Shh. We Got You A Simple Trick To Conquer The Elusive SERPS

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Did you know that interlinking is one perfect way of showing love to your website?

It retains your website visitors for a longer time. It delivers link juice to all your important pages. And, it ensures a healthy site structure so search crawlers can easily flow through your site and bring it up in the SERPs.

Such a win-win, right?

Well, that’s why this Valentine’s we are talking about how you can smartly use interlinking to help your website soak in #SelfLove.

Theory Behind Internal Linking

The basic theory behind marketers showing love towards internal linking is because it strengthens the overall search-optimized value of a website.

Internal links offer clear paths for spiders (search engine crawlers), prolonged sessions for users and a tight-knit network of posts and pages that works to improve rankings and boost lead generation opportunities.

If you’re working on a critical campaign, you must know how internal linking can help in ranking challenging keyword phrases. It’s because internal links when planned smartly transfer link juice from your best pieces to the new ones.

Significance of Internal Linking

Backlinks indicate that other websites are voting for your content, giving search engines a reason to prioritise it in the SERPs. Internal links are nearly the same. Just that here your website is voting for itself and its content (such #SelfLove).

However, if you don’t move forward with a smart interlinking plan, search engines may not be able to consider your webpage worth being ranked in the SERPs. Ultimately, it’ll adversely affect your website’s search performance.

So, try and establish site architecture and spread link equity by adopting proper interlinking techniques. This will help you in:

  • Increasing the average session duration of visitors
  • Improving ranking for a particular keyword
  • Boosting the number of page visits per user
  • Effectively reducing the website’s bounce rate
  • Boosting lead generation rates
  • Improving Alexa rank and overall worth of your website

All-in-all, the idea is to partner with the search crawlers so they can access and crawl through your site and help it reach the search position that it deserves and desires.


Your website is the heart of your business. It pumps all the necessary details and information strategically to your visitors so, they can fall in love with your business.

But that can’t happen until your website loves itself. And that’s what this interlinking brief was about.

So, this Valentine’s fall in love with your website first and let others fall for it later.

Also, keeping up with the Valentine’s vibe, we asked some of our team members about their idea of self-love. Here are some fun answers that we received.