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    Let’s Compare Dws & The Hoth Based On Each Step Of A Buyer’s Journey

    When it comes to link building services, The HOTH and DWS both offer effective strategies to enhance your website's online visibility. However, After examining both the services DWS's blogger outreach services stand out as superior in several aspects.

    Discover why DWS is the go-to choice for premium white-label Blogger Outreach Services, and join the growing number of satisfied clients today!

    Let’s Take A Look At All These Factors In Detail


    The Hoth

    The HOTH has developed an automated and efficient self-service process, HOTH GuestPost for link building. With just a few clicks, newbies and professionals can select sites based on two qualifiers:

    Domain Authority (DA) - a Moz search engine ranking score - predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages

    Traffic as a KPI - measures the number of monthly organic visits to your website.

    Once you complete the process, you can login to the dashboard and easily place orders for in-content links. After the links go live, receive a white label report.


    DWS has a unique process that employs 100% manual evaluation based on these qualifiers :

    Domain Authority (DA) : a Moz search engine ranking score - predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages.

    Country Specific Traffic: Traffic analysis of prospect sites based only on the country of interest, not overall site traffic. It is better to understand the traffic that the website attracts from the country of our interest and not the overall traffic.

    Keywords : An important qualifier, indicating the number of keywords ranking on Google for that site.

    Citation Flow : A measure of a site's "link juice" that can be passed on through links.

    Trust Flow : A measure of the quality of websites linking to the site, assessing a page's "trustworthiness".

    CF/TF Ratio : A ratio of links from trustworthy websites to the overall quantity of links. An ideal TF/CF ratio is 1-2.

    Moz Spam Score : A percentage representing how many sites with similar features have been penalized or banned by Google.

    Topical trust flow : Identifying how influential pages or sites are for specific topics.

    Boost your website's search engine rankings and credibility with high-quality backlinks from authoritative and niche-relevant websites

    Pre-approval Of Sites : Ability To Pre-approve (Accept / Reject) Sites

    The Hoth

    The HOTH GuestPost is an automated product developed by The HOTH, which is designed to simplify and streamline the link-building process. You choose the package based on DA/Traffic. If you find it challenging to decide between these two criteria, you have the option to schedule a call with an expert from The HOTH. Once you make your selection, The HOTH takes over and handles the rest of the process. You can sit back and relax until they provide you with a comprehensive report. However, it's worth noting that with The HOTH, you don't have the opportunity to pre-approve the websites where your links will be placed. The details of those sites will only be revealed to you in the final report.


    With DWS, you can expect a personalized and hands-on approach to link-building. DWS follows a 100% manual process, taking the time to understand your specific requirements. Once you've submitted your link-building request, they go above and beyond to shortlist websites that align with your niche.

    Here's the best part - they don't leave you in the dark! DWS believes in transparency and collaboration, so they always share the list of potential sites with you along with their prices.

    This gives you the power to approve or disapprove of these sites based on your preferences.

    Start amplifying your link-building potential by taking advantage of DWS's advanced pre-approval process today!

    Inhouse Content And Copywriters

    The Hoth

    With a qualified team of writers, they provide articles and links that are written keeping in mind the prospect site, the link placement is accurate and it’s a do-follow link.


    DWS boasts an exceptional team of in-house writers, well-versed in the art of writing content uniquely relevant to the prospect site's niche.

    Pre-approval Of Content: Ability To Pre-approve (Accept/reject) Sites

    The Hoth

    The HOTH's in-house team of writers directly places their content on sites, making it unavailable for pre-approval. Once posts go live, no edits can be requested.


    DWS, on the other hand, provides you with content created by the in-house team of writers for prior approval. They readily accommodate feedback related to write-ups before publishing it.

    You won't believe it, but it's true! DWS gives you mind-blowing superpowers to pre-approve your content. Get in touch with our SEO mastermind!

    Link Tracker: Ability To Track The Status Of All Live Guest Posts

    The Hoth

    After receiving a report of all your live links and details, The Hoth offers a 90-day guarantee in case a link goes bad. However, you cannot track your live links at all times.


    Besides a report with details of all your live links, DWS has an in-house link tracker that tracks all links of their active clients. As soon as a guest post goes live, the live link is added to the tracker. In addition, their one-year guarantee for all guest posts ensures your peace of mind. The tracking feature helps you keep track of all your lost links so you can win them back with ease.

    Expert’s Consultation To Help Plan Your Outreach

    The Hoth

    The HOTH has an automated SEO service where they decide the outreach plan based upon a single interaction with you via a form. Though their HOTH GuestPost service offers a user dashboard for placing your orders based on DA/Traffic, it lacks the personalized touch that might extinguish opportunities for conversation.


    DWS keeps you in the loop every step of the way. Feel free to ask questions and schedule a free consultation with our SEO experts to clear any doubts. Even after the links are placed, you can keep track of them via our in-house CRM. And who says the interaction has to stop? DWS experts are always ready to offer any guidance and clear up any doubts you may have, before or after placing the links.

    Dedicated Account Manager

    The Hoth

    The HOTH GuestPost is automated, which allows for no interaction apart from deciding the qualifier. However, if the link breaks within 90 days, you may contact them.


    DWS has a distinct approach. Right from the beginning, after agreeing to their services, you're assigned a dedicated account manager who is your point of contact for any queries. The account manager fixes weekly/monthly meetings for reviewing current links and taking your further requirements into consideration.

    Defined Dates For Each Step Of The Process:

    The Hoth

    Although The HOTH claims that checking the order schedule through the Dashboard is easy, our research tells us that many customers had to manually follow up to get an update even after the scheduled time frame.


    At DWS, the schedule is taken care of by a dedicated account manager who oversees everything from selecting potential sites, sharing them for approval, creating content, getting links live, and providing monthly reports. This process accommodates your feedback at every step.

    Bulk Discount


    Both The HOTH & DWS offer bulk discounts.

    White Label Reporting


    Both The HOTH and DWS offer services to agencies. They provide you with white label reporting that you can easily share with your clients.

    Turnaround Time

    The Hoth

    The HOTH's turnaround time for larger volumes is disappointingly slow, often stretching between 30 to 45 days. This prolonged waiting period necessitates numerous follow-ups, which is an inconvenience and adds unnecessary frustration to the entire process.


    When working with DWS, you can rest assured that your links will go live within the promised 30 days, no matter the amount of work we have at any given time. We understand the importance of an efficient and effective online presence, which is why we make it our top priority to get your links up and running in a timely manner.

    Join the ranks of 500+ TOP clients who rely on DWS's link building for exceptional results. Claim your free done for your link building strategy today!

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