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Video is one of the hottest top trends in marketing. Campaigns powered by a video can unleash massive engagement and conversions. Industry data says businesses which use videos can grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Don’t believe it? You can check out these success stories released by brands like Dropbox and CrazyEgg.

Thanks to the latest watching trends, video works. No doubt about it!

The burning question is –

Which Video Marketing Platform Should You Invest On?

YouTube and Facebook are everyone’s favorites. But Instagram is also rocking the boat with video content. There’s even a dedicated IGTV section now for video content. LinkedIn too has joined the paddle introducing support for video ads.

Beyond the social media ad platforms, some other marketing strategies included putting the video on your landing page, and promoting that page massively with PPC and retargeting ads.

No doubt, the importance of video marketing can’t be ignored. However, with all these marketing channels and new ones popping up for video content, we needed a definite answer to help our customers and businesses across the world make smarter marketing decisions.

So, we ran a survey.

We put the best platforms against each other and asked our 1000+ customers which video marketing channel/strategy they would use in 2023. This brought us to a good idea of new marketing trends for video in 2023.

Here’s the result.

Video Marketing Channel 2019 Poll Chart

We also reached out to notable marketing ninjas in the industry to pitch in their insights and they revealed some priceless video marketing tips. Hear them out!

Video Marketing Experts

Target Low Competition Platforms- Fresh Game For Everyone!

Ashley Luk | Marketing Coordinator @ Unbounce

Video platforms like Skillshare are a great online learning resource where you’re able to deliver content on an area of expertise to a wider audience. For instance, Unbounce launched our Skillshare course on Creating Dedicated Landing Pages and we’ve been seeing conversions brought in from the course.

Matthew Vazquez | CEO & Director of Strategy @ Next Level Marketing

LinkedIn has recently opened exciting opportunities for B2B video marketing with their new features- Video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages. The platform is gaining a lot of momentum in with their advertising features, and the competition is still low enough to make a big impact with a modest budget!

Integrated Video Marketing Approach For The Win

Nichole Mena | Creative Director@ Rizen

There’s no doubt that 2023 will be all about visual-first and that video rules on each of these platforms. Audiences are looking to engage with companies that are more authentic, and what better way to do so than with a video strategy. The trend will only continue on an upward climb, especially with live video and the Stories format seeing a tremendous increase in popularity on Facebook and Instagram.

So which platform should we be creating for? Well, ideally all. You’ll want to be able to extend your reach as much as possible, using an integrated approach, not limiting yourself to one channel.

When it comes to video advertising, however, I do see Facebook as being the platform of choice for marketers. Mostly due to the platform’s extensive capabilities for targeting specific audiences. And, of course, the number of active users is in the billions.

And seeing as though Facebook owns Instagram, you can share successful content such as videos, images, and ads on Instagram as well. Although it has a smaller audience that skews a bit younger than that of Facebook, it’s a platform that should not be overlooked.

Then there is YouTube. It’s the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google, of course. It’s a platform that every business should be using because of its ability to associate search keywords to a specific video.

The key to remember is that users typically go to YouTube to seek out specific content and are more likely to view a longer piece of content because of this. Facebook and Instagram users will probably scroll through a feed, not looking for anything in particular, so short bits of content will be better suited here.

Depending on your audience and the type of content you’ll be creating, will determine what platforms you should be using. Adapting your content to all platforms, however, is still the best choice.

Payman Taei | Founder of Visme

Facebook- if you do a great job with your targeting (pretty much this only works well if you boost your posts) you can get your brand in front of a lot of eyes in your niche market. I look at Facebook as a brand awareness channel not a converter.

LinkedIn- you are getting in front of business professionals and they are hungry for great snackable content, but they hate noise/clutter.

Instagram, haven’t really tapped into yet but certainly going to explore it more in future. At the end of the day, if you don’t have valuable content that will tell a great story and differentiate you from others, neither would do much for you.

Youtube Was, Is & Will Always Be The Best Bet

Marcin Dudkiewicz | CEO @ ViralStat

If we’re talking about video content, then the main platform for it is and always will be YouTube.

For Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn video content is just an additional feature resulting from the demand on the market, where’s for YouTube, video simply runs in their blood and was the reason the platform creation. So, even though other social media video marketing platforms will continue their video market expansion, in my opinion, YouTube will continually dominate this industry in 2023 (especially with their ease to discover content, unlike other video hosting platforms).

Nick Campbell | Outreach Manager @ Ahrefs

YouTube is surely here to stay as #1 platform for video marketing. And I can’t think of any other platform that could compete with it. As I’m involved in SEO, that’s what I’d like to focus on first and foremost. Google suggests YouTube videos above the top 10 search results, which makes it a perfect playing field for everyone who needs more exposure. Due to a subscription option, random visitors can become your long-term audience.

It also takes like a few clicks to embed videos into a site or share them on social media. Quite handy, isn’t it? All these pros come for free, which makes it an ideal solution for startupers or anyone on a tight budget. With years-long presence and billion user base, YouTube is not going to back off in 2023.

The Instagram Wave Is Going BIG (Using Instagram as a Video Marketing Tool)

Emma Knightly | Marketing Specialist @ Digital Marketing Institute

When looking at digital marketing trends 2023, Instagram is the fastest growing social platform for the under 30 demographic, passing one billion users.

An Instagram presence will therefore no longer be a choice in 2023 when targeting this audience, especially for B2C businesses – this means allocating more spend to creating eye-catching, short videos with great visuals to capture interest and raise brand awareness through sponsored posts.

Peter Sinclair | Founder & Creative Director @ Yumboxdesign

Since we’ve started targeting Asia, only one platform for us has been such a great source of networking, as well as a source for getting our name and talent out in that part of the world’s marketplace. That platform being Instagram. We’ve only recently gotten into it, but we love how a post seems to reach the far corners of the globe within seconds of posting.

We’ve even had meetings with other startup businesses here, who believe it’s not even worth having company websites anymore, just to be on Instagram. Well, we don’t totally agree with that view, but we do understand that that can certainly be true for some smaller businesses out here in Asia. The mobile phone has become such a powerful tool. Downloading Apps like Instagram is free, and instantly you’ve opened yourself up to global markets and audiences at the tap of a button.

The fact that Facebook purchased this platform in 2012 certainly tells us that there is a lot more to come from this platform, as well as a sign that Facebook knows it must put its eggs into other baskets, as more and more businesses, as well as people, look for another more effective way of communicating professionally, as well as socially. Yumboxdesign, as well as our sister agency Yumboxinteriors, certainly will be studying and using and promoting this platform in the months to come.

Of course, there are always new social platforms emerging. The nature of social media is like riding a wave, with a need to jump off from a sinking one to a newer emerging one. However, the Instagram wave for us is proving to be sturdy for the time being.

Fun stat: 51% of Internet users use their mobile phones to consume video content. This clearly indicates the need for choosing mobile-friendly video marketing platforms.

Mind Your Target Audience

Gina Ramsey, President @ PinkODigital

I think that depends on your business and your audience. I always upload client videos to their YouTube channel first, then aggregate to the proper social media channels that resonate with their audience and campaign goals. Demographics play a large part in those decisions.

Are they B2C? B2B? Do they want to reach younger people or more mature audiences? Instead of picking a platform, develop a strategy and deploy video content to the appropriate channel based on that strategy.

Michael Humphrey | Forbes Contributor & Digital Media Asst. Professor @ Colorado State University

I think the current big names in video will continue to drive the largest number of views and that is Facebook (including Instagram) and YouTube.

But if people are looking to target younger audiences, they should keep their eyes on opportunities at TikTok, Twitch and also see if Snapchat can turn things around with a heavy emphasis on Augmented Reality.

Thrill Your Influencers

Sahil Kakkar | CEO, Founder @ RankWatch

When you don’t have a good follower base, no marketing channel may help you. Growing audience base, with channel credibility, will take you years. So if you are not consistently producing videos or your channels don’t have the engagement level, then create videos that your influencers will share on their marketing platform. That could be their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page or a YouTube account. Or it could even be a popular website in your niche.

Influencers already have a huge following. So videos uploaded or shared on such influencer-driven blogs or social channels can be extremely powerful. Near the end of 2018, RankWatch was featured in AppSumo product review portal. And, if you are familiar with AppSumo, these guys make a video on every product review they make. We actually bagged some wonderful engagement and conversions through that AppSumo product review page. Over on YouTube too, since that’s where AppSumo uploads its videos, the traffic and engagement we saw was very decent since they have over 16k subscribers and, mind you, the majority of these make our core target audience- the B2B professionals. So, when crafting a video marketing strategy, we recommend you target your influencer’s marketing page- collaborate or make videos that your influencers would be thrilled to share. This will help push your brand’s credibility and ranking tremendously.

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