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Blogger Outreach Services for Agencies

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Backlink Is A Serious Business At Dws

  • One of the biggest Outreach teams in the industry
  • Specialised digital marketing team for critical niches- Law, Tech, Finance, Fashion, Sports, Casinos- you name it!
  • Average 100 backlinks generated monthly for each client
  • No PBNs! White hat outreach with minimum DA 25+
  • Versatile link types so Google thinks you earned all your links via good old-fashioned, hard work
  • Links with juice! We choose links based on their overall health and not just one or two parameters. Various parameters we consider are DA, DR, CF, TF, CF/TF, Keywords, Traffic
  • White-Label reporting so you can present to your clients without letting them ever know we exist

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How It Works

Link Building That Pumps Your Rankings And Your Brand


We analyse your juiciest assets (blog posts, GPs) and optimize those links for immediate improvement on ranking.


DWS uses in-house software, RankWatch to analyse your competitors’ backlinks & unearth 50% faster link-building opportunities.


No PBNs or black-hat link building methods. We shortlist top guest blogging sites relevant to your business niche.


Our superior, research-backed content is planned with non-intrusive links redirecting back to power your site traffic and ranking.


We ensure all published backlinks are 100% indexed before we present them to you on a silver platter.

Vaibhav Kakkar
Vaibhav Kakkar
Vaibhav Kakkar, Founder
Founder Speak

We Know The Agency Business

SEO has been my mainstay, since 2006. Easy wins, Google penalties, overnight crashes, million-dollar months – I have lived it all.

One of the highlights of my career has been starting, growing, and then selling

Along the way, we bought Just Search UK. Yup.

Backed by the India-based DWS, we grew the Manchester-based agency to £2.5 million and the Miami-based agency to $3 million, annually. 100% backend process handled in India. No joke.

Now, I want to share this with as many agencies as I can. I have the complete armour. I really do have all you need!

Get in touch with me to know more. Don’t hesitate.

Best of Both Worlds

Premium Placements + White-Label Reporting

At DWS, we have a growing database of 19000+ websites, organized by industry, trust flow, citations, and domain authority. This intelligence enables us to generate custom backlinks to niche relevant guest post blogs that actually power your client’s site traffic and ranking.

So leave the research-intensive work to us, and enjoy white-labelled reports of new, 100% indexed backlinks every month that you can present to your clients.

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Data Plus Design

We Craft Visually Appealing Backlink Content To Boost Shares

From beautiful infographics, cover images and gifs, to research-backed white papers and case studies, our content creation team is adept at all types of content that high authority publications love!

Our advanced guest posting services ensure all paid guest post backlinks stay forever yours. The blogger outreach campaigns are also designed to generate high-quality guest posts that build your “digital voice” and unleash massive engagement, traffic and ROI juice. So stay 100% assured when you buy guest posts from DWS!

Join 58 Agencies That Choose DWS

Our Comprehensive Strategies Ensure Real, Steady, ROI-Driven Links

Competitor Backlink Research

We decode backlink opportunities by analysing competitor’s outreach strategies.

Quora Links

Smartly answering relevant Quora queries can spell magic for your traffic.


There is nothing like a good-looking infographic to multiply links to your website. Couple that with intelligent content, and you have a winner.

Edu Links

.edu sites have very high domain authority. If relevant, these links can really elevate your web identity.

Online PR

If you have a unique story, we will find relevant media sites and journalists to ensure that you are heard.

Image Link Building

We find stolen images and push for link backs. We also publish on Flickr and Pinterest to generate effective links.

Brand Mentions

People might be talking about you but not linking to you. We call them Low Hanging Fruits and pluck these for you first up.

Sponsored Posts

Sometimes publishers in your industry only link for money. That’s okay. We buy guest posts and still ensure your ROI.

Skyscraper Technique

When your article is better than the more popular ones, our techniques ensure it gets its audience.

Broken Link Building

Tough but oh so perfect. We find broken links with good link juice and contact the authors to link to you.

Guest Posts

It is the most widely used tactic. We ensure a mix of DA levels to get you the best link juice.

Repurposed Videos

We find great articles and contact the publisher to convert it into more widely viewed content – Videos.

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Guest Posting For SEO, Backlinks, Traffic & Higher Domain Authority

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