click’s time.

These extensions are so advanced that they can, in fact, generate reports for a particular selected web page, highlighting the best part about the page, areas for improvements, and pages that have serious and alarming SEO concerns. Such SEO extensions also ensure that you have handy data whenever you are visiting a new website for the first time for research and analysis purposes.

The Chrome extensions can double as digital assistants that have been programmed to bring to your notice SEO errors that we otherwise end up missing with our naked eyes.

So, if you are ready to leverage the power of Chrome SEO extensions, this blog is your getaway. These 10 SEO Chrome extensions are going to be your treasure trove to gain more SEO visibility, organic traffic, and real-time, accurate data analysis.

SEO Chrome Extensions: What Are They?

Google Chrome extensions are integrated software anyone can install on their Chrome browser to enjoy a more useful and time-efficient browsing experience. These integrated software options offer the convenience of customization to ensure you are able to extract and view data no matter which website you are on.

These tools are capable of displaying metadata, errors the page could be having, and any potentially vulnerable spots within the page. These extensions are easy to access, and most of them start working with just one click.

Additionally, these tools are light and will not slow your browsing speed and experience. Here are the ten best SEO Chrome extensions you need to try to accelerate your growth potential.


The MozBar is popular for its ability to show real-time and accurate SEO data with just one click. It is popular among people who have a knack for conducting all-around research when it comes to competitor analysis. The extension is capable of showing all necessary and important metadata along with other important metrics.

The extension also allows users to download the data into CSV files and Excel format. Such features make it possible for experts to have data accessible whenever they are working on a strategy or report. Another benefit of this extension is that it is able to clearly provide relevant and necessary data without having to examine the report for what you are searching for.

MozBar shows important key metrics for pages and the domains one is searching for. The Chrome extension shows domain authority and page authority along with the number of backlinks the site you are searching has. The number of page optimization reports you can run is truly endless.


  • MozBar has a free SEO Chrome extension version with limited features.
  • MozBar Premium comes with a 30-day trial period
  • Paid plans from $99/month


The dashboard-type look and feel of this SEO Chrome extension makes it incredibly easy to use and navigate through. The tool can highlight domain performance and individual page performance. Its SEO toolkit features enable a clear understanding of on-page SEO parameters, including external links, the nature of broken links, and other key SEO metrics.

The tool also offers on-page SEO suggestions that can be implemented into your SEO strategy to target keywords with higher search volume.

The tool can seamlessly display sitewide SEO elements that should be improved or added.

These can include keyword density, links, and other technical aspects, including XL sitemaps or Robots.txt files. The SERP overlay features highlight everything more that could be done to improve the ranking of the web pages.

The SEOquake tool is versatile and can be integrated with other SEO tools for a more insightful outlook & analysis of websites.

Another notable feature of the tool is that it can help with link-building and backlinking strategies aside from SEO meta assistance.


  • It is a free tool for SEO analysis. However, the free version has its own limitations.

SERPstat Website SEO Checker

The tool takes pride in being easy to use and capable of handling searches you could be making to supplement your SEO efforts. These Chrome extensions for SEO can give insights about the website in just a few clicks.

The SERPstat website SEO checker can assist with Thorough page optimization analysis and constructive evaluation of meta tags, site markup, and age.

The tool can also help with checking structured data, finding errors on the website, and the site’s speed.

Furthermore, the tool can also be used to track traffic, analyze backlinks and keywords, and the website’s visibility.

This free SEO Chrome extension gets updated on a regular, frequent basis to ensure you are getting the latest benefits out of using it.

With this tool, you can effortlessly conduct a thorough SEO site analysis without getting out of the browser you are using.

It is super convenient for those who are looking for one-stop solutions from Google Chrome extensions.

The tool also promises to find internal and external links from your competitors, conduct page optimization, track traffic, increase your website’s visibility, and make strategic keyword changes to your SEO strategy.


  • Unlike other Chrome extensions for SEO, SERPstat is not a free tool. However, their pricing is highly reasonable compared to the range of services available.
  • Individual plan is $59/month when billed monthly and $50/month when billed annually.
  • The team plan is $119/month when billed monthly and $100/month when billed annually.
  • The agency plan is $479/month when billed monthly and $410/month when billed annually.
  • If you are looking for a combination of features and more space for data analysis, you can get in touch with the SERPstat team to get a customized package for your organization.

Keywords Everywhere

The tool is useful for people who are looking to minimize time researching keyword ideas and come up with SEO strategies that can help you overtake your competitors.

Keywords Everywhere has a plethora of product features, including ChatGPT prompt templates, an Instagram hashtag generator (with no volume data availability), and Pinterest insights and trend widgets (with no volume data availability).

The tool can also help in identifying keyword difficulty, allowing strategists to create plans to improve website ranking on search engines.

Aside from that, the SEO Chrome extension’s ability also extends to showing monthly search volume, cost per click, and Google Adwords competition.

This makes it possible for you to get the best of Google Keywords without having to shift between tabs on your browser.

If you are looking to make your website rank higher on search engines, this SEO extension can offer valuable data you can use in your favor.

The tool brings all the keyword data you are looking for right in front of you, where you are.


  • Keywords Everywhere has a credit system where 1 Credit = 1 Keyword. These credits expire after one year.
  • Bronze plan is charged at $1.25 and $15 when billed annually and has 100,000 credits/year
  • Silver plan is charged at $5 and $60 when billed annually and has 400,000 credits/year
  • Gold plan is charged at $20 and $240when billed annually and has 2 million credits/year
  • Platinum plan is charged at $80 and $960 when billed annually and has 8 million credits/year
  • All their plans are billed annually and not monthly. Users have the flexibility to cancel their subscription anytime.

Meta SEO Inspector

Amongst incredibly powerful, user-friendly, and easy-to-use free Chrome extensions for SEO, Meta SEO Inspector is a must-have tool if you are looking to gain deeper and useful insights about a web page.

Adding this tool to your list of free Google Chrome extensions will keep you ahead of the competition in many ways, from highlighting the meta tags (including meta title & meta description) to a comprehensive analysis of metadata.

The tool can also help in navigating through errors in JavaScript redirects and the scope for improvements in on-page SEO.

This tool assists in identifying where your SEO efforts are going wrong and what your competition is doing to become more visible in search results.

Additionally, the Meta SEO Inspector is a lightweight Chrome extension that loads faster and gives users the flexibility to download SEO reports in Excel or CSV file formats.

These data can be combined with Google Analytics as well as with your keyword research to boost search engine rankings of websites.

Furthermore, the tool can help in identifying crucial errors and opportunities in website structured data. It is a versatile tool that anyone with knowledge of SEO can use.

The tool highlights issues with canonical tags to prevent penalties or websites from dropping from search engine rankings due to cannibalization of content.


  • It is among the renowned free Google Chrome extensions known for offering free services without any hidden charges, terms, or conditions. You can download it straight from the Chrome web store.

Rank Up Content

The tool makes the tall claim of making Google understand your content better and boost your search engine rankings, and its features very well justify those claims.

Rank Up Content is a user-friendly tool that helps in conducting keyword research and identifying Google SERP rankings of your competitors better.

The tool also offers a content analysis view, taking Keyword competitiveness score, word count, and consolidated Google SERP ranking into account.

Its content competitiveness analysis feature enables analysis of minute details, including page word count.

The tool supports multiple language features that make it possible to search keywords in different languages.


  • It is among one of the best free Chrome extensions for SEO purposes.
  • The paid plan starts at $10 when billed monthly and $97 when billed yearly.


If you are constantly on the lookout for metrics and where traffic is potentially coming from, then this SEO extension is what you need. SimilarWeb offers a wide range of services through its sleek and smooth extension.

Moreover, the SEO Chrome extension’s features also allow users to identify upcoming trends so that they are able to make necessary changes before the wind changes its direction. The tool offers a transparent user experience, which is vital in today’s world.

Through this SEO Chrome extension, you can keep an eye on web traffic, constantly changing keyword search volume and page performance, and conduct effective keyword optimization.

What makes it shine so distinctively is the presence of business management and optimization tools that keep everyone working on projects under one roof.

It is a versatile tool that can help from making your website rank on Google search results to audience research, generating leads, and even how you can find new customers.

It is a 360° Google Chrome extension that helps with keyword research, finding and improving on-page SEO data, and complete page analysis alongside providing assistance with marketing.

This tool is truly beyond an SEO extension in many ways. It is ideal for businesses that are looking for one one-stop solution for all their SEO, marketing, and analysis needs.

The tool can effectively help with the link-building strategies that can be implemented for a website’s improved rankings.


  • Starter plan starts at $125 per user/month when billed yearly, or $149 month-to-month
  • Professional plan starts at $333 per user/month when billed yearly, or $399 month-to-month
  • Team and Enterprise pricing is based on the range of services you are opting for.
  • There are add-ons available as well, ranging from App Intelligence, Search Intelligence, and Market Intelligence.


Also popularly known as “SEO Analysis and Website Review by WooRank,” it is a versatile SEO extension that helps in the complete and accurate audit of on-page and off-page SEO data for a website.

Its color-coded representation of what’s good, what can be improved, and where the error is makes the tool highly efficient to use.

The extension tool is capable of conducting on-page data analysis, including title tags, backlinks, broken links, meta descriptions, and keywords, alongside other key SEO metrics and how these are impacting the domain authority.

The tool can also assist with structured data analysis that can be used to analyze open graph protocol and identify critical SEO data points and schema.

Aside from this, the tool also gauges if your website is mobile-friendly (a crucial factor these days for a website to rank higher on search engines). It is a no-fuss, simple-to-use tool.


  • The tool has a free 3-day trial period.
  • The pro plan is charged at US$89.99/month and comes with limitations on features and the number of projects you can work on.
  • The premium plan is charged at US$199.99/month and comes with limitations on features and the number of projects you can work on.
  • The Enterprise plan is customized based on the number of projects you are working on and the range of services you are availing.

SEO Pro Extension

A highly practical Chrome extension that makes it easier to analyze SEO data points with more efficiency.

These points range from on-page SEO data, images, backlinks, HTTP status codes (including HTTP headers), external and internal links involved, related keywords, meta keywords, and more.

The extension flags any on-page SEO factors that need improvements. The tool also helps with the analysis of technical components of a website, including schema and redirect path that is being followed throughout the website.

The external export feature of the tool allows users to collect and maintain a data inventory, which is particularly helpful for internal and external link-building strategies.

It is a versatile SEO Chrome extension that can be paired with tools like Google Analytics or other Google Webmaster tools to get real-time insights into changing market trends and corresponding shifts in keyword research tool trends.

These insights can help a website rank higher for a relevant Google search. The overview tab highlights URL meta robots and Google core web vitals, whereas the headings tab highlights information regarding <h> tags present on a page.

These factors are crucial for structure and help the crawler to read the page better.

The status tab shows status codes for web pages, with commonly identified errors being 200 errors (OK), 404 errors (not found error), and 502 errors (bad gateway).

The image tab categorizes pages into two categories, one with alt texts and the other that lists images that do not have an alt text.

Noting down and highlighting these elements ensures you are making worthy changes to your website to meet search engine queries more efficiently and rank higher on search engine result pages.


  • It is a free SEO extension for Chrome users.

Keyword Surfer

A gem of an SEO Chrome extension, with Keyword Surfer, you can dig up insightful data points and find related keyword ideas and visibility metrics that can really do the trick for your growth. Moreover, all the vital information is available to you with just one keyword search.

This tool’s search results are phenomenal, and you can rest assured that you will be able to include these in your SEO strategy.

When you click for search results using a keyword on the tool, the extension surfers through the website to find a list of keyword ideas that are related to your query.

It can also highlight monthly organic search volume for the term you are searching with and other related terms that can be beneficial for your SEO efforts.

The SEO Chrome extension also shows estimated traffic for each keyword searched aside from displaying the total word count for the industry’s top-ranking pages. The tool is excellent for competitor research. All the data can be exported in a CSV file for later review and use.


  • Essential plan that comes at $69 USD per month, billed annually
  • Advanced plan that comes at $149 USD per month, billed annually
  • Max plan that comes at $249 USD per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise plan that is customized based on your company’s needs.

Benefits of Using A Chrome Extension For SEO?

SEO chrome extensions can be incredibly helpful in saving time and efforts a business directs towards improving its online visibility, effective SEO search simulator purposes, overcoming keyword ranking difficulty scores, and optimizing the page to meet search intent.

However, there is more that SEO Chrome extensions can do. Here are some benefits of using an extension for SEO:

  • SEO extensions can help in identifying areas where your content or SEO practices are falling short when compared with your competitors. This presents an opportunity to take the necessary steps to improve your existing SEO and content strategy.
  • These extensions help enhance the quality of experience a user has on your website through improved keyword research and content analysis.
  • These extensions are designed to be sleek and highly functional. These tools can be used as free backlink checkers, for a number of redirect paths in the backend, and if your keyword information is on the spot.
  • These SEO Chrome extensions reduce the need to constantly switch between tabs, making the initial and post-launch analysis easier, time-efficient, and effective.


The best SEO Chrome extensions aim at making the process of analyzing what your competitor is doing differently to rank higher, attract more traffic, and generate better leads.

These tools are designed to assess a website on a plethora of parameters to ensure that you are getting accurate, to-the-point, and high-quality reports.

The data from these reports can be used to improve or optimize your existing strategies. Whether you opt for an SEO minion Chrome extension or Meta SEO inspector, the choice is truly yours.

Remember that these SEO extensions can significantly upgrade your everyday SEO practices by making insightful and actionable data more accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Chrome extension is best for SEO?

From the top 10 SEO Chrome extensions we have discussed, each Chrome extension serves a wide range of features that you can use to get the best SEO value from the website you are checking. Depending on the extent of parameters you are checking for and the nature of SEO analysis and data you require, you can choose an extension that works best for you.

What is the Chrome extension for spam score checker?

MozBar is an excellent Chrome extension that can be used as a spam score checker.

What is the ranking extension for Google Chrome?

Meta SEO Inspector is popular for its ranking extension for Google Chrome features. Alternatively, you can sign up for the Google Rank Checker tool. These two can help you understand where your website stands against your competitors and the strategic steps you can take to increase your online rankings.