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Give your ECommerce business the power of Search Engine Optimization and experience growth like never before. DWS has helped many online businesses find their path to success with strong SEO skills, backed by years of experience. Your eCommerce store could be the next big thing. Talk to our experts to know how our eCommerce SEO Services can get you more orders.


Do Not Make These SEO mistakes For
Your Ecommerce Website

  • 1

    Lack of product

    For an ecommerce site selling multiple products, spending time to write clear, complete product descriptions is non- negotiable. This will help your target audience make the purchase decision by answering all their queries. Another hack is to use keywords in product descriptions to help increase ranking

  • 2

    Using product descriptions
    from manufacturers

    Do not use the product descriptions shared by the manufacturers. Doing this leads to duplicate content on your website and affects the organic rankings. Always remember to create content that is unique to your website. In case you can’t put a NO INDEX meta tag to those pages.

  • 3

    Lack of product

    Product reviews are a great way to build credibility and climb the search engine rankings simultaneously. Over 70% people make purchases after reading reviews of the product. These reviews create unique content for your website which helps to climb search engine rankings too. Double win!

  • 4

    Lack of speaking URL

    A speaking URL is one which is unique to the product. Here is an example. Most ecommerce sites don’t invest time in deciding the keywords to be used in the URL. But this would help the customer to find the product easily due to the keywords being used and it would be relevant.

  • 5

    Ignoring Orphan Pages

    What’s unique about ecommerce websites is that they have multiple inner pages. Sometimes these temporary or seasonal pages, eg- sales page, limited period discount page etc are left untreated or not linked properly to the store. This impacts the crawling undertaken by any search engine and ends up spoiling the rank for the ecommerce website.

  • 6

    Not Enough Attention Given To Breadcrumbs

    One of the most essential features of UX design is breadcrumbs. These help to understand and analyse the customer’s navigation on thewebsite. For an ecommerce website, it’s important that 2 types of bread crumbs are offered: hierarchy-based and history-based breadcrumbs. History-based breadcrumbs help the customer easily navigate and reach the previous page they had browsed. For ecommerce websites that have large product categories, hierarchy-based breadcrumbs are ideal since they enable users to easily navigate to a product’s category to find related products.

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How Do We Build Awesome Ecommerce
Search Engine Optimisation Strategies at DWS ?

Technical Audit

Meta Data, Source Code, Robot text, and Index status. What’s all that? In simple terms, those are the inner workings of your online store. That’s not all, many such aspects determine whether your website is SEO friendly or not. As part of our eCommerce SEO Services, we offer an in-depth technical audit of your website. The audit process is built to identify all things that are potentially hurting your SEO strategy and based on the results we offer course correction that would lead your business in the right direction.

Discovery and Competitor Analysis

For any online business to flourish, it is important to know how its competition is faring. With an in-depth analysis that consists of keyword discovery, search volumes, and traffic source identification, our team figures out how your competitors are planning their SEO strategy. This knowledge helps us build a customized SEO approach that not only gets you to the top search results but also leaves your competitors far behind.

Keyword Research and Siloing

Knowing which keywords to target is an intrinsic part of an eCommerce SEO strategy. Our experts have spent years analyzing industry wide keywords and how they impact search results. With the Siloing technique, we improve your site structure based on these keywords and the result is an SEO friendly site that ranks better than ever.

On-Site Content

Search engines now focus on the users’ experience that they can deliver by providing the most relevant results. Your on-site content plays an important role in this overall experience and anything that is irrelevant might not even rank or in the worst case might attract a penalty. With an in-house team of expert content creators, we ensure your on-site content is always cutting edge and adds value to the user experience while still helping the SEO strategy.

Content Optimization

Good content will certainly get your website noticed, but the way it’s presented also makes a difference in the way your website ranks. Having some of the best copywriters on board gives us the advantage of creating content that gets you the desired traffic and our SEO experts ensure technical aspects like meta titles, title tags, and associated keywords are used to leverage that content.

Off-Site Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO strategy also lays focus on off page optimization techniques that aim to boost inbound traffic and eventually create more sales opportunities. Over the years our team has gained expertise in link building through organic methods like guest blogging and social media marketing that positively impact SEO.

DWS Has Helped These Businesses To
Dominate the Search Rankings

Partsgeek.com is a discounted auto parts online store. They reached out to us for an integrated e-commerce SEO solution.
With a complete e-commerce SEO strategy (on-page and off-page) and it’s seamless execution, we achieved 21.63% Y-O-Y organic traffic growth for the website

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On page Changes
  • Content Outlines,
  • Curated Links
  • Guest Posts

We worked with edibleblooms.com.au, an e-commerce gift store. We developed a complete e-commerce strategy (on-page and off-page) to deliver a 199% Y-O-Y growth in organic traffic

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On page Changes
  • Content Outlines,
  • Curated Links
  • Guest Posts

Mxstore.com.au is Australia’s largest online dirt bike gear, parts, and accessories store. We worked on a custom e-commerce SEO strategy and executed it to deliver organic growth (YOY) of 41% in 9 months.

  • On-page optimization
  • Guest Posts

What Makes Us a Great Ecommerce SEO
Company To Work With?

At DWS we take pride in helping emerging online stores write their own success stories. With soaring competition and tight budgets, we know you want total peace of mind with your investment. With DWS as your growth partner you can be sure of:

  • Experienced

    After spending twenty years in the digital marketing space, we know all there is to know about the inner workings of the web. This experience has given us the advantage to share our knowledge with growing businesses around the world and helped us achieve a client retention rate of 90%.

  • In-house

    With an ever expanding team of 250+ experienced professionals, we always have the brightest minds working on client projects. This ensures our deliverables are always above par and the result is a strong client relationship that is built on trust in our expertise.

  • Transparent

    Our clients trust us with their requirements because they know their business is in good hands. This is reflected in our transparent working style that offers all the details, big or small. Frequent client meet-ups, regular reporting, and inclusive brainstorming sessions help us create that operational transparency which we are so proud of.

  • Conversion

    DWS is amongst one of the few agencies that can work on complete site structures. This means we leave no stone unturned to create the best opportunities to ensure that the final checkout from sales cart is completed.

  • Flexibility the
    way you like

    With over 500+ eCommerce sites already managed by our teams, we know each business has its own demands. We can customize a short term or long term SEO strategy for you based on your growth plan. This gives you the freedom to make changes to the strategy the way you like.

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Still Wondering if SEO is Essential For
Your Ecommerce Website?

If you wanted more reasons to give your eCommerce business the helping hand of SEO, here are some more benefits that you will enjoy, thanks to eCommerce SEO Services.

  • Improved Brand

    Modern times are all about showcasing your brand to the right people when they need it the most. With an eCommerce SEO company like DWS complementing your hard work, your brand will reach the masses and get that much desired exposure. Our vast experience in SEO gives us the advantage to offer you a level playing field, no matter how big your competition might be.

  • Increased

    The most important aspect for any business is to achieve higher sales numbers that eventually drive profits. With DWS as your eCommerce SEO partner, you can be sure of increased revenue when those leads effortlessly convert into sales. Our in-depth research gives us the ability to have only the best ranking keywords for your SEO campaigns and this results in better search ranking which translates into more sales opportunities.

  • Organic Web

    With the help of eCommerce SEO, your online store is sure to receive organic traffic that brings users to your website intending to make a purchase. Unlike paid ads where you entice the user to your website, organic SEO makes it possible for the users to find you on their own. This builds a sense of trust that enables them to shop at your site without any concerns.

  • Budget

    Unlike paid marketing, eCommerce SEO proves to be far more cost effective as it only targets users who are keen to purchase your products or services. With a high ROI, each SEO campaign will bear more positive results as compared to paid ads that might or might not yield desirable results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A lot. Each second people are searching for products or services online to best match
their needs. With huge search volumes, there are huge opportunities for your business
to achieve maximum sales, and eCommerce SEO helps you get found by the right customers.

Absolutely. As a full service agency, DWS offers many packages that are created keeping in mind the requirements of business of all sizes. We can also develop custom packages that are specially crafted for your business.

All products and online stores can benefit from the use of eCommerce SEO. It doesn’t matter which niche your business belongs to. With our experience, we will ensure your product is always showcased to the right buyers.

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