Web Archive Tool for Accessing Previously Cached Versions of a Website

With the Digital Web Solutions Web Archive Tool, all you have to do is enter the URL of your website and you will be presented with all of the previously cached versions of that website. The list that will appear as a result of searching using this tool will contain all of the previously recorded URLs of your website, along with the current HTTP codes that they are returning.

This information can be used to conduct SEO diagnosis or to restore the original SEO glory of a recently migrated website.

Timestamp Original Status Code

Web Archive- What Is It?

Archive.org, or The Wayback Machine, as it is commonly known, is a powerful tool, if you know how to use it to your advantage. A good use case of The Wayback Machine is in the case of SEO experts when they are faced with a client that has recently migrated to a new CMS or domain.

If such migrations are not done properly (which unfortunately happens very often), all of the SEO progress made by the original site is lost. In many cases, websites that are generating thousands of dollars worth of business are left with next to nothing after a screwed up migration.

While it is possible for an SEO expert to overcome such a situation, doing so is next to impossible without records of old crawls from tools like Screaming Frog or without old sitemap.xml files.

Without the complete knowledge of the original structure of the original site and all the URLs that were part of the website, almost all of its original SEO value, measured in terms of PageRank or Domain Authority, will be lost.

This is where The Wayback Machine is helpful. Archive.org, as the name suggests, is an archive of the historical catches of different websites on the web. The Wayback Machine is available to anyone and everyone and is absolutely free to use.

At Digital Web Solutions, we have been using The Wayback Machine to help our clients for a long time. However, we have realised that using the website manually can seem a little too complex for beginners. The process requires a lot of knowledge of Excel formulas, as well as, of using a crawling tool like Screaming Frog. That’s why we have created this tool.