Long-Term Link Building Strategies: Generate Backlinks That Stay Forever Yours

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Not all backlink opportunities are created equal.

While some may be easier to obtain, truly valuable links drive long-term results.

If you’re tired of bloggers periodically removing your links from their website, try your hand at these long-term backlink opportunities for results that keep on giving.

Long-Term Backlink Strategies: Tips For Creating Links That Stay Forever Yours

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Strategy #1: Publish “Top 10” Listicles or Roundup Posts

Example Post: Top Ten Digital Marketing Conferences You Should Attend

Numbered lists or listicles are an effective way to talk about notable points related to a topic without beating around the bush. These lists are directly value-oriented, giving information a website visitor could seek.

For instance, the title ‘7 tips to make your cheesecake taste rich’ will give your reader an understanding of how to do something they are already doing but improve on it for better results. Listicles are also easy to link to.

Strategy #2: Reach Out To Bloggers To Review Your Product

Example Post: RankWatch Product Review- AppSumo

Every purchase on the internet is made after careful consideration by doing in-depth research and analysis to understand how the product is and if it’s worthy of investment. Reaching out to bloggers with high domain authority and a positive brand reputation to review your products will automatically build customer trust and smoothen the buying process. It will also establish the credibility of your brand for creating a top-notch range of products.

Strategy #3: Plan and Publish Guest Post Articles


Example Post: How To Leverage The Dark Side Of The Dark Traffic?

Guest posting is a time-tested way to establish relationships within the industry. It also allows your brand to present itself to new audiences, establish it as reliable, drive referral traffic to your website, and build backlinks to boost your SEO. However, it is essential to curate content that is authentic and relatable to what your brand does. Staying true to your niche will ensure you are providing informative and thoughtful content and not writing content that doesn’t relate to your expertise.

Strategy #4: Get Influencers To Contribute to Your Content


Example Post: Experts Recommend Their Preferred Video Marketing Channel For 2019

Working with influencers will help you take your brand in front of people who are already actively engaged and have trust in the influencer you are working with. It will also help your content get backlinks, making your content seem credible and authoritative to crawlers (eventually increasing your rankings on search engines). There are a lot of influencers in the industry, and you can either choose to work with one that specializes in your target area of interest or experiment by collaborating with cross-industry influencers.

Strategy #5: Better Yet, Turn Influencers Into Your Brand Ambassadors!


Influencers have a pool of dedicated, loyal fans who admire their work and believe in the range of products they endorse. Turning an influencer into your brand ambassador can increase your online visibility exponentially and garner a loyal fan following. Additionally, it will also increase your overall revenue. Doing so will also contribute towards making your brand more relatable to your target audience.

Strategy #6: Publishing In .edu Web Pages Generate High-Quality Backlinks


.edu backlinks are crucial for search engine optimization. This is because they are high-quality, publish only trustworthy and genuine pieces of content, and cite their sources of information. These websites welcome only publishers that can add to their information-rich base. Getting backlinks from such websites can be tricky as most of them are educational institutions and government organizations.

Strategy #7: Posting on Forums Helps Build Thought Leadership and Attract Traffic


Example Post: ExcelForum

Being a reputable source for information that is related to your brand, its products, and its services is an excellent way to eliminate any potential rumors or misinformation from spreading. Additionally, it also makes your brand more approachable. The easiest and quickest way to achieve this is by finding niche forums and online communities where others in the industry also step into the water to discuss industry-specific topics.

Strategy #8: Infographics Get Shared Like Crazy


Example Post: Future of SEOInfographic | 10k+ Shares In 24 Hours

Infographics are a cocktail of digestible visuals that clearly communicate the information people are seeking. They are sufficiently detailed and aesthetically pleasing, making it easier for people looking at them to retain the information for extended periods. These infographics can be published on websites such as Pinterest or shared on social media alongside a blog (optional) covering the core topic in detail.

Strategy #9: Analyse and Target Your Competitor’s Backlink Sources


Building backlinks for SEO is crucial to rank higher on search engines, but sometimes, you can just run dry of ideas. That is when analyzing how your competitors are building their backlinks can be helpful. It will give you new backlinking ideas to try and a pool of backlinking websites to which you can get a link.

Strategy #10: Give Away Awards and Badges

seo superstar twitter preview

Example Post: SEO Superstar Contest

Badges are achieved after one has reached a milestone, and websites that receive badge backlinks from highly credible and authoritative sources are a clear indicator for search engines to treat your website as trustworthy. It will eventually increase organic traffic to your website and boost your ranking on search engines. Aim at securing awards and badges from industry leaders in your niche or related niches to show diversity in expertise.

Strategy #11: Get Your Business Listed In All Local Directories


Local backlink citations from glossaries, listings, and indexes hold significant value and credibility. These sources contain information directly relevant to specific search queries, making them influential in enhancing a website’s visibility. This is especially advantageous for industries dealing with intricate or unique product and service offerings. By leveraging these local backlinks, businesses can strengthen their online presence, ensuring that potential customers can find them easily when searching for specialized solutions. The targeted nature of these citations enhances the website’s authority and trustworthiness, ultimately contributing to a more robust online reputation within the specific industry or niche.

Strategy #12: Publish Articles On Blog Directories


Blog directories are platforms that have blogs listed and categorized based on their niche, content format, industry, and other standards. They are often referred by people who want to gain expertise on a specific topic without having to scroll to the last pages on search engines. Listing your content in such directories also establishes your brand as a reputed source of information, further increasing your ranking potential.

Strategy #13: Write Insightful Blog Comments To Grab Attention


Focusing on creating and publishing content can make your brand seem one-dimensional and indicate a lack of interest in engaging with your target audience within the publisher-based community. Commenting is a simple and high-impact action that will allow your brand to share its point of view in the public domain.

Strategy #14: Broadcast Your Business Discounts/Coupons on Discount Directories


Discounts are a respite for nearly every shopper and an opportunity for businesses to sell their products to new customers. By listing your business on discount directories, you will be able to attract new customers who are looking to try your products or services while saving money. These directories categorize businesses based on their industry or location, allowing customers to shop from brands nearby (in case you have a physical store) or book an at-home appointment.

Strategy #15: Donate To NGOs For A Link Back From Their Website


Supporting an NGO through donations can earn your business a valuable backlink. NGOs frequently acknowledge their donors by listing them or referencing contributing businesses with a link. This not only demonstrates your philanthropic efforts but also enhances your online presence through a meaningful and impactful backlink from a reputable organization.

Strategy #16: Leverage Brand Mentions (Link Reclamations)


Brand mentions are when your business gets referenced online. Creating a backlink to these mentions (particularly from high domain authority and credible websites) will help in unlocking more channels for your business to attract organic traffic and revenue. You can use tools like Google Alerts to do this.

Strategy #17: Request Brands/Influencers Featured In Your Content To Spread The Word


Instead of investing in a one-time collaboration with influencers, consider building a sustainable, long-lasting relationship with them. This will ensure your brand gets frequent mentions (thus, exposure) to an audience that is expanding every day. Creating high-quality products or offering top-notch services will automatically ensure your partner influencers use them often and become advocates for your brand.

Strategy #18: Write Helpful Answers To Niche-Relevant Quora Questions


Quora is a question-and-answer service platform that allows anyone to ask questions and get answers. You can provide genuine information from a reputed source by publishing helpful, insightful, and detailed answers. It builds brand awareness and establishes expertise while you earn a backlink.

Strategy #19: Sponsor Events To Get Your Link Featured


It works the same way as donating does. When you sponsor an event, your brand name gets mentioned everywhere (with a backlink to your website), allowing interested participants to find out more about you.

Strategy #20: Write A Nice Testimonial For Companies You Have Bought Services From


Writing testimonials for a brand allows your business to tell its own story (while collecting goodwill), reflecting that your brand also believes in finding solutions while also building relationships in the industry.

Strategy #21: Create Small, Useful Tools Relevant To Your Business


Every business has identified a problem and is working to offer a practical solution. Creating a tool helps build another source of income (if the tool works on a price-based model) while helping your customers solve their problems.

Strategy #22: Publish Original Research, Surveys Or Analysis Reports


Original research and data are invaluable in any industry. It reveals new data sets, insights, and information that hasn’t been extracted. This research can be incredibly valuable, and publishing it will give you the opportunity to place yourself as a thought leader. Consider publishing your findings in a blog instead of publishing it as a PDF. It will help you gain backlinks quickly.

Strategy #23: Create Evergreen & Juicy Content Assets


Make sure you are building content assets with long-lasting relevance. While hopping onto trends and creating limited-time period content can help get instant organic traffic, the hype with these content pieces can dry out quickly. Additionally, avoid using years in your content, as once the year passes, your content will seem obsolete (even if it’s a masterpiece).

Strategy #24: Plan Content Play On Emotions


Tapping into the emotional side of content will help you build a more profound, long-lasting connection with your target audience. You can do this by sharing a genuine brand story, how you came into existence, and why your actions matter to you. It will help your audience relate to your business and its offerings more.

Strategy #25: Participate In Conferences

25Example Post: Vaibhav Kakkar – SEO Rockstars Event 2017

Event link building is an excellent way to get backlinks for every conference you attend. These events can be on a local, national, or global scale. Another surefire way to get backlinks could be to host or sponsor them. Doing so can earn a link back directly to your website from the event’s site.



Linking strategies are ways and tactics to acquire, manage, and leverage incoming links to your websites. There are a few linking strategies that will help you in SEO:

  1. High-quality link matters: Focus on acquiring high-quality links from relevant websites. Pursuing a large number of low-quality links negatively impacts your website.
  2. Natural link building: Aim for link building that appears natural to the search engines. This involves earning links through valuable content.
  3. Competitor analysis: Study the linking profile of your competitor to find potential linking opportunities.
  4. Focus on internal linking: Strategically link relevant pages to enhance user experience.

Link-building strategies are vital for SEO because they may determine your website’s search engine rankings.  The more your website is linked to high-quality web pages, the higher it will rank on search engines. Efficient link-building strategies also help bring organic traffic to your website. Moreover, quality backlinks help you gain trust and credibility among your target audience and search engines. So, if you want to establish the credibility of your website, you will most certainly need a solid linking strategy.

Effective link-building should be an integral part of your website growth strategy. You can start a link-building strategy by understanding your goals and analyzing your competitors. Clearly outline what you want to achieve. Is it organic traffic, high search engine ranking, or brand visibility? Next, you must understand your competitor’s linking profile to discover potential opportunities. Then, outreach to your potential clients for linking. Lastly, write great content and invest in quality guest posting.