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Yes, we got text version too… for the love of “the words” (and the visually-impaired search engine).

As you plan on attending the Pubcon ‘19, we are sure you can’t wait to network with all the amazing marketing gurus. From the Bright Newcomer to the Know-it-All, everyone’s going to be there.

And so you can make the most out of it, here’s a bunch of words about all of them.

1. The Bright Newcomer

  • Fresh-out-of-college marketer
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Smartphone and Laptop in Hand
  • Attends almost all sessions
  • Tons of Curious Questions
  • Photobombs Pictures of Marketing Celebrities

2. The Stats-Man

  • Crisp, clean business casuals
  • Energy Drink in one hand, iPad in other
  • Always has a number to back own statements
  • Q&A Sessions can turn into one-upmanship battles
  • Always ready for discussions
  • Might have a logbook of all the important stats

3. The “Used-to-Celebrity-Life” Marketer

  • Used to the Conference Circuit
  • Wrote a bunch of marketing books
  • Doesn’t attend many sessions
  • Always surrounded with people
  • Has a “used-to-the-celebrity-life” look
  • Seen high-fiving the who’s-whos of marketing at the after party

4. The Marketing Know-it-All

  • Has seen almost all of marketing
  • In his early 40’s taking things slow
  • Occupies a quiet corner
  • Soaks up all the useful info
  • Not an initiator but sweet when talked to
  • Mostly busy in own thoughts

5. The Networker

  • Less attentive towards speaker
  • Spends most of the time socialising
  • Carries business cards
  • Always ready to Pick Important Phone Numbers
  • Presents business ideas to others
  • Might even be looking for a job

6. The Familiar Face

  • You’ve seen them at many conferences
  • Takes up the front or center seats
  • Might have an experience of a few failed startups
  • You may wonder why they attend so many conferences
  • May not stop talking if a conversation is kindled
  • Generally a good teacher

Wrapping Up

Networking is one of the most important parts of attending a Pubcon event. If you want to expand your marketing circle, you must interact with more and more marketers at the Pubcon.

And as you try to do that, this infographic can help you learn something about all of them.