White Label PPC: The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Your PPC Management

PPC, over the years, has grown as a go-to cabinet medicine for businesses that are looking to attract their target audience more effectively and multiply their revenue.

However, not every digital marketing agency can equip their clients with the confidence of seasoned PPC management services. That is where white label PPC management services come into action.

Wondering how a white label service provider can make you a top choice for PPC management services? Here is everything you need to know and more!

But first…

What is White Label PPC?

White label is a recognised practice of hiring a third-party service provider and then selling their range of offered services as your brand. With PPC services being a massive and oftentimes primary source of driving revenue, it is common for digital marketing agencies to offer this service.

However, if you are looking to offer PPC management services, then working with a white label PPC agency will ensure you are able to offer a PPC range of services that are top-notch and draw desired results.

With a trustworthy and reputed white label PPC company, you can launch your own while label PPC services that are backed with expertise and dedication for success. They are the ones who get to the groundwork, yielding results while you get to retain your clients with higher success rates.

There are two types of white-label PPC:

B2B: When a PPC management agency offers its services to a digital marketing agency and lets them offer it as their own service.

B2C: Set of services that an agency resells as their own product to the end user.

Depending on the nature of the PPC services you are looking to offer, you can discuss your specific needs with the white label agency to identify which type of service provider works the best for you.

Why do Agencies use White Label PPC?

White label PPC opens the possibility of using expertise and experience to drive tangible results while the essence of your brand stays intact. Using white label PPC management services allows brands to personalise their packages, including branding, pricing and course of action.

It is a great way to include a new service altogether, allowing brands to avoid overhead costs while maintaining zero compromise on the quality of their services.

Here are more reasons why agencies are opting to use white label PPC:

Providing Expertise

When you are opting for white label PPC management, you are opting for services from experts who have been working with all formats of PPC for years. They come with the right knowledge, fluency and understanding of the target audience.

They are able to track where to place ads for higher visibility and clicks. Additionally, they are aware of how to judiciously use the PPC budget to get higher leads and generate ROI.

These experts can also identify where you are losing your ad spent dollars and can turn the spending in the direction of your favour.

Time Efficiency

When you hire PPC management services, you will have more time to refine and work on your customer acquisition process and run your business by expanding more. With experts handling PPC campaigns, it becomes easier to understand what is going on without having to get into the puddle.

Most white label PPC service providers are committed to transparency and will share weekly or monthly reports on the campaigns they have worked on. These reports highlight key aspects, including the advertisement campaign’s performance, the quality of leads being attracted and nurtured, where the traffic is coming from, brand visibility and the overall increase in ROI.

Cost Savings

Working with a white label PPC management agency helps reduce overhead costs associated with establishing your own PPC advertising department, training individuals and hiring experts.

When your brand partners with a white label PPC provider, they are signing up for a bundle of services made available at a convenient package. These packages are affordable and yield more results compared to the total investment.

Additionally, these agencies have their own accounts and memberships with top-notch service providers, and they will use these tools and subscriptions to help your clients soar higher and attract more ROI.


White label PPC management agencies have a team of dedicated, seasoned experts with years of experience running successful PPC campaigns. Not only do they know the A-B-Cs of PPC marketing, but they know the correct way to create and implement a growth-driven strategy.

Moreover, they always focus on the results, enabling them to optimise the campaigns for better results. This is vital for businesses that are looking to scale and become a household name through advertising campaigns.

PPC has exponential potential, and through white label marketing services, your brand can deliver this potential to businesses aiming to grow constantly.

White Label PPC Vs Hiring A Contractor

It is highly recommended to work with a white label PPC provider instead of hiring a contractor. While some might want to hire a contractor or a freelancer due to budget constraints, both of these options are primarily short-term solutions for your business needs and requirements.

On the other hand, when you work with a white label PPC services provider, you are working with a company that commits itself to ensure that the quality of services you receive is top-notch and aligns with what you aim to offer to your clients. Here are more factors to consider:


A contractor or a freelancer usually has their own schedule as they are working for their own purposes. They might not be available at all times, which can be a limitation when you are looking to schedule a meeting or want to discuss existing or upcoming PPC campaigns.

On the other hand, when you are working with a white label PPC marketing service provider, they have a schedule of their own, and they will always prioritise your requests and needs.

Additionally, contractors and freelancers have limitations when it comes to the number of clients they are able to handle. This is not the case with a white label provider.

They have a team of trained professionals who can streamline the process and handle multiple projects simultaneously without missing a beat.


There’s a chance a contractor might not be available all year round. It is not a reflection of their work ethic but rather the fact that they need to take some time off from working.

As these contractors work independently, there is a chance that you might be left hanging on your own to take care of your PPC clients. On the other hand, a white label PPC marketing service provider has a whole team of individuals who can work in schedules (especially during the holiday season) to ensure your client’s campaigns are running smoothly and successfully.

Sometimes, a white label company may even create backups to ensure you are able to deliver results uninterrupted. This makes them incredibly reliable in terms of offering services round the clock throughout the calendar year.


A contractor can handle a certain limit of clients. Their portfolio is also sometimes limited to providing a specific nature of services.

Whereas a white label PPC services provider has an organised structure and teams. This way, they can handle a wide number of clients from the same industry without drawing saturation in results and campaign performances.

This is vital for brands that have been dealing with similar niche clients and are planning on running PPC campaigns of varying natures and offerings.

Perspective And Insight

The process and methodologies followed during creating and running a PPC campaign determine its rate of success. As ample research is involved, sometimes it can be challenging for individual contractors and freelancers to accommodate enough resources to conduct thorough market analysis and research.

Especially when the timeline for launching a successful campaign is short, being able to create a striking and resonating campaign can seem difficult. However, things are different in the case of a white label PPC provider. These agencies have already invested hefty amounts in developing a resource base where they can find relevant data and information.

This eliminates the time required to go around the internet to find what you are looking for. Additionally, these resources and past data can highlight what worked and what went wrong, helping PPC experts create a pathway to avoid potential pitfalls. You get to leverage this knowledge to ensure higher client success rates.


Contractors and freelancers usually have a basic package, and additional services are charged separately. This can turn out to be expensive if you are onboarding contractors and freelancers for multiple projects with varying PPC marketing needs.

Moreover, there is only a limited discount that an individual can offer. A white label PPC marketing services provider can customise packages based on your specific needs. It gives freedom for businesses to opt for specific services they are looking for.

Their pricing is usually billed monthly or annually, with discounts available on yearly renewals. Many outsourcing PPC providers have a dedicated team that can provide round-the-clock support and services to ensure your clients have lower downtimes.

However, there is a chance you could be charged a nominal fee to ensure the experts are getting paid fairly for their dedication and hard work.

Service Levels

White label agencies have an organised structure to provide high-quality services based on the requirements. This enables companies to find a plan that is practical for them to offer to their clients.

Aligning your services with what your client wants is the ultimate goal for any service provider, and white label agencies have established service levels that can cater to these needs.

Most white label agencies are Google and Meta Partners and have associations with other paid advertising platforms. They are well aware of how to use the platforms to your advantage.

These can include recovering an advertising account, getting in touch with Google to find out why an ad was suspended, running successful ad campaigns, and designing & executing a PPC campaign.

On the other hand, a contractor and freelancers might find it challenging to offer a specific range of services. Additionally, they might not be able to offer assistance in case of account-related issues and queries.

White Label PPC Tools

Some contractors and freelancers may expect you to provide them with tool access, while others might have their own tools. Both these factors will influence the overall pricing of the package.

It is vital to consider who is paying for the costs of call tracking software, the analytics reporting platform, and the PPC management software. A white label PPC agency will have these tools with them already, and they will simply send an invite to onboard you.

The overall cost is included in the package itself. These agencies also have contracts that make it clear that once your tenure with them has ended (and is not getting renewed), they will hand over the credentials to you. This is crucial to ensure the safety and protection of data. Their fee charged includes everything.


Imagine this: you are working with a contractor, and they are filled to the brim with tasks and projects. Now, you have to hire a new contractor so that you are able to assign them another set of projects and tasks. These two different contractors might have different styles of work.

While one might have a slower turnaround time, the other might make multiple changes to the ad campaign to ensure only the optimised version of the advertisement campaign is live.

These differences in working styles can get complicated to manage over a long period of time. If these contractors are from different time zones, it can further make it challenging for a business to keep track of availability and get reports on the progress being made.

Whereas, a reputed white label agency will have teams that are capable of handling multiple project deadlines and specific requirements at once without significant delays or downtimes.

Additionally, as these agencies have specified working hours, you can be sure about getting a reply on time.

White Label PPC Vs. Managing PPC In-House

It can seem challenging and sometimes confusing if you should hire someone who can take care of your business’ PPC clientele needs or if you should partner with a white label PPC agency for a hassle-free time. It can be particularly confusing when you are a new company and are in the growth and development stage.

While it may seem best to hire someone who can take care of your PPC marketing services, they might get overwhelmed once your business starts growing and more clients come in for PPC services.

On the other hand, while it may seem pricey initially to be partnering with a white label PPC provider, rest assured that they will start generating results that will make your clients happy and satisfied, making it overall a worthy investment.

In case you are planning to start your own PPC marketing services within your digital marketing agency, here are some factors you might want to consider:

  • Recruitment and training for the individuals you are hiring so that they are familiar with the interface and particulars of advertisement channels and platforms. It is noteworthy that training can cost an agency at least $ 1,500 per employee. These training sessions are usually from top brands to ensure they are able to learn theory and test their learning practically. It will also take time for these trainees to feel confident, and during this time, you will not be able to offer PPC services to your clients. Notably, some PPC agencies offer full-fledged services for the same price, and these services can get started right away.
  • When you hire a team to take care of PPC services, there is a chance that you will initially struggle to find assignments to keep them occupied. You might end up aligning them with a wide range of tasks just to ensure that they are able to justify the full wage that you are paying them. While initially it may seem challenging, once you start getting clients for the specific service, you will be able to align them with related tasks. On the other hand, with a PPC agency, the case is different. You can hire them when you have clients looking for PPC services. These agencies can get started right away by setting up accounts, research, competitor analysis and campaign plans. They can quickly absorb client briefs and may even ask relevant questions wherever needed. As these experts have years of experience in the industry, they can also provide assistance with account-related queries and concerns.
  • When you are starting with an agency that already has experience in providing PPC marketing services, they already know the best tools and have subscriptions that will be leveraged to your advantage at a fee already part of the package. In the case of an in-house team, you might have to research these tools yourself and spend hundreds of dollars to get subscriptions.
  • Your internal team will be covered under sick leaves and paid time off. It will be vital that you have backup whenever they are busy attending to their emergencies. While having an in-house team will help, there will always be an uncertainty that there could be times when you might not have enough backup or time to prepare yourself. A white label PPC marketing agency usually has a schedule for off days, and their team is able to manage the workload. Additionally, as these teams have invested in tools and automation, they will be able to manage your ad campaigns successfully even if the team is available within limits.

Choosing the Right White Label PPC Agency

When working with a white label PPC agency, there will always be limitations with the control you have over their everyday project and work priorities. However, working with a transparent agency that keeps you updated about the happenings ensures that you are never worried about not knowing what is happening and when to expect results.

At the same time, keeping your terms and conditions clear when you plan to onboard them is crucial. Most reputed white label agencies will share a weekly or monthly calendar of how they are planning to approach the client work and touchpoints where you will get an update.

Factors to Consider

Here are some factors to consider when it comes to making your investment in a white label PPC marketing agency truly worth it.

The number of years they have been in business

When you are choosing to outsource your PPC requirements, consider working with an agency that has been providing PPC services for years. This ensures that they have acquired the right knowledge and expertise to tackle any challenging situation.

The consumer market has changed significantly over the years, and old, traditional strategies can no longer be effective. Additionally, having been in the industry for a long time, they understand efficient competitor research strategies, have their own pool of data to take advantage of, tools that can help attract traffic better, and tailored strategies for specific niches and industries.

Consider their credentials

Take their past experience of running successful ad campaigns into account. Check customer testimonials, the nature of industries, and the brands they work with. Also, consider checking their case studies (if available) to understand how their processes work and the nature of the results they were able to drive.

Checking their credentials before contacting a white label PPC agency ensures that you are getting into a partnership with an agency that cares about growth and ROI as much as you do. They are willing to walk the extra mile to provide a high-quality range of services.

Mode of Communication

How does your white label PPC agency prefer to keep in constant touch with you? Will it be through emails on a weekly or monthly basis or through a messaging platform like Telegram or Skype? Or will any project management tool like ClickUp, CollabX or Basecamp be involved?

Establishing a formal mode of communication will ensure transparency throughout the conversation. It will also help ensure clarity regarding project deadlines, task particulars and any specific instructions to be followed. It will also ensure that you reach out to them where they are available.

Evaluate the tools and methods the agency would use

Most white label agencies have their own tools and subscriptions that they are accustomed to using for setting up successful campaigns, analysing target audiences and optimising existing campaigns.

To enable your white label agency to access and manage your client’s accounts, it is vital first to understand the nature of the tools they are using, the extent of access the tools will require and if there is any data they will be stored in their database for future use or references.

Data security and the safety of your clients are paramount, and keeping track of data sharing and storing is important to prevent any breaches.

Compare prices

Being profitable while working with a white label PPC services provider is easy. However, it is always advised to compare prices before signing up. As a brand offering white label PPC services to its clients, you want to be certain that there is a profit margin that is more than the average of hiring and training talents.

Here are a few White Label PPC Pricing Models to know about:

  • Fixed Fee, wherein the PPC agency will charge you a fixed price. There are no drastic fluctuations in their rates throughout the course of time you work with them.
  • Percentage of ad spend wherein the white label agency can charge x% of the ad spend that the client is investing. Consider agreeing on budgeted ad spend for such pricing models.
  • Commission-based pricing models refer to when a part of the ad spend earnings are shared as a commission to the white label agency. This is not the best choice, and it is highly advised to opt for a fixed fee or percentage of ad spend pricing models.

Tip: Always stay transparent about the kind of services and products you are leveraging from white label agencies. This will ensure that they can share a fair price that is reasonable for your budget. The ROI of white label PPC management services is huge, and it is always a good idea to be open about your expectations and limitations to avoid challenges and conflicts.


Partnering with a white label PPC management services provider can be the way to unlock your success. When you decide to work with a digital marketing agency that shares the same values and principles as you do, it becomes easier to achieve more success together.

However, it is important to always look beyond the first meeting when deciding whom to work with. Be sure to check client testimonials and understand what their methodology is when it comes to delivering satisfactory and jaw-dropping results.

Additionally, establishing a communication plan prevents delays or any misunderstandings that can come in the way of your partnership.

Lastly, work with a brand that can offer assistance during tough times to ensure your client is able to work through their business operations without worrying about what is happening to their ad accounts.