Visual Content Marketing Statistics to Know in 2024

In recent times, information overload has become a part of life.

Click, swipe, scroll—and again, on repeat! For content makers, this has provided opportunities as well as challenges. It has led to a short attention span and lesser viewer engagement. But, it allows content creators to be more innovative and make use of visual content more effectively. This will draw more responses and enhance the blog’s quality, resourcefulness, and brand image.

In this blog, we explore visual content marketing statistics of 2023 that can enable content creators to drive traction and capitalize on future marketing prospects.

So, let us get started.

3 Types of Visual Content To Look Out For in 2023


Data is represented through the use of charts, graphs, or visual tools. It is useful as it depicts complicated data in a simpler form, which makes it easy for the reader to comprehend.

Around 40% (Venngage’s Annual Survey) of marketers use stock photos, 34% use original graphics, 14% use videos & presentations, and 8% use charts & data visualizations.

Images and Photos

Images and photos add to the brand’s visual appeal and enable the marketer to convey the brand’s essence to the target audience accurately.

Out of 200 marketers in Venngage’s Annual Survey, 40% felt those original graphics are the most impactful, 24% went for videos & presentations, 13% chose stock photos, and 9% for charts & data visualizations.

This implies that using a range of visual mediums helps attract a larger audience than confining to a few options. 


Videos are effective tools that help capture the attention of the audience. Other types of visual content, such as memes and gifs, are increasingly gaining popularity as they are catchy and easily shared.

Videos as a visual tool have performed well, with 82% of consumer internet traffic being driven by it. Why is it so appealing? This is because videos are stimulating and engage people’s imagination. 30% of internet users search videos of the product/services before going to the store to buy it.

Videos help marketers by growing their revenue 49% faster than those who do not employ this tool. This shows the impact videos can have as a visual tool.

General Statistics Related to Visual Content Marketing

1. Use of images, graphics, videos, and multimedia content is considered important by 49% of marketers. 13% of marketers consider it as the essential element of the marketing strategy.

As more internet users interact with visual content, marketers realize the need to create images, graphics, videos, and other multimedia content.

2. Another interesting fact is that 26.2% of marketers are planning to spend 21% to 30% of their budget on visual creation.

Visual content has grown rapidly over the past decade. From Tik-Tok videos to Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, everything contributes to the visual content marketplace and has the potential to attract audiences.

3. Recent studies have shown that people remember visual content to the extent of 65% even after three days.

Meanwhile, written content is only retained up to 10% for the same duration. Hence, it becomes even more crucial to make use of visual content. 

4. Illustrations and graphics help increase viewers’ learning capacity by as much as 323%.

This is fruitful as it helps viewers learn a task or information they otherwise would have found hard to engage in or concentrate on. A right balance of words and infographics can effectively convey the central idea. 

5. According to a Hubspot survey, 46% of marketers believe photography is critical to their marketing strategies.

It can develop a connection to the viewers’ lives and convey the message effectively. 

6. It generates ten times more traction and viewership than a traditional video. 

Marketers can make use of other interactive platforms, such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live, to engage the audience. Twitch App was able to grow at the rate of 14.3% in 2020 compared to 2019. These platforms are replacing the other visual modes at a fast pace due to digital penetration and technological upgradation. 

7. 77% of marketers believe that interactive visual content can be used multiple times.

Interactive content such as videos, photos, or streams has the potential to engage the viewer for a long time. It is due to the fact that constant exposure to the same stimuli can promote familiarity and convince the viewers to use the app or website again. It also enables businesses to broaden their customer base.

8. According to a study, memes can help increase organic involvement by 5% to 60% on a post.

Everyone is familiar with memes, gifs, and emojis. We love to use it!  Now, who can deny that? It increases engagement by over ten times. Another interesting fact is that it can also lead to increased click-through rates by 6% from meme marketing efforts. 

9. 4% of marketers make use of memes and gifs as the most used form of visual content, according to the Venngage Survey.

An example of the same is Dominos, which started using pizza emoji. Young people are especially targeted using these means. 

10. From 2020 to 2026, data visualization is forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.69%.

There has been an increase in value by $5.17 billion. Businesses increasingly adopt data visualization due to the increase in big data and aiding in marketing strategy and decision-making processes. 

Top Visual Marketing Channels in 2023

After having read about the general visual content marketing statistics, let us take a look at the top marketing channels and relevant statistics related to the same:

1. 62% of marketers are creating visual content primarily for blogs and website landing pages.

This is followed by social media sites such as Facebook, which has 49%, and Instagram, which has 47% in the Venngage Survey. Some other less prominent uses are for print & branding materials (43%) and LinkedIn (42%). This is due to the fact that technology has changed the industry, and digitization has spread at a fast pace. 

2. 55% of travelers can recall the messages on a digital billboard with relative ease. 82% of travelers can recall the messages on a digital billboard ad even after a month.

Seen a digital billboard recently? Probably yes. That’s astonishing! They have been a successful model in promoting very high engagement. 

3. 72% of marketers feel that branded video content is becoming more effective and popular than magazine advertisements.

As more people are moving online, this is a good technique to target the audience. Global newspaper ad revenue has increasingly declined from $49.245 billion (2020) to $35.93 billion (2024). It is a clear indication of an upsurge in online branding and promotion. 

4. 27% of successful marketers have guidelines pertaining to the brand in place for emails.

Also, video improves email campaigns by 500%. It can be attributed to the increased click-through rate, which leads to an increased conversion rate. Videos are effective tools that will provide a maximum input-to-output ratio. 

5. YouTube (83%) and Facebook (67%) are the two popular platforms through which most of the video content is consumed by viewers.

Viewers watch around 1 billion hours of streamed video every day on YouTube. Embedding your video on YouTube and Facebook and linking it with other strategies work in an integrated manner and provide the best results.

6. As per Orbit Media Survey, 39% of the bloggers use 10+ visuals in their content. Only 16% of the bloggers did well with one image.

It clearly indicates the correlation between the number of images used and the blog’s success. This is instructive for all bloggers who want to increase traction through infographics and visual content. 

7. A Pew Research Center study has revealed that Instagram (72%), YouTube (85%), and Snapchat (69%) are the top-performing platforms among teenagers.

Demographics play an important role, especially when targeting a particular subset. Online engagement becomes crucial for younger audiences, whereas a combination of online and offline visual tools can be employed for middle to older populations. 

8. Around 500 million Instagram stories are uploaded every day, and 4 million businesses post ads are posted on stories regularly.

Instagram has become quite popular in recent years. The data shows that 58% of the people are more interested in the product after watching an Instagram story about it. As the younger generation uses Instagram and Snapchat, it is an effective strategy to utilize these platforms. 

9. Influencer Market has reached a record level of $13.8 billion in 2021. Instagram (68%) is the top channel for influencer marketing. TikTok is second with 45%, while Facebook (43%) is a close third.

Influencers brand their own images to connect with specific demographics. Every day, a large number of potential customers get exposed to different products through influencer marketing.

10. Heard of Pinterest? 88% of Pinterest users have ended up buying at least one product they have pinned, and 49% have bought four or more from their pinned gallery.

Marketers can effectively leverage this platform as it is used by a large population to research, compare, and search different products. 

Emerging Trends in Visual Marketing

We have sufficiently discussed visual content marketing strategies in 2023, but to effectively use them, we need to look out for certain emerging trends in visual marketing to navigate through the journey smoothly. 

1. Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality has continuously grown from $30.7 billion in 2021 to $296.9 billion in 2024 (forecasted).

It has been a major marketing tool for several reasons. In 2021, businesses spent around $9.2 billion on Virtual Reality. This enables marketers to showcase their products and services in an immersive environment. 

2. Virtual reality has better ad performance at 12.5% install rates. Mobile has install rates of 0.5% and desktop at 0.2%.

Virtual reality provides better conversion rates as viewers can engage fully. VR provides customers with novel experiences, as 53% of the users choose brands that use VR more than those that don’t. 

3. According to Accenture, 47% of customers are ready to pay more if they can customize and personalize the product using immersive technologies.

This is definitely an advantage that no one wants to miss. Augmented reality will drive conversion rates, and customers will be much more likely to spend more.

4. 69% of the shoppers prefer to buy products through visual-oriented searches. This will enhance the retail experience of the customers and drive sales.

Using product images in the visual content optimizes the blog and improves traction. 

5. 73% of the videos on the internet are at most two minutes! This simply means that as more content is getting generated, the attention span gets shorter.

Marketing on YouTube Shorts provides a good example of using visual content in an effective way. It engages the audience through few-second clips and evokes strong emotional responses in them, paving the way for favorable responses. 

6. 19% of marketers believe that Instagram Live will be the most popular tool for visual content (2021).

The possibility cannot be refuted. Most famous personalities use Instagram Live to stay in touch with their fans and to promote products and services. Incorporating it into marketing strategy will only enhance the chances of success.

More to know

Artificial Intelligence can be adopted in visual marketing. It can help create personalized customer experiences or even generate visual content. Marketers can effectively leverage the potential of AI-driven analytics and tools. Through AI, tangible results can be seen in the marketing business. 

Wrapping Up

Visual Content Marketing has increasingly become highly competitive.

Marketers are continuously trying to upgrade and adopt better strategies to outdo others. Visual Content Marketing Statistics become relevant in this context as it provides a deep understanding of the inner workings of the field.

Visual Content is the knight in shining armor for any brand looking to enlarge its customer base and boost engagement. Trying it will be a little, but it will help reap high rewards.