E Coffee with Experts

Inside the Minds of Marketing Mavericks

Jessica Luna

Education-Marketing head at Centrico Digital, and Co-founder at MyUniGuru

Education Marketing

Laura Cuttill

Chief Marketing Officer at Advertas

Laura talks about keyword research, schemas, PPC and speaks about his SEO process.


Matthew Salvica

Founder Digital Stand

Matthew talks about keyword research, schemas, PPC and speaks about his SEO process.


Frank Olivo

Founder & CEO at Sagapixel

Frank talks about keyword research, schemas, PPC and speaks about his SEO process.


Micah Buchdahl

President at HTMLawyers

Micah shares his thoughts on legal marketing and how it is different from

SEO & Content marketing

Lori Gama

President at DaGama Digital Marketing Agency

Lori shares her thoughts on SEO, schemas, lead generation, and content creation to

SEO & Lead Generation

Craig Doty

Owner at Grappler Media

Craig shares his thoughts on the press releases as a part of SEO

SEO & Lead Generation

Trevor Dudeck

Founder and Chief Strategist at Lemonade

Trevor also speaks about Cause Marketing and shares tips to make it more

Branding & Podcasts

Dave Martin

CEO at Nettra Media, SEO, AdWords

Dave shares his thoughts on changing Google algorithms and how it affects the

SEO & AdWords

Tim Absalikov

Founder and CEO at Lasting Trend SEO

Tim talks about the importance of testimonials and SEO and also shares his

SEO & Content Marketing

Idan Nishlis

CEO at Nishlis Legal Marketing & Founder of Tier One Rankings

Idan expresses his thoughts on how legal marketing has changed due to pandemic,

Social Media & Email marketing

Jakub Rudnik

Jakub Rudnik
VP of Content, Shortlister

Jakub expresses his thoughts on automatic content generators, content outsourcing, and channels for

Content & Email Marketing

Debbie Miller

President of
Social Hospitality

Debbie shares her opinions on social media evolution over the years, introduction of

Social Media

Damon Burton

President of
SEO National

Damon shares his interesting opinions on cloud-based and desktop-based SEO tools, SEO for


Daniel Matthews

Founder of SAM Sensei
and Daniel Matthews Media

Daniel talks about his approach to marketing in 2021 and the importance of

SEO & Email Marketing

Tom Libelt

Founder - We Market Online Courses and host of Smart Brand Marketing podcast

Tom talks about his journey into marketing for a specific domain- online courses

SEO, Podcast, Link Building

Autumn Sullivan

Director of Marketing and
experience at Mobilization Funding

Autumn talks about her journey from literature to marketing. She shares her insights


Drew Blumenthal

Founder and CEO
at Digital Drew SEM

Drew shares his opinions about the long standing debate: which is better -


Mitch Tobol

Managing Partner
CGT Marketing

Mitch shares his in-depth knowledge about the changing digital landscape.


Emily Lyman

Founder and CEO
Branch and Bramble

Emily lists all the social media strategies, tips, tricks and trade secrets she

Social Media

Duff Ferguson

Partner and Founder at Amplitude Digital.

Duff takes us through the art and science of SEO required for building


John Morabito

Director of SEO, Stella Rising

John highlights the importance of SEO for Ecommerce and SEO process he swears


Marc Brookland

Founder, SEO Locale

Marc shares with us his expertise on Local SEO and conducts a training

Local SEO

Jake Bohall

Co- Founder, Hive Digital

Jake talks about SEO, link building, teaching SEO course and navigating through COVID

SEO & Link Building

Stormie Andrews

President, Yokel Local Internet Marketing.

Stormie talks about link building, repurposing content effectively and building the world's best

SEO & Link Building

Justin Knott

Intrepy Healthcare Marketing

Justin shares with us the process to develop a successful healthcare marketing strategy.


David Wilson

Zozimus Agency

David Wilson shares his thoughts on SEO process and metrics to measure success

SEO & Link Building

Robert Stoubos

Odyssey New Media

Robert shares his opinions about how to build links, SEO process and latest


Dave Davies

Beanstalk Internet Marketing

Dave takes us through the new age SEO strategies and link building techniques


Chris Raulf

Boulder SEO marketing

Chris shares his insights about International SEO, link building in this conversation.

International SEO

Stuart Pollington

Managing Director,Smart Traffic Australia and Evo Digital Australia

Stuart talks about the link building strategies he follows. He also elaborates on

Link Building

Adam Chronister


Adam gives an insight into the successful planning and execution of SEO projects.


Jeff Irvine


Jeff takes us through what’s the latest in the digital marketing space. He


Justin Herring

Founder, YEAH! Local

Justin talks us through the Local SEO process in detail and lead gen

Local SEO

Jeremy Durant

Principal, BOP Design

Jeremy shares his thoughts about growing agency business and effective sales strategies.

Business Development

Jonathan Bentz

Senior Digital Marketing Strategist
Direct Online Marketing.

Jonathan shares his insights about the ever-changing and evolving SEO scenario and how


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