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How to Get More Google Reviews (8 Tips)

Getting more Google reviews requires strategic actions. Utilizing effective methods is your path to take this journey. The result? An elevated online presence for you and your business.

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Raghav Tayal

Head Of Operations - Digital Web Solutions

January 24, 2024

Has it happened that you are looking to book a service at a spa or buy a new product from a store, and to be sure that their offerings are top-notch, you end up digging Google customer reviews? Only when the reviews seem right do you move ahead with the purchase.

You are not alone, as 95% of people report checking Google reviews of a business or product before they start considering it seriously. Google reviews and reviews left by customers on other platforms can significantly help in driving purchase decisions. This makes it incredibly important for businesses to get reviews from their customers.

The good ones can go directly to your website or GMB profile, whereas the not-so-good ones can be addressed privately by offering practical coupon codes and discounts that can be used during their next shopping trip at your business. Google reviews create an opportunity for your business to become more approachable to customers (existing and potential alike). However, getting your customers to share reviews after every purchase can be tricky and difficult sometimes, but we have everything you can do to get more reviews easily.

The Benefits of More Google Business Reviews

Google is among the most powerful and influential sources for finding credible social proof about anything under the sun. With more businesses going online (in terms of having their own business website or offline store with an online presence), Google reviews have been helping customers make decisions quicker and more efficiently. Here are more benefits to look at:

Google reviews build trust for your business

Your customers will buy from you only if they find your business trustworthy. No one wants to risk their money and stress out if they made the right choice. Transparency plays a vital role in the customer’s journey. With everything becoming more accessible than ever, more people prefer looking up something (a product or service) online before making a purchase decision.

Having reviews for your range of services or products ensures that you are able to convince your future customers about your authenticity, quality, and customer service. Customers today believe in reviews as they are more unbiased compared to what the brand has to say about itself. These reviews also act as confirmation that your offerings are the right solution for their problems. 

Google reviews can increase online visibility through SEO

Google reviews can also help your online visibility significantly. These reviews are part of Google’s free service for businesses known as Google Business Profile listings. Google reviews (particularly good reviews) will make your business more visible whenever a local search is made. With keywords like ‘best’ used in the reviews, your business is more likely to be shown at top positions. If your business has more positive reviews, there’s a much higher chance of getting traffic, eventually resulting in increased website traffic. 

Reviews can help convince and convert more customers

Your potential customers are looking to make a purchase from your business, and they are looking at reviews to be sure the product or service is promising and validated by unbiased customers. An optimized Google Business Profile ensures your customers find what they are looking for without having to go on other directory websites. 

Your Google Business Profile will also have all the reviews on display, making it easier for your customers to go through them while they are still deciding. These reviews are more likely to drive traffic to your website, where the persuasive website copy can do the charm and convert them into customers. 

Customer reviews and a persuasive website ensure your customers have a thrilling and trustworthy experience while undergoing the sales funnel. Through this, you can also make great use of SEO for lead generation. 

8 Ways To Get More Google Reviews

Here are some strategic and smart ways to gather genuine and organic reviews from your existing customers. Remember, your potential customers are eager to make a buying decision. The only things they want are peace of mind and assurance that your business does what it claims. 

Google reviews are an excellent catalyst to make that transition. So, regardless of how small your existing customer’s purchase is, getting a review from them will be the game changer. Here is everything you need to know (and do):

Link Your Google Review Page To Your Website Or Thank-You Email

Linking your Google Review Page with your website will make it easier for the reviews to also show up on your website. These reviews can be strategically placed on product pages and checkout pages to encourage more customers to make the purchase without having second thoughts. If your website is based on eCommerce sites like Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce, these reviews will be incredibly useful in establishing brand authenticity.

Furthermore, integrating Google Review Page into your website will make it incredibly easy for returning customers to leave ratings and reviews without having to go through layers of web pages. 

You can also send email requests to your existing customers requesting reviews for rewards (discount coupons or free gifts). This will encourage them to leave a review while getting one more reason to come back to your store.

Use Your Custom Google Review Link

Wondering what a Google Review Link is? It is a unique link that your customers can use to write reviews for your Google My Business page. With a direct link, it will become 10x times easier for your customers to write reviews. 

Without a custom Google Review Link, your customers will have to take a long route (which can be frustrating sometimes) to leave a review.

Here is how you can get your own custom Google Review Link:

Step 1: Go to your Google My Business account

Step 2: Now scroll till you see the ‘get more reviews’ box

Step 3: Click the  ‘get more reviews’ box, and you will have a custom-generated, sharable link for the listing

This can be done for individual listings or for a set number of pages. These links are great if you are looking to make a certain number of products your store’s specialty. You can share those links with your customers to get a targeted review in those cases. 

Smart ways to use your custom Google Review Link:

  • Create a dedicated post-purchase campaign to target your existing customers.
  • Share the code via SMS or through messenger apps.
  • Include the code in your rewards program and encourage customers to leave a review for an exclusive coupon code. 
  • Add your custom Google Review Link as an element in your email signature.

Ask Customers For Google Reviews

The best way to get a review, absolutely hassle-free, is to ask for a review. You can do it while you are assisting them, in the middle of delivering their desired results a few days after the sale has been made. It makes them feel valued (because their opinion of your business is something that you care about) and emotionally connected to your business. 

Consider creating a custom Google review link for this purpose, as it will be easier for you to share the link once your customers give an approving nod to share reviews on the spot. Alternatively, you can consider getting QR codes designed specifically for this purpose. There are many ways to note a review, and acting while your customers are still engaged with you is always best. 

Provide Amazing Products Or Services

One of the best ways to get a review (sometimes without even asking) is to provide products or services that make your customers happy and satisfied. Excellent customer service can be the catalyst in ensuring you are able to deliver results without missing a beat.

Here is why excellent service will do wonders for your business:

  • Offer personalized help with the intention to build a personal relationship with your customers. You want them coming back for more, and going above & beyond can be the key.
  • Take feedback from your customers regularly and understand their experience without any bias. The aim is to improve and provide better.
  • Focus on training your employees to be friendly, polite, and understanding. Their presence should not make shoppers anxious but rather convenient.
  • Keep your brand accessible. Maintain your contact information, like customer care helpline number and email address, open for the public so they can reach you easily. 

Get Google Reviews Using QR Codes

Setting up QR codes to gather reviews is a smart move. It will require just one step to get to the page where customers can leave their feedback and reviews. There are plenty of QR code generators that you can use to do this. You can also consider adding these QR codes to your packaging so that your customers can scan the code and land on the review page directly.

Ask for Google Reviews on Social Media

In recent times, social media has become a dynamic and fun place for businesses to be present. Through social media, you can regularly show your customers what your brand stands for, the general practices, and what matters the most to your brand and publish engaging, informative content. 

In fact, posting business reviews from recent purchases by customers is an excellent way to encourage interaction and create brand advocacy. Furthermore, sharing existing customer reviews will encourage other existing customers to share their reviews. 

Sharing reviews on your social media should, however, be strategically planned so that it doesn’t come across as the only way your brand is able to establish credibility and authenticity.  

Include A Google Review Link in Your Email Signature

Adding your Google Review Link in your email signature will ensure that any mail your customers receive from your end has a route to share a review or go through existing ones. The benefit of this feature is that they will get to learn more about other products that your brand offers and what customers like about them. 

Moreover, including the review link in every email will show your brand’s consistency and dedication towards its customers and what they have to say. If you have been relying on sending cold emails and wondering how to get Google reviews for your business, then this tactic can be the way to go. 

Respond to Google Reviews as Quickly as Possible

Whenever a Google review gets posted on your business page, consider replying to it on a priority basis instead of keeping it as a weekend task. Prompt responses from busy workstations instantly bring a smile to the faces of customers (who aren’t even expecting a reply in the first place) and make them feel valued. 

Your response doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be something as simple as a thank you with a discount coupon they can use the next time they shop at your store. 

In case you have a customer who is not so happy with your service and has left a negative review, consider extending support to them to understand how you can help improve their experience with your brand. Offering them a discount code or merely listening to their feedback will instantly calm them down while giving a positive brand impression. 

Examples of Asking For Google Customer Reviews

Asking your customers to share a review or their experiences doesn’t have to be challenging. However, it is crucial to find the right words so that the moment they read your request, they are willing to take time and share their thoughts, feedback, and reviews with you. Here are a few things you can consider sending:

  • Your review will help us to reach more people and help them. If you have a minute, please share your feedback on our business. We really appreciate it!
  • Help us improve and serve you better. Your reviews on Google will help us improve our services/products. We are eager to hear from you!
  • Thank you for choosing us. Please let us know how we are doing by sharing your experience on Google review here! 
  • Your experience with us overjoys us! Share your excitement with a Google review!
  • Your purchase made us do a happy dance! Please share your reviews on Google and support our efforts!

How To Leave Google Reviews (without the shortcut link)

While your shortcut link will make getting Google reviews a one-step process, knowing how it can be done without a link can come in handy someday. Here is how you can do it:

How to leave a Google review on mobile

  • Search for the Google Maps app on your phone. If you have an iPhone, you can do this by downloading the Google Maps app.
  • Look up the business name using the search bar.
  • Tap on the business listing you are looking to review for and tap on ‘Reviews.’
  • The “Rate and review” section will show up. You can add the rating by clicking on the far-left star (1-star rating) and far-right star (5 stars). You can also click on individual stars to give three or even 4-star ratings. 

How To Leave A Google Review On Desktop

  • Sign into your Google account.
  • Go to the website Google.com/maps.
  • Search for the business name you are looking for.
  • Once the business listing appears, click on the business name.
  • Scroll down to find the “Review summary” section.
  • Click on the “Write a review” section to add your own review.
  • You can also click on the star rating under the business name to find and write your own review. 

Note: The reviews can include images and mention the offerings the business is giving out to its customers. 

Start Getting More Google Reviews For Your Business

Your customers are looking for reviews they can trust to support their buying decisions. Google reviews are excellent in doing so. However, to get more Google reviews, it is important that your business cultivates requests for reviews (and provides excellent services/products) as a general practice. Here are some effective ways to get more reviews on Google:

  • Verify your Google Business Profile to make your business listing seem more authentic and genuine.
  • Tell your customers how to leave a review and why it matters to you.
  • Create a short, easy-to-access link to your Google reviews profile.
  • Show reviews left by previous customers on your website.
  • Create review cards that will be sent with the order after every purchase.
  • Run a reward program.
  • Send automated emails and SMS text messages to your customers requesting a review.
  • Be upfront and politely ask for customer reviews.

Parting words

Reviews are a great way to make people believe in your business faster. With these tricks, you can stop stressing about how to get more reviews on Google and instead focus on effective ways to help you achieve the same. Avoiding getting Google reviews for your business is a big no as it can make it challenging for your business to show unbiased opinions in favor of your business.

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