7 Best White-Label SEO Companies (2024)

White-label SEO comprises a bunch of digital services offered by an agency working alongside a third-party contractor, consultant or freelancer.

By all means, it’s a cost-effective way to meet the rising demand for SEO, fill vital skill gaps and expand the range of offerings.

Let’s understand this with an example.

A relatively small digital marketing agency with 15 clients has a requirement of 5 blogs each month. The content for these blogs is to be written with the objective of increasing traffic to other sites and boosting SERPS. However, the agency doesn’t have an in-house SEO team. So, they outsource the work to other providers who are ready to generate content for 75 blogs each month.

So, here, the third-party service provider is the white-label SEO agency that receives the brief, writes the content, and hands it over to the digital marketing agency at a mutually agreed rate. The agency then delivers the work to the client at a markup price, maintaining a healthy profit margin.

The client gets the work, the white-label provider gets paid, and the credit goes to the digital marketing agency—a win-win situation for all.

What is a White-Label SEO Company?

Simply put, white-label SEO is another name for an SEO reselling partnership between two businesses working in the same domain. Strictly depending on the nature of deliverables, a white-label SEO company can also be an ad-hoc partner to work as an extension for a digital agency.

For instance, in the example cited above, where the requirement was for 75 blogs, the third-party service provider is only responsible for writing the content. However, other things like building client relationships, managing accounts, tracking performance and uploading final content are handled by the digital agency. They only use the white-label service as and when required.

However, a white-label service provider can take on additional roles (like project management) when there’s too much on the plate for the agency.

Why Work with a White-Label SEO Provider?

From meeting increased demand to keeping costs under check, working with a white-label SEO provider has several perks. You can consider working with a white-label SEO company under the following circumstances:

  • If you’re an agency specialising in a particular service (like web design or PPC marketing service) and want to open up to clients across new marketing channels where SEO is an exciting proposition
  • If you already offer niche SEO services, the flexibility of having a white-label provider is always a plus
  • If you want to focus more on building the business and not worry too much about the execution
  • If you don’t have a dedicated SEO team yet and don’t want to increase the budget by hiring in-house

What Services Do White Label SEO Companies Usually Offer?

A white-label SEO company can offer a whole gamut of solutions, from content generation to reporting. Typically, agencies approach white-label SEO companies for key services like:

  • White label SEO reports: As SEO resellers, they can create easy-to-read project reports depicting the impact of SEO services for a client.
  • Keyword research: White-label SEO agencies can analyse the right keywords to target and tailor a foolproof strategy to bring relevant traffic to the client’s website.
  • On-page SEO: A dedicated service that helps optimise title tags, headings and subheadings, meta descriptions, URLs, page speed and internal links to boost website ranking.
  • Off-page SEO: From link-building to guest posting, local SEO and social media marketing indirectly help boost page rankings.

Besides these key services, white-label SEO companies can also help with tasks like:

  • Content creation: White-label service providers can create or assist in creating optimised content marketing assets, like blog posts, ebooks, videos, graphics, etc.
  • Pitching: Transparent, data-backed pitches add value and convince prospects to invest in SEO services
  • Strategy: Content strategy plans outlining the essential steps in an SEO campaign and ways to execute them

Best White-Label SEO Companies in 2023

White-label SEO companies are an ideal choice if you would like to scale your SEO services but don’t want to invest in building an in-house team. However, with the rising number of players in the market, finding the right provider is always challenging. That’s why we have curated a list of the best white-label SEO companies to choose from in 2023.

1. Digital Web Solutions

The singular goal of choosing white-label SEO services is often high profit with low investment. And that’s where Digital Web Solutions (DWS) stands out.

As a leading white-label SEO reseller company, DWS tops the list of providers with the ultimate flexibility to plan and scale your technical SEO needs. From keyword research to content creation and effective backlinking to full-scale client management, DWS uses a comprehensive, tailor-made strategy.

Unlike typical white-label service providers, there’s no pre-designed package that binds you to a contract. Instead, with DWS, you create your customised budget to get things done. Whether you are a digital marketing agency on a budget or an established brand looking for a no-fuss, white-label SEO service, DWS checks all the boxes.

The plus points of choosing DWS :

  • On-demand services that fit your budget
  • Seamless tracking of project status, from briefing to delivery
  • A seasoned in-house team of copywriters and digital marketing professionals
  • Dedicated country-specific IPs to help businesses globally

2. SEO Reseller

Data analysis and SEO campaign management on your mind?

SEO Reseller could be the white-label SEO company you’re looking for.

SEO Reseller is known for its pre-made SEO bundles (Plus, Premium, and Prime) and budget retainer services. The company has its technical SEO software with a dedicated real-time reporting dashboard that allows seamless campaign management, access to keyword ranking data, backlinks analysis, traffic summary and Google Analytics.

The plus points of choosing an SEO Reseller:

  • Efficient client reporting and migration
  • Dedicated account management
  • Detailed audits, proposals and product management
  • Simplified SEO campaign fulfilment

3. Boostability

Boostability is a trusted white-label reseller helping brands rank higher across SERPS, increase sales and gain more exposure. As an SEO reseller service provider, they are a leading choice for local, national and global SEO campaigns. Besides, Boostability also has an in-house team of seasoned professionals to help with website design and content writing needs.

The plus points of choosing Boostability:

  • Flexible packages
  • Industry-trained experts for a fully-managed SEO service
  • Excellent customer service

4. The Hoth

HOTH is one of the most experienced and popular white-label SEO companies on our list. Trusted by digital marketing agencies and affiliates alike, HOTH leads the show with custom link building and local citation using a high-quality and consistent backlinking strategy.

The plus points of choosing HOTH:

  • An array of SEO reseller packages to choose from
  • Comprehensive SEO reseller options that you can sell to any client
  • Extensive experience in link building, content marketing and reputation management

5. Vendasta

As a promising white-label SEO company, Vendasta offers a range of services with a focus on local brands. The company uses its in-house marketing software to cater to rebranding needs for businesses belonging to different industries.

The plus points of choosing Vendasta:

  • Full-service on-site and offsite custom SEO solutions
  • Seamless code edits
  • On-demand content generation
  • Customised link building
  • Detailed and dedicated project reporting

Vendasta has several service packages, namely monthly, growth and scale, with 1, 10 and 15-team member seats, respectively. They also have a 14-day trial offer to help you decide which service package works best for your needs.

6. White Label SEO Firm

Are you looking to outsource bulk client work?

White Label SEO Firm might be the best white-label SEO agency to work with.As an SEO reseller company, they are known for their client management tools that allow them to seamlessly control multiple SEO campaigns simultaneously.

The plus points of choosing White Label SEO Firm:

  • Seamless handling of bulk assignments
  • Quick GMB page optimisation
  • Creation of schema codes
  • GEO and SILO page content creation
  • Web page optimisations
  • Transparent pricing

7. White Label SEO

As an SEO reseller, White Label SEO focuses on keyword analysis and content production to improve brand exposure. They are a preferred agency to boost organic SEO efforts using the market-leading Niche Keyword Finder tool. As a preferred white-label SEO company, it has an impressive list of clientele for dedicated services like backlinks analysis, local citations, on-page optimisation and scale signals. The plus points of choosing White Label SEO:

  • Easy to navigate control panel
  • High profitability
  • Zero client contact
  • Effective tracking of SEO efforts
  • Powerful Facebook Ads service

Tips for Finding the Right White Label SEO Service

Finding the right white label SEO service provider can be downright confusing. Fret not! Here are a bunch of pro tips to make life easy.

Check Out Clients’ Testimonials

After you have defined your key requirements, it’s time to narrow down the list of white-label SEO reseller companies. So, watch out for an agency that:

  • Has resources to deliver all services you require
  • Has a proven track record of success
  • Has a reliable customer support team

Living in a digital age, reviews and testimonials are the best way to test the credentials of a potential white-label SEO reseller program. Now, every company website will have testimonials on display. The question is, can you trust on-site reviews on company sites?

Well, not really! Especially when you have better options. Third-party review platforms where you can check for authentic reviews of your preferred white-label SEO provider include the following:

  • Google Business Profiles
  • Trustpilot
  • Facebook page reviews
  • Better Business Bureau
  • TrustRadius
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork

These platforms are authentic, where the service provider has no control over customer comments. Besides, there’s the age-old way of asking out your network. Talk to friends, colleagues and other business owners about their experience working with a white-label SEO partner.

Ask to See Case Studies

Case studies are another great way to assess how a white-label SEO company approaches a project. So, when browsing a white-label provider’s site, look through case studies to determine how they work and what results they have achieved for their clients.

A case study also explains similar challenges that you may be facing as a digital marketing service agency. The results a particular white-label SEO service provider delivered for a brand will help you assess the true capability of the company.

Now, white label service providers often don’t disclose the clients they have worked for due to the NDA contract binding them. So, if no work samples or case studies are available, you can always ask for the same.

If they are reluctant to provide links to their work, that’s a red flag.

Note Their Communication Style

Nothing beats effective communication. In fact, the best white-label SEO agencies top competition based on the power of communication alone. So, make sure the white-label agency you want to work with communicates clearly and sticks to its promise.

Are They Transparent During the Fulfillment Process?

This is a vital question that establishes the goodwill of a white-label service provider. So, before you get into a discovery call for your project, try to probe them into answering details like:

  • The areas of SEO they specialise in
  • The industry experience they have
  • Their process to boost website rankings
  • The latest SEO tools and technology they use (like Google Search Console, BuzzSumo, Semrush and others)
  • Do they have any customised packages?
  • How do they usually juggle projects from multiple agencies?

A seasoned white label service provider should be transparent in answering such questions. However, there are some obvious red markers when they mention anything from the following list:

X The practice of keyword stuffing

X Buying backlinks

X Using hidden texts

X Duplicate content generations

X Cloaking (which is a black hat SEO technique that displays different versions of a Google page to visitors)

Such tactics can put any brand website and its performance in jeopardy, as Google would penalise them with low rankings. In cases where these tactics are used repeatedly, it may ban them permanently from showing up in the search results. You don’t want things like that to happen to your client projects. Thus, any white-label SEO provider mentioning the same should be struck off from your potential choice list.

A Positive Track Record is Important

Reputation matters. When it comes to choosing a white-label SEO provider, always go with the one with a proven track record. These include any surge in web traffic, product and service sales, or a boost in overall revenue. When you are asking for referrals from your network, this is also a key point to take into consideration.

Closing Thoughts

White-label SEO companies have been a game-changer.

It not only reduces the burden of digital marketing agencies that work without an in-house capacity but also brings finesse and function to the game. Besides, it helps you save time, money and effort in tandem. So, as you expand as an agency, white-label service providers can be pivotal players to help you scale your service range.

As a trusted and functional white-label SEO company, DWS has coined a niche. We are not just another agency for hire, but we are your growth partner to strengthen your brand presence.

Come and discover how we can make a difference as a white-label service provider.

Let’s get you started!