Copysmith Review

Copysmith Review
Copysmith AI: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

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Copysmith AI: Is It Worth Your Time and Money?

Yes and No.

The most time-consuming aspect of SEO is writing articles. Besides time, it requires a lot of thinking as well as a creative flair for writing something meaningful and engaging for readers.

If you are a digital marketer with three or four clients, generating content for them is not a big deal. But when this number goes beyond 20, you will need a few more hands (and minds) to help you meet the content requirement.

Hiring a team of writers means more management hassles for you. If you are lucky, you may find writers that do not require constant mentoring and editing. But that also means you are paying a bigger buck to have such writers on board.

Given the subjective nature of this craft, managing content can be challenging as well.

And that is why most digital marketers tend to explore AI tools in the hope of saving time and cost.

Before you read about my experience with CopySmith, I’d like to reiterate that tools are created to make your job easier and not take over altogether.

So, let me give you a first-hand experience of how this tool works.


unnamed 11

The dashboard is pretty clean and presents various possibilities for your content generation plan.

Content Rewriter

and Blogs are among the main highlights.

Overall, the interface is user-friendly and intuitive, and for the most part, you do not need an instruction manual.

Getting started is also easy. All you have to do is create an account using your email ID. It also saves your project’s progress so that you can pick up from where you left off.

So, I quickly started off with Content Rewriter, and here’s how it works.

Content Rewriter

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I entered an original paragraph and was presented with a couple of rephrased suggestions. I like these two better than the rest. The thing is if you don’t have an original idea and want to rephrase what’s already written so that your content is not plagiarised, then this format of content generation is your best bet.

It allows the maximum character limit of 400, which means you can get an entire paragraph rewritten in one go. On top of that, Copysmith presents some additional key points that might add value to your content, depending on whether or not you want to go in that direction. 

Copysmith recommends keeping the paragraph between 200 and 390 characters for best results.

Content Creation

Now, if you want to create content from scratch, you will need to give this tool a specific direction.

In order to get started, the tool requires:

  •  A title
  •  An introduction and,
  •  The first sentence for subsequent paragraphs.

unnamed 14

Once you fill in these entries, then you wait for the magic – it’s a nice touch though.

unnamed 12

And here’s how the final article looks like.

AI Turbocharged Article

It is highly likely for the algorithm to digress and offer irrelevant suggestions. You might want to edit these out manually before you hit ‘publish’.

Out of these two formats, I find Content Rewriter better because it stays the course and gives you more control over what you want to write.

But I shouldn’t be too quick to judge. So I decided to recreate an article using Content Rewriter, one paragraph at a time, to see how it turns out.

For this experiment, I picked up a random article from Forbes. 

Here’s the rephrased, unedited version of the same article generated by Copysmith.

 Forbes Article

Did this go well? You can compare the rephrased article with the original one to see for yourself.

Should I recommend this tool?

Yes and No.

Yes: if you are writing for search engines and need to churn out articles just to get backlinks.

No: if you are writing for readers and want to build authority in a specific niche.


Copysmith and Copy Ai are both AI-powered content generation tools with different features and capabilities.

Both use different NLP models and algorithms to generate content. Both generate a variety of content, but one might excel in one area than the other based on your requirements. Additionally, both have different user interfaces, which lead to different user experiences. Also, both tools have different pricing structures and tools.

Therefore, a thorough comparison is essential to understand the differences.

The answer to the question “Is Copysmith better than Copy Ai?” depends on your needs and goals. Copy Ai is most suitable for solo entrepreneurs, while big marketing teams can use Copysmith. Both tools create valuable content but have different user interfaces and pricing structures. Hence, you must first thoroughly analyze your goals and what type of content you want to generate while determining which one to use.