The Beginner’s Guide To Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting

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Content isn’t just king, it is now also helping marketers build their networking opportunities. Blogger Outreach and Guest Posting are the key components of this trend. As the online landscape continues to grow and evolve, outreach helps you build your online authority and expand your reach.

Before you begin your outreach process, you need to build your list of possible blogs that you can reach out to. There are various ways to find bloggers in your niche. One such technique is to explore relevant communities that connect you to fellow bloggers and expand your outreach radius. MyBlogGuest, Blogger Link Up and Guestr are few such sites that allow you to follow, connect and share guest post opportunities.

To make things easier, here is an industry based list of sites that accept guest posts.

Guest blogging pre-requisites – How to Contact Bloggers

Once you have built your email list, it is time to draft that first email that your bloggers will read. Here’s the 3-point rule you should follow in your emails:

1) Introduce
Introduce yourself, your business. Don’t forget to share your expertise and accomplishments.

2) Explain
Tell them why you’re a good fit for their audience.

3) Personalize
Add a personal touch by offering them topics that add value to their existing content.

Guest blogging
Once your email breaks the ice and invites a response from the blogger, the collaboration goes further. It is a good practice to follow the guidelines laid down by the blogger. Additionally, make sure to deliver value with your content and not just use the guest post as a way to acquire backlinks.

Take time to understand the blog audience, the tone and the content style. Then create your draft accordingly. If this goes smoothly, here is what the blogger might ask you to share:
Author bio
Links of most active social profiles


Closing thoughts
Guest blogging is a great way of building your online authority and establishing yourself as the thought leader. Utilise these opportunities to offer valuable content to readers and become the go-to place for them.

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