Use these content marketing funnel tips to convert prospects

Use these content marketing funnel tips to convert prospects 00000

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Content funnel tips consolidate your brand’s prestige and bring in more organic leads that convert.

Converting prospects into customers requires them to go through various stages, each stage represents a level in the marketing funnel. To push the prospect through this funnel, it is essential to understand what kind of content works at what stage and how you can optimise the content marketing for these stages.

Below are a handful of tips that if implemented strategically are bound to convert prospects in swarms.

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For creating brand awareness, explainer videos come in handy

A prospect wants to learn about your brand. Instead of making them read multiple lines of text, offer them an explainer video.

According to Animoto, 4x as many customers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. Explainer videos of 30-60 seconds are great for the introducing your prospect to your business.

Explainer videos boost conversion rates and lead to increased sales.

Take a look at this explainer video. CrazyEgg reported an increase of 64% in conversions and generated an additional $21,000 in monthly revenue.

Explainer videos work well at all the stages of the marketing funnel. The only difference is in the content. Introductory videos are good for TOFU while customer testimonial videos work great at the bottom of the funnel.

heatmap tool crazyegg


Explainer videos are extremely helpful in pushing the visitor through the funnel. Use them to engage your prospective buyer at each stage.


Give something useful for free to entice your prospects

One of the best ways to convert a prospect into a customer is to give them an offer they can’t refuse.

Whether it is a series of tutorials or case studies, provide them to your customers for free. The only gate between your prospect and the content should be their email address. Once they provide it, they should be able to access the content.

Entrepreneur On Fire is a classic example. By providing your email address, you get access to a list of useful stuff.

Free offer strategy


With informative content, you can engage the prospect and by getting their email address, you can push them further through the funnel by constantly engaging with them.


If you give your audience some useful content for free, you can increase customer engagement and convince your audience to buy the final product.

Add more levels to your marketing funnel

Sometimes, information overload can overwhelm your prospect. In such a scenario, it is better to add more levels to your marketing funnel.

This strategy helps when you are selling an expensive or complicated product/service.

Making the prospect sign up and then straight away asking them to make a $1300 purchase isn’t a very good idea. Divide their journey into smaller steps.

Give them a demo of your product, offer them an ebook, provide them with customer testimonials. If possible, split the purchase price at different levels.

By pushing your prospect slowly through the funnel, you can make their buying journey smoother.


Do not rush your prospect into making the purchase. Give your prospect plenty reasons so that they choose you. This way, they stay longer.


Use social media to turn your prospects into promoters

Through a carefully planned social media strategy, you can convert your prospects into promoters. If your content is engaging and useful, your prospects become advocates of your brand.

Consistency is the key here. Publish social posts at a decent frequency. Make yourself visible to your target audience. If they like what you share, they spread good word about you. And the result? Prospective audience turns into customers.


Build a good social media presence. Increase engagement through multi channel marketing.

Utilise the power of interactive content

81% of marketers believe that interactive content helps in grabbing the attention of the user.

Capitalize on the interactive content to increase shareability. A well designed CTA works well (make it visually appealing).

Create fun polls. These polls do not have to necessarily be linked with your product/service.

Another good way to engage users is through live webinars. Webinars allow a platform for user discussion. They also offer a space for users to submit their queries. EYStudios holds such webinars regularly.

EYLive ignite event



Interactive content adds a personal touch to your marketing campaign. With increased audience interaction, you can build better relations.

Invest efforts in the FAQ section of your website

Your FAQ section should be cleverly designed. Make sure to include FAQs for not only your customers but also your prospects. Answer queries that your prospects might have, before they buy your product.

This is where most of the brands fail. They fail to address the queries of a prospective buyer. All they take into account is the queries of their current customers.

Tell your audience how you are different from other brands. Tell them what pain points you are addressing with what’s you offer.


FAQs aren’t just meant for your existing audience. To show that you care, it is essential that you keep in mind the audience who is still in the process of making a decision about buying from you. Give them reasons.

Gripping landing page design

The landing page is the first visual encounter of prospects with your brand’s site. You need to make it visually appealing and intuitively navigable to turn even casual visitors to long term customers.

Your landing page plays a crucial role in attracting the audience to the first level of your marketing funnel.

A bad landing page design not only stops your prospects from becoming customers, it can make you lose your existing customers.

landing page design


It’s not just about ensuring a smooth take off, you have to focus on a well crafted landing. Make sure the landing pages delight your visitors.

Keyword monitoring brings in customers

You can monitor keywords that inspire users to trust a brand operative in your niche segment. Based on the feedbacks, deploy your laser targeted campaign.

This keyword information can be the turning point of your marketing strategy.


Use a keyword monitoring tool to save yourself from the hassle of manually collecting the keywords.

Trigger sales through word of mouth promotion

You can increase sales by getting referrals from satisfied clients.

Place customer testimonials on your website. Allow your existing customers to bring in more buyers.

This helps you earn the trust of your prospect since they get a glimpse of your actual brand image.


Though a traditional technique, customer testimonials and feedback can create a positive impression in the mind of a new prospect.


Your buyer’s journey goes through multiple stages. A prospect is first introduced to your brand after which he evaluates, considers other options and sees which works best for him after which he makes the final decision.

The above strategies ease this journey for your prospect. If you manage to successfully utilise these funnel tips, you can convert your visitor into your customer.


Top funnel marketing, or “ToFu marketing,” is the content strategy created at the beginning of the customer journey in the sales conversion funnel.

It is where your potential customers get familiar with your product and what you offer.

The top funnel of your content must include the following:

  • Blog posts that are informative and educational.
  • Engaging social media posts to increase brand visibility
  • Videos that are easy to understand
  • Ebooks for in-depth descriptions and interactive content such as quizzes, polls, and surveys.

To build an effective content marketing funnel, you must:

  1. Understand your audience: Thoroughly research your target audience’s needs, pain points, and preferences. This will help you create content that resonates with them.
  2. Create top funnel content: Develop engaging content relevant content to attract a broad audience. This is the first tier of potential consumer interaction with your brand and should be built strategically.
  3. Create middle funnel content: After your audience is well-informed about your brand, you must build your credibility in this marketing stage. To support your claims about your products, provide your audience with data, statistics, or testimonials.
  4. Creat bottom-funnel content: In this tier, you must aim to convert your audience into customers. Product pages with a CTA, pricing page, and pitch desk can be used in this tier.

A content marketing funnel enables marketers to visualize and use their content effectively, guiding them to their goals.

Content plays a very crucial role in the marketing funnel because:

  • It attracts attention: Top funnel content such as blogs, social media posts, and videos are designed to grab the attention of your potential customers.
  • Help educate your audience: Content provides valuable information that helps educate your audience about your brand.
  • Helps build trust and credibility: High-quality content builds trust and credibility of your brand, making you an industry leader.
  • Driving conversions: Content may include a clear CTA to guide visitors to take desired actions, such as signing up for a newsletter or purchasing.