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11 Best Backlink Analysis Tools To Improve Your Link Building Strategy

The potential of backlink analysis tools always  reflects in the results they provide. Acting as your SEO companion, they offer insights into your links, aiding you in understanding and optimizing your online presence. You can stay ahead in serach results and improve your website’s performance by utilzing these backlink analysis tools

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

January 29, 2024

Getting a backlink from a top-notch, high-domain authority website is indeed a matter of celebration. These links come with much difficulty. However, the results they bring are truly phenomenal. But how will you know where to find backlinks from and if they are worth it? 

There are two ways to go about this. The manual method is where you will have to analyze each website individually, manually track the progress being made, and make changes to your SEO strategy wherever needed. 

On the other hand, you can use a backlink analysis tool to thoroughly analyze a website, its backlinking profile, and how you can compete against it. These tools also help in analyzing one’s link profile for potential growth and better search engine rankings. 

Here are the top 11 backlink analysis tools that will help improve your link profile and boost your website’s ranking: 

1. RankWatch

RankWatch is an easy-to-navigate and insightful tool that ensures that every time you use it, you get tangible insights about your competitors and the market. The tool simplifies creating, running, and optimizing backlink strategies while offering the convenience of thorough competitor analysis. With RankWatch, you can significantly save time spent on analyzing and implementing SEO strategies. The tool has a lightweight local SEO plugin.

The key features of RankWatch:

  • Rank tracking for websites across the internet
  • Competitor analysis that is insightful and thorough
  • Complete site audit to identify spammy links, toxic links, and broken links.
  • Backlink analysis to recognize result-yielding links and ineffective links
  • Keyword research to identify high search volume and trending keywords
  • Advanced reporting system ensuring you are able to draw parallels easily 
  • Generates insightful data to supplement data-driven decisions
  • Automated alerts so that you are able to make decisions quickly 
  • Easy to use and navigate dashboard
  • The daily rank refresh keeps you at the top.
  • The services are white-label
  • The tool helps in finding hidden opportunities


RankWatch comes with a free 14-day trial where you get to experience the power and reliability of the tool. The paid versions start from $29/month. The tool also offers customized pricing plans as well in case your requirements do not fit the existing plans. 

2. Google Search Console

A free tool from Google itself, the Google Search Console is incredibly helpful in monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing your website’s presence on search engines. It allows a website owner to fully understand how their website is performing by offering valuable insights. Its in-depth analysis features enable website owners to identify performing backlinks and spammy backlinks. This equips brands to adapt and update their current strategies to rank higher on search engines with a flawless link profile. 

The key features of Google Search Console:

  • Clearly outlines crucial website data, including number of clicks, click-through rates, impressions, etc
  • Check how the Googlebot views URL links
  • Identify potential security issues within the website and how you can fix them
  • Thorough and insightful analysis of performance data
  • Rich results and structured data on the website
  • Identifying crawl errors on the website
  • The presence of broken links throughout the spectrum of your online presence
  • Fix any issues related to indexing problems and directly request for re-indexing of new or updated content
  • Shows the sites that link to your website


Google Search Console is a free tool that can be used by small businesses, SEO enthusiasts, and developers who are looking for a tool that simplifies SEO processes, steps, and error understanding for them. 

3. Ubersuggest

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is a popular tool that many SEO experts and digital markets actively use to find insightful data about the market. The tool is utterly simple to use, and it offers real-time data that can help improve your SEO strategy. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard and segmented areas catering to aspects of SEO you want to research. Ubersuggest also has a Chrome extension that allows you to check traffic, search volume, and industry trends in real-time whenever you are doing a search. 

The key features of Ubersuggest include:

  • Smart backlink monitoring feature that scans the internet to find links of all types.
  • Efficient and updated keyword rank tracking and research tools
  • Thorough competitive analysis to understand what your competitors are achieving differently
  • Link management so that you are always in control of your link-building strategy.
  • Trend analysis helps ensure you are taking the right steps in SEO management.


The tool offers a set number of free trials on the free plan. The subscription for the tool starts from $29/month and can go up to $990 for a lifetime plan.

4. SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool

SEMrush’s backlink tool is phenomenal in fetching data and information from the web that can be used for backlink monitoring and management. The tool breaks down a website’s referring domains into categories and how it performs in the niche while also showing websites that have a similar link profile. This feature makes it easier for experts to draw parallels between their efforts and potential gaps. 

The key features of the SEMrush backlink gap tool include:

  • Compare up to five domains at a time to identify backlink opportunities.
  • Analyze the data derived by the tool and export the data to maintain a database.
  • The tool has filtering metrics, including traffic, authority score, category, and suitable outreach prospects.
  • Huge amounts of data from trillions of links can be utilized for link-building purposes.
  • It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard with segments that help multiple kinds of research.
  • Strategic link tracking and backlink management system that enables businesses to take strategic actions.
  • Conduct detailed site audits to find and fix the website’s technical and SEO-related issues.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other apps, including Google Chrome, Trello, WordPress, etc.


A free plan is available that offers a set number of free trials of the tool. The paid plans start from $129.95/month.

5. Ahrefs

Another popular name in the list, Ahrefs, is widely opted for its versatility and the powerful results it can bring. The tool has an easy-to-use interface and is lightweight, meaning it churns out results faster. The keyword research feature is fast and capable of analyzing the internet within minutes, including parameters like search volume, CPC, keyword difficulty, and more. Furthermore, the tool also scans through more than ten search engines to find results that will help you shatter the competition.

The key features of Ahrefs include:

  • Helps in scanning through the internet to identify keywords your competitors are ranking for, websites your links are referring to, and if your competitors are using paid ads.
  • The content explorer features bring forth prospects you can reach in more than ten niches. 
  • Identify top-performing content and where you can get links from
  • Find unlinked brand mentions that can help in securing high-quality links on reputed websites.
  • Thorough and real-time rank tracker.
  • Internal link opportunities and redirects that could be diluting your efforts.
  • The tool has a vast index of live backlinks that are updated on a frequent basis.


The trial period for 7 days can be available at $7, and you can test run the tool for your research. Monthly subscriptions start from $99/month (personal) and $999/month (agency). Annual subscriptions start from $82/month (personal) and $832/month (agency).

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a cloud-based content marketing tool that is extensively used for research purposes to discover what’s trending currently in the market and how you can leverage it to your advantage. The insights BuzzSumo garners are fetched from a wide pool of data sources. The tool can be used to understand and analyze if the keyword you are trying to generate backlinks for really has potential. This equips you with the ability to generate content that will actually draw engagement and quality backlinks. The tool is amazing and incredibly helpful when you are looking for content ideas that will help build scalable backlinks. 

The key features of BuzzSumo include:

  • Generate practical ideas for your content using keywords that are currently trending or have a higher search volume.
  • Conduct thorough and detailed keyword research for content generation
  • The content analyzer feature offers a detailed backlink profile for every article alongside publications and influencers who are sharing the content.
  • The tool checks the web pages that link back to a domain or specific site page for analyzing the content (produced by you or your competitor)
  • It also allows you to create alerts so that whenever an opportunity for link-building pops up, you are able to leverage it.


The paid plans for BuzzSumo start from $199/month, and you can avail of 20% off if you opt for their early packages.


All-in-One SEO (AIOSEO) is a widely popular SEO plugin for WordPress. It has a plethora of features that will come in handy when you are conducting your own research and powering up your strategy. The tool has extensive local SEO modules that come with local guidance. It works as an SEO optimizer that makes it possible to identify how your website is performing and areas that need to be upgraded. The Smart Sitemaps feature makes for instantly indexing pages to start gaining SEO advantage. The tool generates insightful data in no time, enabling business owners to make strategic decisions.

The key features of AIOSEO include:

  • Complete SEO audit and tracking to understand if the website has undergone any major changes to improve its ranking or backlink profile 
  • Helps in improving internal links and site structure to ensure your business has a solid and effective link-building strategy.
  • The tool can be used for keyword research, gaining content insights, localization, and SERP rank tracking. 
  • Submit newsworthy articles to Google News Sitemaps
  • Highly comprehensive robots.txt editor
  • Check if Google has indexed your links and pages.
  • Image SEO add-on that makes it possible to add image alt text and title attributes for images.


The tool has two primary plans: the basic plan, which is charged $99, and the pro plan, which is charged $399. There is a free version available as well, but if you are looking for deeper insights, the paid version will be better. 

8. Majestic SEO

The tool is a link intelligence tool that helps businesses make the most out of their SEO strategy. The domain metrics are presented in the form of backlink histories, anchor texts, referring domains, and keyword search volume. They have their own flow metrics that enable marketing and SEO experts to make decisions towards improving their link-building strategy while simultaneously working on their SEO strategies. The tool has two separate indexes for links, a historical index and a fresh index, making it possible for you to track the progress the links are making. Both these indexes keep refreshing for accuracy. It is a great tool when you are looking to make the most out of your link-building strategy. 

The key features of Majestic SEO include:

  • The tool is helpful in creating a customized link-building strategy that helps in bringing your website to the top research results.
  • Track your SERP rankings for the links you have created and how the pages are ranking. 
  • Detailed and insightful competitor analysis. 
  • Use the FlagMention filter to gain backlinks opportunities present across the internet wherever your brand name is mentioned. 
  • Find image links, deleted links, and mentions.
  • Identify top backlinks and how they are performing. The tool analyzes these links in detail to ensure you are able to leverage information to your advantage.
  • Find and reach out to referring domains to attract traffic to your website and increase the scope for drawing in conversions. 
  • Identify the range of anchor texts your competitors are using.


Majestic SEO has four levels of pricing plans depending on the range of features you can avail. The base plan starts from $80/month, while the most premium plan is priced at $5000 (white-label). 

9. Monitor Backlinks

If you are looking to automate your marketing reports and are in search of a tool that will help simplify SEO for you, Monitor Backlinks is a great option. The tool offers a wide range of features that will help anyone working extensively on their backlink profile to gain an advantage. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, while the navigation is made to be simple and efficient. Furthermore, the tool gives deep insights into your competitors and the nature of the results they are able to generate by placing high-demand and trending anchor texts. 

The key features of Monitor Backlinks include:

  • Build excellent and impactful links that can garner more traffic to your website.
  • Stay in the know whenever a new link that points to your website is created to understand what’s happening in the market and why your name pops up. 
  • Reach out and build relationships with websites that are high in authority to continue growing your website’s traffic influx.
  • Recover valuable lost links through running ads and guest posting.
  • Track your keyword rankings over a period of time to ensure you are making efforts in the right direction and discontinue working on keywords that are no longer relevant to your business.
  • Manage all your backlink data from one easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Reverse engineer competitor research to identify keywords and backlink strategies to gauge your existing strategy and how you can improve the quality of results you are deriving. 
  • Keep the shadows of negative SEO away from your website by efficiently disavowing spammy and toxic links. 


The tool offers five different packages that start from $24.90 per month and the biggest plan (that offers all the features in unlimited) for $174.90 per month.

10. Moz Link Explorer

The Moz Link Explorer makes it possible to analyze a plethora of links that are on the internet and can be related to you directly or indirectly. With the tool, you can unlock better and more fruitful results. Moz Link Explorer is easy to use, and it derives insightful reports and data about your website and, more importantly, your link profile. The tool gives insights into the authority and rankings of your efforts. The link explorer tool also measures the number of backlinks on valuable pages, the anchor texts used, and linking domains, presenting the opportunity to build high-quality links that can thrive online better. 

The key features of Moz Link Explorer:

  • Check links from any site to your website. You can keep the links that are offering value to your website and disavow linking to spammy, dubious websites.
  • Track the inbound links to understand why your website is ranking high on search engines and how you can continue to achieve it. 
  • Research your competitors’ backlinks and draw comparisons of the makeup of your competitors’ link profiles and their effectiveness.
  • Understand thoroughly how your competitors are earning their backlinks to navigate your efforts.
  • Find broken links to your website to maintain link equity and generate traffic from high-quality backlinks that you have earned by effortlessly finding and fixing links that are broken but still linked to your website.
  • Spam score of the backlinks to lower and completely remove the number of spammy links to your website.
  • Identify link-building opportunities that are coming your way, but you need help to see them due to the noise.
  • Research content that is performing at the top and drawing results for you. Also, identify content that no longer serves the required purpose.
  • Check and analyze new and old links to keep your link profile up to date.


The tool comes with a free one-month trial that can then be converted to paid plans to analyze a wider number and perspective of links. The paid plans, on the other hand, start from $99 per month and can go up to $299 per month. The range of features and services available for these packages varies. 

11. Check My Links

A highly reliable and dependable Chrome extension that many SEO experts and link builders swear by. The extension is easy to work with and shows data almost instantly. Its lightweight build makes it possible for the extension to load real-time data almost instantly. The extension quickly analyzes faulty and high-quality links present on the website. This feature is not only time-saving but a great way to have all the required information in one place. 

The key features of Check My Links include:

  • The tool checks instantly for redirects on the page and highlights them in the report it generates.
  • The tool checks for broken 404 errors on the website
  • The extension loads the complete data of the website within 10 seconds.
  • The tool checks multiple pages at once, eliminating the need to check each page individually. It saves time and ensures you are able to derive results fast.
  • The tool shows the exact nature and number of errors that are being caused by the damaged link. 


The extension is free to use. However, paid plans can be available if you are looking to scan multiple websites over a period of time and want copyable data that can be reported. 

Parting words

Getting high-quality backlinks takes work, especially when there are a lot of blogger networks offering this service. Backlink checker tools come in handy during such times as they can scan the internet and find opportunities your website can leverage. Aside from that, these tools also help in keeping your link profile packed with high-quality backlinks from reputed websites. However, these backlink checker tools are game changers as they enable you to analyze a wide range of links on the internet, set up your own research-backed link-building strategy, and power up your website’s search engine rankings.

Backlinking analysis tools can help understand gaps in your strategies and how you can make it up to be a top ranking website on search engines. Read more here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the top five criteria that must be taken into account when analyzing a backlink:

  1. The relevance of anchor text (which is the clickable text of the link) being used for the target industry. When Google’s bot crawls a web page and identifies the presence of a link, the crawler uses the anchor text as a reference to determine how and if the destination URL is relevant to the linked page. 
  2. The relevance of linking the page’s content and quality plays a vital role in passing link juices. Links coming from a high-quality page with content written, keeping intent in mind, will add more credibility to the backlink. On the other hand, a low-quality link that has low-quality content will drain your website’s ranking potential significantly. 
  3. Relevance of the linking domain quality as linking to high-quality and dependable pages.
  4. The IP address and the link’s location are also to be considered. If a major chunk of links on your website are coming from the same domain IP address or have no IP address (or addresses), then there’s a high chance that these links are not good for your website. As a matter of fact, these links could be coming from a private blog network. Such networks are not appropriate for Google. 
  5. The link’s location in the content’s body is crucial as the placement allows for smoother and easier passing of link juices. The higher a page the link appears, the more importance the link will have to the content of the page, eventually offering more value to the reader. Thus passing more value to the reader over links that are placed later in the article. 

RankWatch is a highly dependable and easy-to-use free backlink checker tool that you can use to analyze a wide variety of inbound and outbound links, referring domains, conduct a complete analysis of any backlink profile, monitor backlinks, lost link recovery, competitor backlink audit and identify link-building opportunities. The features this tool offers continue to grow and make it possible for SEO experts and marketers to strengthen their link-building strategy even if they are on a budget.

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