Long-Term Link Building Strategies: Generate Backlinks That Stay Forever Yours

By Raghav Tayal

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Not all backlink opportunities are created equal.

While some may be easier to obtain, truly valuable links drive long-term results.

If you’re tired of bloggers periodically removing your links from their website, try your hand at these long-term backlink opportunities for results that keep on giving.

Long-Term Backlink Strategies: Tips For Creating Links That Stay Forever Yours

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Strategy #1: Publish “Top 10” Listicles or Roundup Posts

Example Post: Top Ten Digital Marketing Conferences You Should Attend

Strategy #2: Reach Out To Bloggers To Review Your Product

Example Post: RankWatch Product Review- AppSumo

Strategy #3: Plan & Publish Guest Post Articles

Example Post: How To Leverage The Dark Side Of The Dark Traffic?

Strategy #4: Get Influencers To Contribute In Your Content

Example Post: Experts Recommend Their Preferred Video Marketing Channel For 2019

Strategy #5: Better Yet, Turn Influencers Into Your Brand Ambassador!


Strategy #6: Publishing In .edu Web Pages Generate High-Quality Backlinks

Strategy #7: Posting On Forums Helps Build Thought Leadership & Attract Traffic

Example Post: ExcelForum

Strategy #8: Infographics Get Shared Like Crazy

Example Post: Future of SEO- Infographic | 10k+ Shares In 24 Hours

Strategy #9: Analyse & Target Your Competitor’s Backlink Sources


Strategy #10: Give Away Awards & Badges

Example Post: SEO Superstar Contest


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As valuable as links are, link building doesn’t always need to be a challenge,
especially for beginners.
If you are a newbie to the world of link building, give yourself an early boost by taking advantage of these easy-as-pie link building tactics.

Strategy #11: Get Your Business Listed In All Local Directories

Strategy #12: Publish Articles On Blog Directories

Strategy #13: Write Insightful Blog Comments To Grab Attention

Strategy #14: Broadcast Your Business Discounts/Coupons on Discount Directories

Strategy #15: Donate To NGOs For A Link Back From Their Website

Strategy #16: Leverage Brand Mentions (Link Reclamations)

Strategy #17: Request Brands/Influencers Featured In Your Content To Spread The Word

Strategy #18: Write Helpful Answers To Niche-Relevant Quora Questions

Strategy #19: Sponsor Events To Get Your Link Featured

Strategy #20: Write A Nice Testimonial For Companies You Have Bought Services From


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Want to compete with the big boys in your industry?
Building an ocean of links may sound next to impossible, but when done right, the following tactics can help you build a bulletproof backlink profile!

Strategy #21: Create Small, Useful Tools Relevant To Your Business

Strategy #22: Publish Original Research, Surveys Or Analysis Reports

Strategy #23: Create Evergreen Juicy Content Assets

Strategy #24: Plan Content Play On Emotions

Strategy #25: Participate In Conferences

Example Post: Vaibhav Kakkar – SEO Rockstars Event 2017