Landing Page Conversion Strategies To Help Companies Hit A Home Run

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In this digital age where everyone and everything is constantly vying for attention and notice, it is very hard to get past the ignorance of the netizen and attract their attention. Having a website and posting ads isn’t enough. Frankly, it’s more of a waste of precious money unless you have to do it right.

Growing websites direct traffic to themselves all right, but they often do it wrong. The elusive and ethereal bird of the landing page ever seems to be too hard to catch.

Landing Page Conversion Strategies

There’s a long list of things that can go wrong in life. Here’s a bunch of tried and tested stratagems to keep your landing page off of that list.

1. Minimalism

We love WeTransfer‘s minimalistic page design. Instead of long overview text, the page directs users to what they need WeTransfer for- to send files! The idea is to show value to your users first before you drag them into your premium membership sales pitch.

WeTransfer Landing Page Minimalistic

Websites have adopted minimalism for their entire navigation. Keep the navigation simple and if you do need to include multiple navigation options, try the ubiquitous Hamburger button to keep a low profile.

The past 5 years have seen almost all major brands switch to this minimalistic design for their sites and even their logos. Microsoft, Nike, Amazon, Twitter, and a lot of others changed their themes.

Minimalistic designs are easy to remember, convey a sense of surety and solidity and with the use of simple colours and appealing graphics , you can attract attention to exactly the places you want.

2. Don’t Stuff Your Page With Multiple Ads

One of the most common mistakes that most websites make is by littering the pages with multiple offers and ads. Visitors wouldn’t know what to do or where to click first.

That’s exactly the emotion you have to not induce. Don’t let people feel lost and frustrated. Guide them and direct them to one key call to action.

According to a study, people are much more likely to consciously or unconsciously ignore ads. Even if they contain essential information. So remember to keep your landing page customised for one ad or call to action.

3. Personalisation

Keep tabs on where your traffic is coming from and add personalized offers and greetings for your segmented audience. It eases them into a sense of familiarity, establishing trust and surety.

You can make a ‘Start Here’ tab on your Homepage to give people a tether to hang on to if they are completely unfamiliar with your site. Or, include a short message about what your website is about, what it does and how. Introduce the people behind it or at least introduce a link to it on the landing page.

It might be a simple algorithm that calculates relative recommendations, but it surely adds a little personality to what they are viewing.

4. Create a Sense of Value and Call to Action

Take this page from Crikey, for instance –

Urgency_Landing Page Tips

It has a free highlighted offer, minimalistic style, solid & unobtrusive color scheme, and clever use of colors to direct your attention to the right details. It even has an arrow that tells you where to do what.

It does a perfect job of guiding you through what it is giving you with visuals that do not make you want to gouge your eyes out.

You could even include a timer on your landing page to highlight the duration of an offer, for instance. A sense of urgency does wonders to how we make decisions. That’s why all those offers on the big e-commerce sites look all the more attractive with the ‘OFFER VALID FOR ONLY 6 HOURS’.

Having a clear CTA (Call to action) on your landing page is very important. You have to be able to grab the attention of the visitor. If you’re a blogger, offer special tips, tricks and special article access to sign-ups.

If you have a product, provide special discounts or offers on them. If you have content, make it partly visible and enticing.

Use Q&A format in writing to generate interest but be sure to fulfil the curiosity that you incite, lest you frustrate the reader.

Let the customer be the decision-maker and driver of change and make yourself appear as the tool giver to ease the whole process for them.

5. Use Landing Page Videos To Drive Action

We, homo sapiens, process information much faster visually than aurally and textually. That’s the reason why videos have been on the rise and going stronger still since internet connections became faster.

Videos are much better at conveying information than text or audio because they require less attention and commitment.

Dropbox, a file-sharing platform, had immense success with an explainer video that they included. It boosted their beta account signups from 5000 to 75000 overnight.

RankWatch had similar success with its sign-ups increasing by 27% following the launch of their explainer video.

Crazy Egg’s explainer video also helped bag conversions by 64%.

crazyegg landing page video

If you have the resources, go ahead and invest in an explainer video. Heck, using them on your landing page can increase your conversion by up to 80%. Go ham.

6. Add Social Media Share Buttons

Social media platforms are already established platforms that offer insane exposure to pretty much everything you can think of. Every kind of niche has a space in social media.

With humongous platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, G+, Instagram and a bevy of others, cross-platform sharing directly from your landing page is a huge deal. It nets you popularity through shares and maybe even some organic conversions.

This is especially useful for sites driven by media content like articles, videos and such, but is not limited to them. Have your landing page feature minimalistic social media share options. They could be on the sides of the page or highlighted at the bottom depending on the length of the landing page you have made or are making. Including unobtrusive sharing icons like these on top or the sides of your pages is wondrous. Be sure to make it dynamically stay with whatever content is on the screen as the viewer scrolls.

If you have a product to be sold, you could include an after purchase sales sharing experience to your buyers, referral discounts, and even brand appreciation from your customer son social media to build credibility and trust in prospect visitors.

7. Make Your Sign Up Forms Smart & Appealing

It’s a must-have on a landing page. But you should sign up smartly. Create value in sign-ups by offering visitors benefits.

You have to make it seem like a trade. Offer the visitor something in return for their details and build your connections. A free report access, a goodie offer, maybe a discount.

Offers_Landing Page Popup

You could include a click-through page that details your product with offers or a free trial or a landing page that brings the visitor to the relevant content with a clear option for signing up, or it could be a limited benefit for a paid product/service.

A little incentive goes a long way in providing reliable visitors to your site. You could even offer them an unannounced treat after they sign up. Sure, it might not be as lucrative as declaring an offer beforehand, but it builds a stronger viewer base.


The internet is an ever-changing place of variables. You have to go with the hit and trial method with most things. Have multiple products? Tweak the prices. Multiple ad spaces? Switch positions. A media site? Change the content.

Test. Always test the content you publish. Tweak it slightly and compare the results. Sit back, observe and remove the clutter, retain the relevant, important content and test again. Ask a friend. Use the 5-second test.

Mix and match strategies as you like. Experiment with things you think might work, and then test again. It doesn’t always take a specialist to come up with something groundbreaking.

Got a question? Implemented any of these strategies yourself? Or did you use a completely new strategy that worked for your landing page? Leave a comment and let us know how it worked out for you.


You can create a high-converting landing page through:

  • Creating clear and compelling headlines: It should immediately communicate the value of your offer.
  • A solid call to action: Use clear CTA to tell visitors what you want them to do, such as “sign up,” “free trial,” or “subscribe now.”
  • Minimal design: Keep the design of your landing page clear and uncluttered to drive the visitor’s attention to the crucial elements.
  • Compelling copy and engaging visuals: High-quality, optimized visuals and persuasive and concise copy highlighting the benefits you offer will help generate high conversion rates.

You can improve conversion rates by:

  • Improving loading time: Faster loading pages result in a lower bounce rate and higher conversion.
  • Focus on CTA: Ensure that your CTA buttons are prominent and appealing and clearly state what actions you want the visitor to take.
  • Making landing pages interesting: Understanding your audience profoundly and tailoring an attractive yet easy landing page.
  • A/B testing: Run A/B testing and continuously test different versions of landing pages, emails, and ads to understand which version is increasing your conversions.

It is important to increase the conversion rate because it leads to higher ROI. Moreover, higher conversion rates allow you to maximize your resources and reduce customer acquisition costs. Additionally, it gives you a competitive edge and sets you apart from your competitors. You gain an advantage in your industry when you convert more visitors than your competitors. Also increased conversion rate also means improved marketing efficiency.

In-short conversion rate boosts short-term results and builds more efficient and sustainable businesses.