Enhance your buyer’s journey with these content formats

Enhance your buyers journey with these content formats 00000

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Any marketing campaign goes through a series of steps for converting a visitor into a customer. These series of steps begin by making the audience aware about your product, providing them with sufficient information to evaluate it and giving them the distinguishing factor as to why they should buy your product. The last step is the purchase. Once your audience has moved through the funnel and reached this stage, they turn into customers.

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In this article, we will lay out the different content formats which can be used at different stages of the funnel to push the audience further and convince them to finally buy your product.


At this step of the funnel, your goal should be to showcase the value of your product without going salesy. Awareness stage of the marketing funnel aims at educating the user about the product.

Since this is your customer’s first encounter with the product, it is all about making good first impressions. This is where visual content comes to the rescue.

You can use videos, images and even billboards at this level of the funnel. Since this is the awareness stage, you should go for short-form content here. Here is when you can employ pre-roll ads and short explainer videos.

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Videos, at this stage, should be crafted in a manner that they grab the user’s attention in the first few seconds. Also, provide a clear call-to-action button for the audience to push them further through the funnel and help them navigate to the next stage.

Infographics are also a great way to engage your audience if you are smart with your approach. Instead of giving out detailed infographics at this point, utilise them to simplify complicated products. Let your infographics speak to your visitors by eliminating the jargon.


This is the stage where the prospect evaluates if your product suits his requirements or not.

Give out educational videos at this stage. One good way is to use explainer videos. Explainer videos capture the essence of your brand’s functioning. Through explainer videos, you can give a demo of your product or highlight the pain points that you are addressing and in what ways.

This is the stage where you can use detailed infographics to explain the product since you are past the awareness stage and now you have to help the user in understanding how your product is different from the others out there.


This is the last stage of the marketing funnel where the visitor may actually turn into a customer.

One effective way to use visual elements at this stage is by making use of customer testimonial videos. Let your existing customers speak to your potential customers to help them make a better decision. That’s exactly what a customer testimonial video will do for you.

Closing thoughts

When you are engaging consumers at different points in their journey, some formats will work better than the others. And this especially holds true for visual content. Whether it is GIFs, videos, infographics or images, they break the text monotony effectively to enhance consumer’s journey.


Here are some effective ways you can use to improve your buyer’s journey:

  • Map out your buyer's journey to gain a better understanding of the stages that your customers go through as they move from one stage to the next.
  • Customize your content and messaging so that it is relevant to them. This shows your customers that you understand their needs and challenges.
  • Use the right channel to reach your target audience. Not all potential customers are the same, and it is important to be present where they spend most of their time.
  • Track your results to gain insights into what is working and what needs to change. Use this information to optimize your buyer's journey.

Understanding your customer’s needs and pain points at each stage is the most important in the buyer's journey. This will help you curate content and messaging that strike the right balance and is helpful for your potential customers. It is also important to be consistent with the content that is getting published on all your channels to ensure uniformity and familiarity in content.

A thorough understanding of your customer’s needs and pain points throughout the buyer's journey will help simplify the steps, strengthen your marketing efforts, and smoothen the sales process to convert leads into paying customers.