SEO & Content Marketing Mega Trends for 2021

By Raghav Tayal

Content Marketing is a concept where content is created and shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or blogs. The purpose of creating the content is not solely promoting a brand but also aims to inform the viewers and visitors about the products and services of the brand.

SEO is short for search engine optimization which aims to increase the number of visitors to a website. That can be achieved by improving rankings on search engines like Google and Bing to name some. Rankings can be improved by included relevant keywords

Enterprises need to develop content marketing strategies using creative content. Native advertising is still considered to be the gateway for many programs including content marketing, while mobile phones also improving consumer traffic.

Both of the above components are great aspects that can help to market your brand. The best part of these two concepts is that many strategies and tactics can be used to achieve it. Each year a new trend sets the market on fire. So here are some of the strategies that might be in-trend for the year 2021.  


Original Content


In content marketing, it is obvious that content is the most important concept. The content must, therefore, be unique and interesting so that the audience needs to come back for more.

Providing original content also ensures that the quality of the content is high and must at all times be consistently maintained. 

This is going to be the next biggest trend because as per Google Search here are some examples:

  • Apple, one of the most valuable companies for stock market capitalization, has already planned an investment of $1 billion on acquiring original content. This move might be in light of the thoughts of being relevant and consistent so that audiences and followers keep coming back to the brand.
  • Google has also been purchasing original content from both media companies as well as brands. This has been done to fill in content gaps that their search algorithm found.
  • Facebook also plans on investing monetary sources from their marketing budget on the original video.
  • In this race how can Amazon stay behind; it too has invested big in the purchase of original content.

Still not convinced that it is set to become the biggest trend in 2021? Then consider the following:

This is soon going to go huge so rush in so that before your competitors understand the importance of this you will already have a bigger audience and following of loyal customers.

Anyone building a new and trusting content brand will be presented with numerous opportunities for monetary gains for their content so why not get ahead of everyone and get the content for yourself.  


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is basically the process to make pages load faster on your mobile phones. It is supposed to improve the experience of a mobile phone user.

A framework is developed to facilitate faster page loading on your mobile phones. The HTML files play a major role to make sure that mobile pages load faster. You can call it a diet HTML as it is light weight making the page load faster on mobile devices.

According to the latest Google research, 53% of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less. The same goes for a mobile site as well.

AMP has a big hand in improving SEO thus is called an SEO strategy. If you successfully can make the mobile page load faster then there are chances that your page will get listed as “fast” on search engine pages which will cause an improvement in your rankings.


Starting Acquisitions


In content marketing, it is obvious that one will have to create the content while others buy it. So content acquisition has gained huge popularity over the years, thus it stands to become a huge trend in the coming year. Acquiring informative and relevant content from external sources is what content acquisition is all about.

So before the traffic hits the road jamming the avenues of content acquisition, you need to act fast. The traffic has already started to build up.

Case Studies:

Arrow Electronics has gone ahead to see the potential of content acquisition and purchased 51 media properties from UBM and Hearst leading to the creation of the largest media company in the B2B electronics industry.

Netflix has also invested in its first major media acquisition. They have purchased Millarworld, a comic book publishing house. It is a pointer that Netflix is also thinking about creating its own intellectual property.


Content Quality & Keyword usage


Content has been the heart and soul of content marketing. So it is imperative that content is not only original but also of high quality. If your content is not of good quality then chances are that it will steer away existing viewers and fail to draw the attention of new viewers.  Low content quality can give rise to many issues:

  • Misunderstanding your brand’s story
  • Higher Bounce rates
  • Reduced trust
  • Lower attention from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter

Another aspect of quality of content is the usage of keywords. Relevant keywords need to be placed strategically in the content so that they appear higher in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. This is how it becomes a tool or strategy of SEO. Many tools are available to help you out.

For example, Google Ad word Keyword Planner is a tool that helps you to get keyword ideas, search volume trends for only particular selected keywords and many more to help you set the select the keywords and place them appropriately.


Content Marketing – A Profit Centre


Creating content can be lucrative way of marketing your brand. It can also be done though marketing profit centres.

For example, Pepsi and Mondelez have announced that significant investments have been made into launching internal content studios. They believe that it is going to create huge revenue.

Some companies like Arrow and Johnson & Johnson might generate enough revenue which might go above expenses. This might lead to the marketing department becoming a self-sustaining entity.

If Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi’s new book, Killing Marketing, is referred to, then you will find that they believe that even if marketing profit centre isn’t possible then also you need to understand the costs of creating content and its benefits.  


User experience


Making your page should be a priority as well so that the visitor comes back and maybe refer to his/her friends what a great page it is. Thus improving your page’s visibility and making it an SEO strategy.

As your page becomes user-friendly, the traffic inflow is sure to increase. This tactic is an obvious one but many have not caught on it and thus there are pages out there that people refrain from visiting. While there are some pages that have already caught on this trend and made their page, fast and easy to navigate which make it user-friendly.

You also need to make sure that your page is mobile friendly as well.

Google is a perfect example. It has been designed with one aim – exceptional user experience. Google provides its users with an amazing browsing experience with shorter page load time and is also optimized for mobile usage.

Final Words

Content Marketing and SEO tactics and strategies have become a sensation in the world of internet marketing. The above are some of tactics and strategies that are going to get popular among marketers and content providers.

While you have some chance, get ahead of everyone and start thinking of ways to use these tactics to market your brand.