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Building Service

  • 100% manual submission process
  • No duplicates
  • Consistent NAP
  • Country specific listings
  • Full submission report for transparency
  • $49 credit offered to all first time clients

Take the first step; we’ll handle the rest

    How Does It Work?

    You send us a filled order form, and we take it from there.

    We sweep the directories and locate your current citations to avoid duplicates.
    We analyze your competition to find some great listings that you might be missing out on.
    We then create a country-specific target list and get your citations done manually.
    You can view all your citations in our submission report, which includes live listings and screenshots of submissions.

    Manual citation building Versus Automated
    Listing Management Tool

    Businesses and agencies tend to use automated listing management tools to get the job done in less time and with minimal effort.
    Despite the ease and convenience that automated tools offer, agencies like DWS believe in 100% manual citation building. Here’s why:

    Unlimited Reach

    With an automated listing tool, there’s a limit to how many directory sites you can access for submissions.

    On the other hand, manual citation building allows you to create and claim citations on as many directory sites as required.


    Personalization is an opportunity for you to stand out from the crowd. With manual citation building, you can personalize each listing according to the target directory. Besides basic NAP details, you can provide additional information to make your listing more relevant to your prospects.

    There’s no such provision in automated tools. They feed the same NAP details across all directories, making your listing look borderline SPAM.

    Forever Citations

    When we manually create and claim a citation on a directory site, it is going to stay forever, with or without us. But that may not be the case with an automated tool.

    No Duplicacy

    Automated tools may be fast, but they are not smart enough to locate duplicate listings that have a slight variation. With our manual citation building process, we scan each target directory manually to avoid duplicates and fix incorrect listings..


    25 Citations


    • 100% Manual Submissions
    • Full Submission Report
    • Submission Screenshots
    • All Login Details Provided
    • Country Specific Listings
    • One Week Delivery
    50 Citations


    • 100% Manual Submissions
    • Full Submission Report
    • Submission Screenshots
    • All Login Details Provided
    • Country Specific Listings
    • One Week Delivery
    100 Citations


    • 100% Manual Submissions
    • Full Submission Report
    • Submission Screenshots
    • All Login Details Provided
    • Country Specific Listings
    • One Week Delivery

    Choose a package that works for you or allow us to give you a custom quote based on your needs.

      Some Local Citation Examples

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      A local citation is a reference to your business on a third-party directory website where your prospects can find your business details like Name, Address, Phone Number, e-mail, service areas or any information that you may have provided.

      Depending on the website that hosts your listing, a citation can be of three types.


      Targeted at local businesses, structured citations are the ones that are submitted on directories like Google Maps, Yelp, Yellow Pages, JustDial and even Facebook. With these citations, you have complete control over what information you want to provide and modify as and when required. Online users use these citations to locate a business in their proximity.


      This type of citation shows up on any website or app that carries your business information, although not intended to create a listing. For instance, somebody mentions your business name in a news article, blog post or social media post. These citations appear in SERPs on a keyword merit basis, which is determined by the search engine algorithm.


      These citations appear on niche-relevant websites, directories or aggregator sites. Having an industry-specific citation makes it easier for your prospects and peers to find your business information online.

      Building local citations ensures that your business NAP is consistent across the Internet. Having a citation on multiple directories means having multiple touchpoints for customer interactions. This also means multiple traffic sources for your website and hence, better ranking.

      It is important to have consistent NAP data across the Internet, or else search engine algorithms will not consider your listing a legitimate business. On the other hand, when you have consistent NAP data, search engine bots will prioritize your business in the SERPs.

      The short answer is yes. We will obtain these details from you at the beginning of the process and submit them as is.

      Following a manual citation building process, we will locate all your current citations and make sure there are no duplicates going forward. As part of the service, we will also fix listings that are incorrect or misleading.

      We are going to need your business name, address, phone number, website, email address(optional) and a brief description of what you do.

      Yes. You will be provided with a final report including screenshots of all the submissions.

      How many submissions will result in live placements?

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