Weboo - Custom-Built ERP For Agencies

WebOO is everything your Agency needs to organize, track, nurture and manage your leads and customers.

Don’t Waste Your Money On A Generic ERP

Get One That Is Designed To Manage Your Agency
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WebOO makes staying organised effortless.

Manage Your Pipeline With Total Visibility

  • Track deals won, lost and in progress
  • See which reps are your best performers (and why)
  • Capture leads and assign your best sales rep to convert

Manage Your Clients Effortlessly In One Place

  • Create individual client profiles and add multiple projects under each client profile
  • Get a client-side dashboard to let your clients see their project updates in real-time, and set priority on different tasks
  • Communicate with the client and the team from the same portal, without the client seeing the internal conversation
  • Send mail updates to the client directly from the portal. Clients can revert to the mail, and the details automatically get posted to the portal.

Assign And Manage Tasks Effortlessly

  • Add any number of team members to a project
  • Create categories of teams basis the skillset and assign tasks as per availability or skillset
  • Give different permissions to different team members
  • a timeline can also be shown to the client just with the progress milestone achievement.
  • Keep a track of tasks completed, and the log times
  • Generate productivity reports

Project Management Dashboard

  • Customizable dashboard
  • See the number of projects running at a glance
  • Label the projects with categories like SEO, PPC etc for ease of access
  • Search any project
  • Projects with escalations

Monitor The Financials Of The Agency

  • Send automated invoice to clients directly from the portal
  • Access to invoice records for the last year or month
  • See Revenue generated from sales and project management
  • Know which invoices are pending and take action

Use with Weboo sales software, and skyrocket productivity.

Contacts and deals are only the beginning. Weboo CRM is part of a full suite of sales productivity tools that sync up with your inbox and make every part of selling easier.

Capture Leads

Sync your website forms to Weboo to automatically capture leads, and get personal details of your prospects

Assign To Right Sales Rep

Give your hot leads to your top salesman

Track The Pipeline

Track deals won, lost, and in progress

Monitor Sales Performance

See which reps are your best performers (and why)