7 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives and Competitors

7 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives and Competitors 00000

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Opposition and confrontations in any industry can help you identify both your capabilities and shortcomings. This aids you in eventually growing smarter. Similar to this, in any business organization, your rivals might assist you in comprehending the industry’s dynamics, rules, and fundamentals. This involves learning more about successful concepts and those that are unsuccessful and examining and determining the relevant tech-how and techniques. SEO tools are utilized for more than just targeted keywords and ranking analysis. It enables you to gain a lot of insight into your rivals, the success of your SEO approach, and whether or not your clientele is getting a profitable return. One such SEO tool is SimilarWeb. This article deals with the 7 best alternatives and competitors of SimilarWeb. However, before going into the details, it is crucial to understand what SimilarWeb is, its advantages, and why one needs an alternative to SimilarWeb.

What is SimilarWeb?

Simply put, SimilarWeb is a tool that enables you to monitor the traffic volumes, key stakeholders, demographic, website visits and clicks, click-through rate, and much more of your competitors’ websites.

We are the gauge of the digital world, as per SimilarWeb’s tagline claims

Their site evaluation method now analyses the visitor rankings and contributors of more than 80 million sites, giving modern businesses the knowledge they need to expand rapidly.

It enables anyone to gain a thorough understanding of almost any webpage! This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses that are dedicated to increasing their audience and online visibility.

Benefits of SimilarWeb

Commercial firms, e-commerce platforms, and other digital services use SimilarWeb to increase their traffic and reach. Some benefits of using SimilarWeb are listed below:

SimilarWeb data helps you identify overall trends and market opportunities.

It enables you to get a summary of your rivals’ key metrics, including market portfolio and online activities, using statistics.

It enhances your traffic-generating techniques by evaluating the appropriate internet sites.

It enables you to discover some of the most popular keyword searches

Investigate the participation numbers of various internet sites

Obtain month-wise information about web traffic.

Utilize the Category Assessment software to design your standard.

To have easy accessibility to assessment indicators, design boards using Bespoke Monitoring systems.

Examine the traffic and conversions of various sites using conversion statistics.

Assemble relevant client listings

Why does one need an alternative to SimilarWeb?

When determining how much traffic a website receives, one of the most utilized tools has been SimilarWeb.

However, not everyone can use SimilarWeb. It has several serious drawbacks, such as:

  • The pricing model is somewhat ambiguous, and it swiftly rises in expense.
  • The reliability of traffic analysis is poor, and there are several inconsistencies.
  • When compared to other options alternatives, SimilarWeb provides significantly lesser bang for the buck.

7 Best SimilarWeb Alternatives and Competitors

1. SEMrush

One of the best SimilarWeb alternatives is SEMrush. SEMrush is a robust Search engine technology that enables market understanding development and growth of your digital presence. Professionals that work in Serps, Adwords, social media management, content creation, keywords, competitor analysis, and communications, among other industries, use this tool, which covers both standard and your rival’s keyword research techniques.

Regardless of your skill set or area of specialization, SEMrush enables you to analyze, optimize, and reflect on your customer engagement objectives.


Some of the feature areas of SEMrush include:

Seo Strategy, local Search engine marketing, connection analytics, keyword research, search console, and rank tracking. Search Engine Optimization also enables you to use tools like website inspections, data source analysts, and on-page digital marketing checks to monitor the condition of your site.

The keyword analysis tool provides you with effective keywords in your niche while evaluating the relevant keyword sites and rankings of the competitor.

Additionally, it gives you the keyword difference and keyword enchantment features for analyzing your profile with that of your opponents.

Furthermore, SEMrush provides investigative study, which is beneficial when you want to optimize and keep a record of the caliber of your search visibility.

Other elements in SEMrush include SEO Ranking, which aids in submitting your content to credible sites on the internet, an on-page Search engine inspector, and SERP analytics to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign, sites, rivals, and searches.

SEMrush Vs. SimilarWeb:

Regarding value, SEMrush provides more tools and services. In addition, they are highly funded and roll out major updates, unlike SimilarWeb.

SEMrush has no limitation on the volume of results, in contrast to SimilarWeb.

Unlike SimilarWeb, which offers one free plan and a customized Enterprise package, SEMrush, even though it doesn’t provide a free plan, it has three pricing tiers. It offers Pro $99.95, Guru $199.95, and Business $399.95 monthly options.

2. SpyFu

Spyfu stands out among other web search technologies as a useful framework for assessing competitors and focused keywords. Businesses employ Spyfu to analyze the digital market strategies of their counterparts as well as potential keywords for organic search and SEM initiatives.  Since Spy Fu focuses on keyword research and the competitive landscape, it gives an extraordinary solution at a lower cost. All things considered, Spyfu is an important element for any online entrepreneur that manages search traffic. Spyfu helps you gain an advantage over the competition if you don’t already have a comprehensive SEO plan. Spyfu provides comprehensive data on the efficiency of organic traffic on any platform. This implies that you will be able to see the same data for your website and all of your competitors.


SpyFu is a top-notch tool for industry analysis and search engine marketing that is perfect for small businesses on a budget who want to boost their ranking in online searches. The following are the features of SpyFu:

SpyFu offers detailed information on how well any website performs in search engine results.

SpyFu’s main Search engine panel offers a variety of data on every website. Information given includes the volume of organic keywords, organic pageviews each month, and the significance of Visitor traffic.

The best organic search terms for any site may be shown in SpyFu’s SEO Keywords research. This is a handy resource for understanding more about the effectiveness of your business and that of your rivals.

SpyFu also provides the following information for each keyword: ranking, price, search term complexity, month-wise inquiries, and monthly engagements.

SpyFu also enables you to identify any website’s citation history

Additionally, SpyFu offers data on purchased search behavior across all popular websites traveling back over 13 years.

SpyFu enables you to investigate on  Pay – per – click for both your website and your competitors, similar to how you would start with the organic investigation.

SpyFu Vs SimilarWeb

The key distinction between Similarweb and Spyfu is that Similarweb struggles to meet business requirements effectively; to undertake workflows for technology upgrades, Similarweb needs a high degree of performance. On the contrary, businesses prefer Spyfu over Similarweb for proposals and modifications, as it is highly successful in meeting their evolving business needs.

Similarweb is a major player in web measurement and virtual competitors’ landscape, whereas Spyfu is a marketing tool for information retrieval that provides the most key phrases for web search operations.

Similarweb uses a statement pricing policy, recurring billing, and freemium, on the other hand, Spyfu employs a monthly payment and annual membership fee strategy.

3. RankWatch

RankWatch is another SEO tool and an alternative to SimilarWeb. It is an SEO promotional tool that provides a thorough overview of every facet of online or digital promotion utilized by businesses. It views the prominence, positioning, and discoverability of a site in search results as the core components of online business. The viewer design of RankWatch is elegant and provides customers with detailed insights to aid them in their online marketing initiatives. Sites, connections, Subdomains, buzzwords, and other Search engine features are all subject to analysis. This software is made to make it easier for users to obtain SEO-related data to make modifications, improvements, and strategies based on outcomes like keyword supremacy and site rankings. By using this program, users can execute SEO tactics more quickly and with better results.


RankWatch’s rank meter enables you to see the exact ranks of your website in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Alibaba, etc. The rankings can be followed in a multitude of geographic locations. Additionally, they are crammed with various enhanced features.

It helps you utilize daily traffic monitoring data presented by the tool to assess the efficiency of your keyword strategy regularly.

The robust and dynamic technology powers up the reliability of your rankings. The multidimensional rank-tracking mechanism also reflects extensive knowledge of search engines and their operations.

The RankWatchsystems are always up to date with the latest search engine upgrades, and any corrective actions are taken instantly.

To display real-time or your most recent ranks at that precise moment, RankWatch offers the option to “Re-run” your ranking computations.

RankWatch Vs. SimilarWeb

RankWatch is perfect for beginners who wish to learn the basics of SEO without making a significant financial commitment, whereas SimilarWeb is too pricey if you are just starting in this field. SimilarWeb works inadequately for websites with low traffic volumes. It may suggest extremely strange rivals for comparison. As a result, predicting may be challenging at some locations.

4. Alexa

Another competitor of SimilarWeb, a well-liked tool called Alexa, aids website entrepreneurs, programmers, marketers, and other website operators in locating great references of other websites with beneficial rankings on the internet.

There is a free version of the program that gives you access to fundamental traffic analytics. As an analytical tool, the free edition doesn’t offer nearly as much as the subscription version, which offers you access to deeper insights.

Alexa analyses websites in-depth to help you compare websites that are comparable to yours throughout the globe, and it presents insights like keyword (paid/organic) data and information, networking media attention and reach, ad techniques, search patterns, and much more. By presenting the data as charts and graphs, Alexa aids in your comprehension of the material and places it in a structured context.


Alexa helps you identify, interact with, and acquire your clients. The application also aids in the discovery of unexplored possibilities for enhancing market outcomes and business expansion.

Additionally, Alexa provides you with all the data required to improve your search engine and Pay – per – click tactics and find fresh approaches to web traffic generation. These tools include citation inspections, competitor site monitoring, target demographic analysis, search engine marketing, and SEO investigation.

Alexa enables you to learn more about a website’s strengths, limitations, and prospects for online marketing by using free tools like website traffic analytics.

Alexa enables you to utilize the viewer overlapping feature based on shared viewership and keyword overlaps. This helps you discover the search potential that your website is missing.

Along with providing popular articles across more than 275 themes, Alexa also provides browser extensions for Chrome. The Alexa browser plugin displays a website’s popularity, historical appearance, related websites, and search terms that bring visitors to that particular site.

Alexa Vs SimilarWeb

Alexa is the finest substitute for SimilarWeb because it can locate or identify your direct rivals who are actively attracting viewers’ attention. Additionally, Alexa enables you to compare your domain to industry benchmarks such as visitors, organic exposure, etc. to discover what you are lacking.

Like SimilarWeb, Alexa doesn’t have a free plan available. However, Alexa has more well-defined pricing tiers and a free trial. Although SimilarWeb has an Enterprise package, you must get in touch with them to learn the exact cost.

With the aid of Alexa, you may estimate your and your competitors’ traffic. Whereas SimilarWeb, even though it includes a range of capabilities, can be perplexing if you don’t have prior knowledge.

5. Ahrefs

If you’re looking for a thorough backlink analytics tool, Ahrefs is a great choice. Ahrefs is an exclusive SEO Services toolkit that enables you to watch your ranking performance, assess rivals, research client search habits, study your industry’s top-performing content, and optimize your website. Ahrefs also enables you to see which SEO and link-building tactics are having the biggest effects on specific keywords.  Global companies and brands from all around the world today utilize the service to increase their online traffic.


The Site Explorer, one of Ahrefs’ potent features, provides a comprehensive view of the backlink graph and organic search volume of any Ip or webpage.

It assists you in finding countless excellent keyword suggestions while estimating their search traffic and positioning complexity.

The most comprehensive keyword research tool in the world, Ahrefs’ Keyword Explorer features the largest third-party user search dataset and covers data for 171 economies and 10 distinct browsers.

Using Ahrefs’ site audit, which scans every page of your website and provides you with an overall SEO quality index, you can also obtain a thorough review of your website.

Additionally, the audit displays significant data in figures and provides suggestions for resolving any SEO concerns that are detected.

Ahrefs Vs SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb has a free plan. However, Ahrefs does not. Instead, Ahrefs offers a $7, seven-day trial that gives you complete access to all of its features.

In contrast to SimilarWeb, which offers only two complete options, Ahrefs offers four monthly plans: Lite at $99, Standard at $179, Advanced at $399, and Agency at $999.

Due to the fact that Ahrefs has the largest backlink database, it competes with SimilarWeb. These links are constantly updated, allowing you to keep tabs on the link-building tactics of your rivals.

Finally, Ahrefs outperforms SimilarWeb in terms of UI/UX and has the capability to determine how many clicks a specific keyword may generate.

6. Serpstat

One of the best alternatives to SimilarWeb is Serpstat. It was introduced a short while ago and, ever since, has swept up the SEO tool market. It is a cost-effective substitute for Similarweb that focuses on helping you promote your initiatives. The versatile platform provides a full suite of tools that are appropriate for big SEO agencies, small organizations, and experts in the field. The majority of Serpstat’s capabilities are entirely free to use for modest applications. The following are the important features that Serpstat provides.


The keyword analysis function is one of Serpstat’s most notable features. Serpstats’ keywords analysis is based on local search engine results and rival websites in your domain.

It assists you in locating all keyword alternatives, related terms, and suggestions. With the use of search queries, you may create a custom strategy for your website and evaluate your competition using search results.

Bulk evaluation of keywords and URLs is another feature. It assists you in employing 18 measures to examine up to 100,000 important keywords and a range of web pages!

Additionally, it assists you in selecting reputable websites for link positioning and performing an SEO analysis of the subdomains of your website.

It enables you to compare data from any five search databases at once.

Serpstat’s competitor data analysis software also aids you in locating relevant online rivals, collecting and interpreting the most famous web pages, the advertising that results in sales, estimating a budget, and determining the organic traffic of the site.

Serpstat Vs. SimilarWeb

There is no rank tracking option available on Similarweb. Any price plan for Serpstat includes the ability to check keyword positions in both sponsored and organic search engine results.

Serpstat is significantly less expensive than SimilarWeb. The credits in Serpstat’s four clear pricing plans enable you to efficiently use all service solutions for both individual experts and Digital marketing businesses.

Serpstat is also quite affordable considering the capabilities it provides, such as the Site Audit functionality that lets you check your website on a regular basis.

Last but not least, Serpstat actively releases innovative features frequently in contrast to SimilarWeb.

7. Magnools

The most affordable and user-friendly toolset in the list of websites similar to Similarweb is Mangools. It’s ideal for newcomers who want a detailed look at the traffic to the website strategy of their competitors.

This toolkit includes five effective yet client-friendly SEO tools and software for both amateurs and experts. In addition to KWFinder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner, SiteProfiler, SERP Volatility Checker, SERP Simulator, and an SEO extension are among others.


Magnools has a distinctive feature called Website Profile. It is a special tool that allows you to examine the high-level SEO credibility of your competitor’s site.

All necessary SEO visitor measurements and data on their search visibility are included in this SEO analysis tool. You can also learn about the demographics of your viewers using this tool.

Another feature is SERPwatcher, which enables you to monitor your search engine rankings and search patterns to assess your success across all platforms.

Another feature is that Magnools’ KWFinder keyword analysis software assists you in locating lengthy key phrases. It gives you a more detailed view of the keywords that are bringing visitors to the websites of your rivals.

Magnools Vs. SimilarWeb

Mangools doesn’t provide a free plan like SimilarWeb, but their cost is reasonable. Mangools alternatively provides a 10-day free trial so you can see if it meets your needs before committing to a monthly membership.

When compared to SimilarWeb, which provides 2 costly packages, Mangools’ Basic package costs $29.90, and its Premium plan costs $39.90.

When compared to SimilarWeb, the keyword research tool of Magnools is the most effective for the money.

Finally, The tool is incredibly simple to use and consistently yields trustworthy findings. Information about the results is fairly simple. Using the list function to save your keywords makes it very easy for you to return and find related content suggestions.


A wonderful tool for measuring your web analytics and digital ecosystem is SimilarWeb. However, these 7 best SimilarWeb alternatives and competitors discussed in this article will enable you to analyze comparable data on other websites if you’re looking to replace it with a new tool or want to explore alternatives before choosing one for your business. Your online marketing initiatives can benefit from an infusion of innovation, drive, and comprehensibility thanks to these alternatives. You can utilize them to improve the way you come up with fresh concepts, introduce and employ successful marketing keywords, search and locate reliable link-building prospects, boost web traffic, and make other beneficial gains.


Yes, Similarweb is a helpful tool for SEO, but it does more than just SEO. It provides information about visitors, your website, and competitors' websites, which can help you make smarter decisions to improve your online presence. So, if you want to improve your website’s SEO, Similarweb can be a valuable tool.

Similarweb is a handy tool for gaining insights on any website or mobile app. The data provided includes in-depth analytics on traffic sources, keyword analysis, and engagement metrics like time on site, page views, bounce rates, etc. These are valuable resources for businesses and marketers to understand their websites and competition. However, it’s important to remember that Similarweb provides estimates, so the numbers might not be exact.

Similarweb has a few competitors in the market. Some of the main ones are:

  • SEMrush: A popular tool for digital marketing professionals. It provides data on website traffic, keywords, and competitive analysis.
  • SpyFu: Specializes in competitor research and lets users see what keywords their competitors use for advertising and SEO.
  • RankWatch: Helps businesses keep track of their website’s performance in search engine rankings. It also offers insights into keywords and competitors.
  • Alexa: Helps people analyze website traffic and other online data. It’s known for its rankings and competitive analysis.
  • Ahrefs: Focuses on SEO and helps users track their website’s performance and analyze their competitors’ websites.
  • Serpstat: Provides data on keyword rankings, backlinks, and competitor analysis. It helps improve a website’s visibility in search results.
  • Magnools: Includes KWFinder for keyword research, SERPChecker for analyzing search results pages, and other valuable features for improving website performance.

These tools are helpful for businesses looking to understand and improve their online presence.